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Finally he could borrow no more rings, owing to his nervous habit of chewing them out of shape.
People often ask me how to keep pets from chewing on leaves or digging in the dirt of houseplants.
They easily breached that barrier by jumping onto the netting from a nearby tree and chewing their way through.
Everybody knows that chewing your food carefully is part of good table manners.
These hold in place the prodigious jaw muscles they need for chewing greens all day.
They produce saliva, which moistens food to help with chewing and swallowing.
Perhaps chewing coca leaves would do it for everyone.
All you need is an athlete chewing candy operating a treadmill powered generator.
Drugmakers have made nicotine available in a range of delivery systems, from transdermal patches to chewing gum and inhalers.
Don't be fooled by those big bovine eyes and the mouth slowly chewing cud-cows have a magnetic personality.
The resulting book catalogues the hundreds of products made from this pig: brakes, chewing gum, and cosmetics.
Bull sharks are chewing up the headlines this summer.
One such activity that piqued his interest was gum-chewing.
Ocelots do not have teeth appropriate for chewing, so they tear their food to pieces and swallow it whole.
Standing around chewing the cud, cows don't look especially threatening.
The boa constrictor has a powerful jaw, but it's used for grabbing prey, not for chewing.
These social insects construct hives by chewing wood into a papery construction pulp.
There is grasping and slicing and chewing and pulling.
We also tried chewing on a tiny bit of leaf that they use to numb their teeth if they have a cavity or toothache.
Animals have been chewing through walls while seeds fall through holes in ceilings creating homes for trees.
We were looking for a new way to show chewing and digesting food.
Huskies are easily bored because they're so intelligent they're notorious for chewing up the house.
Its effect, some scientists say, is the same as chewing your fingernails.
As the permafrost thaws, bacteria start chewing up the organic matter it contains.
Any dreamy, pen-chewing poet would feel at home there, musing on mortality.
Near the door is an open carton containing dozens of boxes of chewing gum.
Chewing on a small piece of ginger root will take care of your air sickness.
Start chewing it about a half of an hour before takeoff.
No one would argue for chewing willow bark when aspirin is available.
Plus he broke the bridge on his molars the first night out while chewing up one of the lollipops he'd brought along for energy.
They can live off the scraps of food that fall from our mouths while chewing.
Then he skinned and cut up the reindeer, chewing raw fat and drinking marrow from the legs to keep himself going as he worked.
He sounded so pompous, chewing on this simple observation.
How rude is it to have to sit before someone yawning, drinking a can of soda and smacking on chewing gum.
Any dynamic library collection is battered in the line of duty by chewing dogs, falling rain, and trips to the beach.
Luckily she's mostly interested in tearing up paper from the recycling rather than chewing on the sofa.
Although useless for chewing, since they jutted away from the mouth, they would have been perfect as a mud rake.
He's too simply and obviously evil in a scenery chewing, mustache twirling manner.
How often have you seen that antivirus program chewing up the cpu cycles.
They popped these into their mouths, chewing gently until their tongues and teeth were stained red from the opiate combination.
Fletcher recommended chewing each mouthful of food one hundred times.
After chewing him out, she storms off into the night.
Chewing gum and mints are next to the bed, and on the bed are dried flowers that have been there since he died.
Some pork rinds and chewing tobacco could make a big difference.
Those who succeed put another marshmallow in--chewing and swallowing is not allowed--and try to say the same words again.
He visibly clenches and unclenches his jaw, as if chewing bullets.
They were chewing gum, cracking knuckles, trying to balance yarmulkes on their heads.
And chewing on chocolate doesn't help, despite popular belief.

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