clumsiness in a sentence

Example sentences for clumsiness

Many of the symptoms of hypothermia resemble those of a drunken stupor: sleepiness, clumsiness, confusion and even slurred speech.
The method's other drawback is its sheer clumsiness.
Despite the clumsiness of its tactics, the government's concerns are legitimate.
And, showing a mix of lack of sensibility with political clumsiness, she then refused to accept that she had made a mistake.
So this so-called clumsiness is seen in his drafts, the way he works on it.
Clumsiness may reflect a delay in motor development.
But this occasional schoolroom clumsiness only draws me closer to you.
Teachers' ratings of clumsiness had low correlation with criteria of clumsiness derived from performance tests.

Famous quotes containing the word clumsiness

Age wins and one must learn to grow old.... I must learn to walk this long unlovely wintry way, looking for spectacles, ... more
Substantial pieces of goods [were] very offensive to her Ladyship's sight. They, for their clumsiness, were... more
In the arts, foolhardiness is always harmful; even worse, however, is clumsiness.... more
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