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The repeal bill is written so that if any of the three don't certify it, it won't happen.
The agreement of these tallies would certify the election.
Certify is apparently not mentioned at all, which makes me suspicious of the dating service's motives.
Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to quantify and certify that someone has attained that level of intrinsic motivation.
Especially when the application programers will not certify the mainframe apps can handle duplicate time stamps.
He said that the city had in effect supplied no evidence at all and then simply ordered the city to certify the original results.
Tags will certify the origins and distribution of food and the authenticity of medicines.
They can protect consumers by having sites display payout ratios and by refusing to certify dodgy operators.
She then rejected the proffered justifications, insisting that she would certify the vote as it stands.
It also requires managers to certify the effectiveness and adequacy of internal controls in year-end filings.
Some editors will require researchers to certify that they take responsibility for how the trial they are reporting was conducted.
The idea was that this body would certify that products from different vendors were truly compatible with each other.
But before the students can receive their checks, their colleges must certify the veterans' enrollment.
Private publishers certify and monitor test administrators.
The company hired to appraise and certify the collection will sell the comics in the coming year.
We require all of our suppliers to certify in writing that they use conflict few materials.
Lawmakers are required to certify that they do not have a financial stake in the actions they take.
One measure would be to certify gymnastics coaches and clubs on a national level, ensuring a basic level of safety standards.
Still, despite the forensic evidence, the art community has been reluctant to certify the work.
They're here to certify your prejudices, whoever you are.

Famous quotes containing the word certify

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