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The rating will give you some idea of the unit's ability to circulate air.
Each year throngs of scientists circulate through the world's coral reefs, leaving reams of data in their wake.
These proteins continue to circulate in the bloodstream and can recognize new invaders that resemble past pathogens.
Nothing is new under the sun, but sometimes the word is slow to circulate.
At sea, the particles circulate for about one million years before coming to sedimentary rest.
It's an atrium that sweeps irregularly up through the middle of the building, where it will help both air and people circulate.
To this end, zillions of cells called lymphocytes circulate around the body, spoiling for a fight.
Every few weeks, turn the pile with a rake or pitchfork to circulate the air and moisture.
To recover the heat, the project's operators would have needed to fracture the rock and circulate water through it.
Brains that circulate between native and adopted countries.
They circulate freely among the techno-cognoscenti, and it is striking how blithely they are uttered and accepted.
Once attorneys-general have marked them up, measures must circulate to get the required number of signatures.
Install a ceiling fan to circulate the air and keep you cool.
Science is supposed to do research and freely circulate knowledge for the common good.
The frame is set on bricks placed in each corner to keep it off the ground and letting air circulate underneath.
But kidnapping alerts do deserve some basic vetting, since there can be serious consequences when hoaxes are allowed to circulate.
One drawback to the gravity system was that it took time for the water to expand enough to circulate.
Some members have more writing to circulate than others, but that doesn't seem to matter.
But payments in this common currency cannot circulate fluently between them.
Set the container on the blocks or bricks so air can circulate beneath it.
We have become our own entertainment hubs, around which our friends and media circulate.
Usually, mucus is able to drain out and air is able to circulate.
Now that is way too close to the truth for me to let it continue to circulate.
They circulate around the body and bind to invaders such as viruses, thus disabling them.
Circulate around the groups to help students decipher word meanings.
But how these books and silver prints will circulate is going to be different.
Body aches are thought to be the result of a toxin released by infected cells which then circulate throughout the body.
Here's the problem: dopamine doesn't circulate around in your blood or reach to the skin's surface.
They will also control the companies that circulate between these playhouses.
Turning the pile allows oxygen to circulate throughout the pile and speeds the composting process.
Those pads let the air circulate and therefore stop your back from getting sweaty.
These large-bladed, exposed ceiling fans circulate air rather than draw it into or out of a building.
One drawback to the gravity system was that it took time for the water to expand sufficiently to circulate.
Rumours continue to circulate that it has another up its sleeve.
BP also failed to circulate muds that filled the well as it was drilled.
To boot, many myths circulate weekly in the mainstream media.
Paper bills circulate less and now last years longer.
Cover entire roasting pan tightly with foil, making a tent at top so smoke-flavored steam can circulate around meat.
Besides, they have their have their own newspapers which they publish and circulate freely and without any restraints.
The bags then circulate on a terrifying metal device apparently borrowed from a medieval torture chamber.
It also has a heat exchanger to circulate warm air into the living room.
The air will circulate around it and dry out the skin.
The tent must be sealed on all sides, and you must allow room at the top for the smoky steam to circulate.
Remove the finished bread from the oven and place it on a board on one of its sides, so the air can circulate around it.
McLuhan's slogans circulate because they are snappy but also because they have never been understood.
Virus designers may circulate smell files that cause computers to crank out odious odors for hours at a time.
The names of his customers emerged week by week, and after each indictment rumors began to circulate about who would be next.
It's one reason why many boards circulate the minutes of their meetings.
Around the same time, a new understanding of genetics was beginning to circulate.
Our papers are not allowed to circulate in the trenches.
The companies were to circulate their drafts among the others.
Crocodiles produce unique antibiotics that circulate in their blood stream.
They would often circulate apocryphal stories of their might and cruelty in order to instill fear and confusion in their enemies.
Turn the air-conditioner down and run ceiling fans or energy efficient standing fans to help circulate the cool air.
Some astoundingly dark and retrograde notions openly circulate in reactionary churches and on nationalist websites.
These are cancer cells that have broken away from the main tumor and begun to circulate in the blood.
Smaller particles apparently circulate for much longer and in some cases can cross the blood-brain barrier.
Making matters worse, the government has banned the use of dollars, which used to circulate freely.
On one level, this is trivial: in the course of mediating transactions, money does circulate.
Great for storage, allowing air to circulate, and keeping things orderly without hiding them away.
Far more likely, the authorities finally grew tired of rude anti-government jokes that circulate widely via text message.
The challenge afterwards, then, is seeding the apps to users and getting them to circulate.
Reports continued to circulate that media had been warned.
People and cars are able to circulate freely in the network of streets.
He didn't circulate a lot among the troops, and he had no business.
Other stories started to circulate, of a more bizarre nature.
But those books, my own included, do not circulate on the island.
These include models with fans that circulate warm air, and heaters small enough to put on your desk at home or in the office.
Any pond will stagnate if fresh water doesn't circulate through it.
Nothing flammable should be in the vicinity, and air must be able to circulate freely around the device.
Loose-fitting clothes allow air to circulate, unlike tight synthetic fibers.
He recommends builders make houses airtight and then use mechanical ventilation to circulate air.
Law convinced the regent that the economy could be stimulated by issuing paper money, which could more easily circulate.
Characters circulate through the restaurant and visit you at your table while you eat.
They need room to grow and enough space for air to circulate around them.
Double fold top and ends to seal packet, leaving room for heat to circulate inside.
Then there are the statements that the media doesn't invent and circulate.
She said that the chuckled about many of the outrageous stories that would circulate about her and her choices.
The only circulate so rapidly because we're all secretly jealous.
In the past few years, however, reports of other treatment options have begun to circulate.
Then rumors began to circulate about strange dinosaurs covered with birdlike feathers.
Those electrons circulate around the planet, accelerated by its magnetic field.
Ice melts in its body, its heartbeat returns, and its blood begins to circulate anew.
True about the flu vaccine, an unexpected variant can circulate without warning.
It's the same as any rumor about anything, true or not, it will circulate.
Turn pump breaker on and circulate water from outside spigot into well.
Reference materials from any division do not circulate.
If you are evacuated, make sure to drive with the windows rolled up and the air conditioner set to re-circulate.
The air locked in the holes in a brick can't circulate much.
There will be a small water fountain in the south bay for visual interest and to help circulate the water.

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