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The vivid illustrations, pictures, and graphics throughout the book make the information even more accessible and comprehensible.
Yet the statement was instantly and fluently comprehensible.
Editors at some journals do extensive editing to ensure their papers are comprehensible and nothing important has been missed.
Then there's the question of how to make the message itself comprehensible.
Understand that it takes a certain talent to make the subtleties and nuances of academe comprehensible for the average donor.
Its detail and human scale are both comprehensible and comforting.
Far better to show a smaller portion of the work at a comprehensible pace.
Instead, it was devolving into a technical discipline that was even less comprehensible than it was relevant.
It was important to me that a book that was mainly about a tragedy on a tremendous scale be comprehensible.
Less certain is whether all that coverage will be comprehensible.
So the reasons behind the recall are comprehensible.
Its purpose is to set out the facts in a comprehensible form so that the political system can respond.
It encapsulates human experience into an ordered, comprehensible melodrama that is both absurd and entertaining.
Where they fail is in making something moving and comprehensible of the contradictory impulses within their fictional characters.
Some of the imagery in the exhibition is comprehensible to informed outsiders, while some is ambiguous or completely opaque.
Flyers and slides are both about catching the attention and being comprehensible at a glance.
Solvable or comprehensible only with painstaking effort.
Real fear seems quite rational and comprehensible to us.
No one has yet devised a comprehensible or testable theory of the soul.
Actually, there's another advantage to using the rail systems: they help to make the city more comprehensible.
Sometimes it requires an outsider to make the work of academic historians comprehensible to a general audience.
Twenty simple, comprehensible, there-from-the-start friends.
Here are more comprehensible answers to those questions.
We also create visualizations to help scientists gain new physical insights and make the data more comprehensible.
Identify and use basic reading and listening strategies to make text comprehensible and meaningful.
Provision of comprehensible input allows beginning learners to teach themselves how to speak.

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