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He does not so much brag about his achievements as offer a running commentary about the wonder of being himself.
It's not everyday that insect folks provide commentary on art.
You're welcome to check them all out and root for your favorites by leaving lavish commentary.
Radio reporters held microphones toward the commentary coming from the sets.
Your dogs have owners, cats have staff commentary is so true.
The back of the taxi or match box commentary is rife.
My work is not so much a direct commentary as it is an open-ended observation of the absurdities around us.
Unless it is commentary intended to either expand awareness, or invoke strong feelings of misanthropy.
Both episodes intersperse commentary from paleontologists with computer-generated restorations of the dinosaurs.
His political and social commentary catered to the bawdy tastes of the time.
Never one to shy away from politics, he tends to inject a bit of lively commentary in his shows.
Sparrow performs everything from risqué songs and wry humor to political commentary.
These are fundamental points that seem to have been lost in some of the commentary.
And get feedback in a running commentary from thousands.
In mbira music, these drums are not used so much as a rhythmic foundation, but as conversation and commentary.
Loved the photographs--not so sure about the commentary, which didn't really tell the story.
Yes there is the space for commentary, but that too has its place.
Wow, some rather vitriolic commentary in the comments.
The ruling faculty is a critical perception, a commentary upon experienced feeling and sensation.
Antiquities, which have been beautifully called history defaced, composed its fullest commentary.
Featuring commentary from scholars, the film includes tests of his inventions, including his tank and parachute.
It's amusing, this use of beloved standards as subtextual commentary.
She provided great insight and behind-the-scenes commentary.
In a week teeming with politics, our correspondents and bloggers provide live commentary on all of the action.
What you read here is commentary by this debate's supporter.
Of course, the coverage also occasioned some commentary that challenged our wisdom and motivation.
Probably more for the commentary here than for the actual show itself.
Cage's mute manifesto has inspired reams of commentary.
The politics are not in the commentary as much as in the variety of her music and presentation.
Her anthropomorphizing commentary is a highlight of the blog.
Such images may baffle interpretation, but they do not repel commentary.
Seems to me there are many layers of sociopolitical commentary here.
We didn't do the whole nose, purely to avoid commentary.
The bathrooms are strangely graffiti-free, and contain no hint of the in-house commentary a visitor might wish to see.
Viewers at informal gatherings and casual dinner parties amuse themselves by adding boisterous commentary.
He kept a running commentary going the whole time-where they cut this, how he should have done that.
Good commentary and wonderful points in the name of peace and harmony.
Commentary on astronomy news and space-related myths and misinformation.
But an articulate and informative commentary accompanies them.
Wendy, it's a sad commentary on the education system that you failed to understand the story.
Stick around, bro, your observation and commentary is useful.
It is a great honour to know that you have written such an informative and articulate commentary about my research.
Expect knowledgeable commentary about all things nano-, but also on broader issues at the intersection of technology and society.
Astronomy, mentioned in the article but not linked to, has some terrific commentary and follow-up posts.
Comments in the thread have added their own commentary, making that joke less humorous.
Thankfully, the good doctor is rather tolerant of free-flowing commentary.
Then sample commentary on current events aka punditry from a wide variety of sources.
However, my colleague has provided a bright spot of commentary.
Murrow symbolized an era and form of radio commentary that was deemed unacceptable on television.
He does wonderful social commentary in the context of a detective mystery.
And the mystery sort of fails, but the social commentary works.
They see that it's a piece of history, not a piece of opinion or commentary.
It is an excellent example of how intelligent commentary and modest display can make a natural setting speak across the ages.
Its narrative juxtaposes quasi-hallucinatory dreams and visions with pedantic commentary on the poems they generated.
And there is no tendentious commentary for the simple reason that there is no commentary at all.

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