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The software uses the computer's clock as a time stamp.
Bats wake up to hunt because their clock tells them it's dusk-summer or winter, no matter.
After six centuries, time has caught up with the world's oldest hand-wound clock.
Check the local tide level at a glance with this personalized tide clock.
That's the ticking of the clock-- although nobody really knows how the telomere clock might control cell division.
To the hands of the clock, it is the face going counterclockwise.
But when one team has had more time to adjust its biological clock than the other, the advantage begins.
Time enters mechanics as a measure of interval, relative to the clock completing the measurement.
There exists an alarm clock that doesn't beg to be thrown against walls and through windows.
You've got to dig through your closet and change clock after clock after clock.
It was so late by then, four o'clock in the morning.
Soccer is based on the fact that the players never stop running, the ball never stops moving, and the clock never stops ticking.
She bought things, a shiny, silver metal cuckoo clock.
They were waiting at five o'clock in the morning to see him.
The creases in his face deepened and his five o'clock shadow seemed darker than ever.

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