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If he wasn't a rich guy, none of this circus would ever happen.
The trial itself was a circus, largely a publicity stunt for the county.
The venues showcase acrobatic shows, circus and magic acts, and exotic animals.
For example, they host tree planting dance parties and teach kids circus skills while throwing in tips on permaculture.
He has been asked more than once if he works for a circus.
Two teams of scientists have independently developed the beginnings of a technologically sophisticated worm circus.
The media circus inevitably turns elections into popularity contests.
Then still more customers arrived, the refrigerator got full, and the whole thing turned into a circus.
There is always something if not a lot to learn by watching a circus-one is both amazed by and sorry for the animals.
The films have the clamorous energy and showmanship of a traveling circus.
The turning point comes when, transformed into a donkey, he is performing in a circus and spies the fairy in the audience.
It already has been a boring circus, predictable and not worth the admission price.
It became a fourth branch of government, an industry and a circus.
Actually, there's a quiet little revolution going on in the circus world.
Venerable tradition, sticky with the memory of cotton candy, has it that the circus never changes.
Officials want to avoid the reserves' being expanded as a result of the circus-animal ban.
When a brightly colored bird perched on his arm, it seemed as if the circus had come to town.
So far they're handling the daylight circus with the same aplomb they displayed in their shadowy tomb.
Still, the primary circus is getting ready to leave town.
And one hour before showtime, families can learn circus skills with some of the athletic performers from the show.

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