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Zoe is forced to confess and now wonders if she'll ever be free.
Any one of several hundred resistants who recognized him could break down and confess under torture.
Forcing someone to confess to a crime that everyone knows he could not possibly have committed, on the other hand, is terrifying.
Torture statistics enough and they will confess to anything.
The idea that one can confess to a crime one didn't commit seems bizarre.
Then there's the level of what you are really doing, whether you confess to it or not.
He was about to confess to the waitress that he didn't have any money when a stranger approached him.
Torture the data long enough, and they will confess to anything.
People who confess to feeling happy also grin more than others.
Weeks later the prosecutor was still trying to get her to confess.
Both she and her husband sob as they confess their fears and yearnings.
Many of the researchers confess that in their bad dreams they think of the parasite as unbeatable.
The sisters, not satisfied with this reply, soon made her confess that she had never seen him.
Minds of a fine quality are more given to vigilance and to action than they are apt to confess.
They feel also-though refusing to confess it-that they must change or perish.
Most poignantly, in survey after survey the children of broken families confess deep longings for an intact family.
All that remained was for him to confess, which-considering the evidence-seemed almost inevitable.
And don't go along with the other side's encouragement to confess your mistakes or guilt in detail.
They confess how having kids has changed their lives.
However, it is possible that suspects in these situations may experience undue pressure to confess falsely.
Only the debtor or attorney-in-fact may confess judgment.
Third parties appointed by attorney-in-fact are not authorized to confess judgment.
Discusses what motivates a suspect to confess and why existing techniques don't work with taped interviews.
Guilt was related to a desire to confess and, to some degree, to make amends.

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