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Example sentences for chafe

Most employees would chafe under an overly restrictive employer social media policy.
Most employees chafe when given too much direction, anyway.
Micro-chamois lined chin guard eliminates zipper chafe.
And forty years later, champions of programs that don't work still chafe.
As the war wound down, he continued to chafe behind the lines.
Investigators say the cable can chafe or break, since it is close to where tie-down chains secure the jets to a carrier deck.
Heat messes with their stylish haircuts and leather pants chafe in the summertime.
Raglan sleeves and offset side seams eliminate chafe beneath pack straps.
Companies chafe at the bureaucracy involved in acquiring government funding for green jobs.
Business people are usually disdainful of bureaucracy and you might expect that they would chafe at such restrictions.
It would make it easier for the strong to survive while the chafe would have higher costs.
Technicians are to add the spacer if needed, inspect the brake and fuel lines for chafe marks and replace the lines if needed.
Some parents chafe at the length of their children's bus rides or at what they see as social engineering.
The new collar, which can be worn up or down, does not chafe the neck.
Naturally, such competing mindsets will chafe at times, so don't be surprised when they do for you.
Whether you will enjoy that level of supervision or chafe under it depends, again, on the personality.
Those who chafe under our paternalistic meddling are encouraged to run off and start yer own blog.
It is when you have a parent stuck in a queue for chemotherapy, or denied a hip replacement, that the system starts to chafe.
Yet the limbo of living together without official status for her began to chafe on him.
All pennants shall have chafe gear attached so as to cover an area of one foot on either side of the bow chocks.
Cargo falls under load shall not be permitted to chafe on any standing or other running rigging.
If you must leave your boat in water, make sure it is securely anchored, secure extra lines and add chafe protection.
Several of the hydraulic hoses are showing signs of rubbing and need to have anti chafe tape installed before they fail.

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