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At a minimum, extensive competency evaluations should be done before juveniles are transferred, he said.
The math department has redesigned developmental math courses to a competency based model.
And then require a specific and high level of competency before being allowed to write prose-- in any language.
They want to work for private company's where the competency and skill level is much higher.
Must offer demonstrated high degree of interest and/or experience promoting cultural competency and/or diversity.
Only after she's been in the job a little, will people really pay attention to her competency.
But competency in those areas doesn't mean they can reconstruct entire cities.
Wainwright, did not settle on a definition of mental illness for the purpose of determining competency for execution.
The field will become self-censoring, defining competency in terms of one's political perspective.
Graduating students meet state competency requirements.
In a way, these blasters heralded an awesome new core competency for the company: foam darts.
Demonstrated competency in record keeping and report writing.
State accreditation needs a large boost in funding and competency.
Proof that in the new economy, intellectual property litigation is rapidly becoming a core competency.
Plus the emphasis on ease and attractiveness, rather than actual competency.
Competency in government is only one of many reasons for the differences in development rates between countries.
We look for professionals in their field who have current competency in that field.
His lawyers, however, could challenge such a finding and demand a full competency hearing.
The application procedure, while requiring a background check and proof of insurance, does not include a competency exam.
Only one of the four doctors so far has taken the recommended daylong competency test.
Superfluity comes sooner by white hairs, but competency lives longer.
It seems the answer is yes, but success depends on the competency and confidence of the individuals involved.
They do so because top professionals expect to be paid in accordance with their skill levels and competency.
It wants these parties to register, prove competency, perform continuing education and follow ethics guidelines.
The state competency requirements that aspiring teachers must meet are appallingly low.
Our core competency here isn't chips, or networking products, or software.
At this level one is an expert and has enough experience to teach the competency to others.

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