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Introduce and model the concept of tree diagrams using the clown problem.
When a clown does it, they call it part of the act of being a clown.
It's a three ring disaster, the bozo the clown forgot to install an off switch.
Every clown can find fault though it would puzzle him to do better.
Who looks for a courtier's tongue between the teeth of a clown.
Through this pantomime of his policy, fortune played the clown to his caprices.
As the battery discharges, lithium ions diffuse into the water, but the device doesn't harm the surrounding clown fish.
He really should be made to wear a clown suit in public.
The hostess gave us plates of cake and bags of candy, and the clown gave me a hug.
In between events the rodeo clown does push-ups to prove he is in shape.
The clown is among the easiest costumes to throw together, which is why it has been so popular through the years.
To say that the other candidates are part of the clown car brigade is an insult to clown car brigades.
It's the first thing they teach you at clown school.

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