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They then filled the spinal cavity around the injured area with blocks of hydrogel laced with stem cells from rat bone marrow.
X-rays may be taken yearly to detect possible cavity development in high risk areas of the mouth.
From there, the surgeon cuts a hole in the stomach wall to enter the abdominal cavity and perform the operation.
Mated pairs migrate to and breed in the northern parts of their range and build nests on the ground or in a protected cavity.
The evacuated cavity is left empty, filling with cerebrospinal fluid in a day or so.
The study is about what was inside the dinosaur's body cavity when it died.
Snug cavity protects laptop from unnecessary rattle.
Secondary peritonitis is an inflammation of the peritoneum, the tissue lining the abdominal cavity.
The result was remarkable: a material consisting of billions of tiny magnets, each rotating in its own cavity.
In all other mammals, the lungs are surrounded by two layers of a thin membrane called the pleural cavity.
The torrent of energy excavates a large transient cavity in the ocean and creates a dent in the ocean floor below.
Its brain cavity in proportion to the size of its body was more diminutive than that of any other vertebrate.
Remove the package of gizzards, heart, liver and neck from the cavity of the chicken.
Bile acids dissolve fat in water in the intestinal cavity.
Season the cavity well with salt and pepper and fill with stuffing.
We veer rightwards to avoid another giant cavity in the road.
Ultraviolet radiation and violent winds from these stars have created a large cavity in the reddish debris enveloping the cluster.
If he has used his body cavity instead of his underwear, then even body scanners wouldn't have detected it.
Found within the body cavity is the preserved skeleton of a smaller fish of unknown species.
The peritoneum is the membrane lining the abdominal cavity.
Dab the fish dry and fill the belly cavity with the crushed garlic.
Fluid is leaking in the brain cavity putting pressure on the nervous system.
Remove giblets and neck from duck cavity and discard or reserve for another use.
During a radar survey they detected a cavity beneath the torture mural.
The lungs are paired organs that lie in the thoracic cavity.
Silt and leaf fragments clog the eye sockets and nasal cavity.
At a high enough velocity, this causes such low pressures that a cavity forms.
The patient will experience a dull ache around the nose and sinus cavity that can be treated with pain medication.
When the mold is fired, the wax melts, leaving a cavity that can then be filled with molten metal.
Picture each cell as a rectangular cavity that is filled with liquid.
Remove the giblets and excess fat from the cavity of the chicken and sprinkle it inside and out with salt and pepper.
The physicists guided the light beams into a cavity containing a silicon wafer one micrometer thick.
For a quick home remedy, doctors recommend irrigating the sinus cavity with a mild saline solution.
For many dentists, the laser has revolutionized cavity hunting by spotting even the slightest decay.
The other is persistent fluid in the middle-ear cavity without response to treatment.
Also called the orbit and eye socket orbital cavity fossil: noun: remnant, impression, or trace of an ancient organism.
The dart features a rear cavity that fits into the throwing board's spur, keeping the dart parallel.
The lava surface occasionally spattered, and both rose and drained through holes in the cavity floor.
After a few moments the air would trigger nerve endings to cause the nasal cavity and the lungs to swell up.
We also tried chewing on a tiny bit of leaf that they use to numb their teeth if they have a cavity or toothache.
With a paring knife remove hull and inner core of each berry to form a cavity.
Bright yellow fat deposits find their way into every available cavity within our body, even inside our blood vessels.
The nasal cavity is the first part of the respiratory system where air enters to begin the breathing process.
But, it was natural cavity they said, so it wasn't my fault.
First, the momma fly injects her eggs into the body cavity of the ant host.
Lower chicken over can so that can is inside chicken cavity.
Add giblets and pack each cavity with fourth of parsley.
Meanwhile, remove the morels from the pheasant cavity.
Stir in the parsley, season with salt and pepper and stuff the mixture into the goose cavity.
The bunker roof will be removed and the cavity filled.
Remove from oven and scoop out and discard seeds from central cavity.
In a new version of this procedure, a balloon is placed in the uterine cavity via a catheter.
If using a country loaf, pull out some soft interior crumb to form a cavity.
The outside of this support is covered with a layer of muscle, while the inner cavity is lined with the sheet of epithelial cells.
If a tooth had a cavity, it would be numbed and pulled, and that was that.
By adjusting the mirrors under each cavity, these pixels can be made to produce different colours.
The reflected wavelength is proportional to the cavity's depth.
New research indicates that a cavity-fighting treatment could be risky if overused.
They were accomplished swimmers, propelling themselves by jetting water through their body cavity.
Once the fish is brought to the riverbank, it is secured with a rope or tube through its nasal cavity.
Yellow-billed hornbills at nest a nest cavity with food.
Generally, the machines can't find items stashed in a body cavity.
Fluid and air had spilled into the peritoneal cavity.
The cavernous sinus is a cavity at the base of the brain that contains a vein, several nerves, and other structures.
In another technique the egg, after removal and fertilization, is placed in a tiny capsule for insertion into the body cavity.
They may spread into the cavity of the eye or bleed into the back of the eye.
Instead, the cavity of each shaft was filled with concrete, increasing its weight but also its compressive strength.
The next morning, she climbed into the abdominal cavity, where each organ told its own story.
The team surgically implanted the device in the abdominal cavity of two rats.
Loss of mineral content is a precursor to cavity development.
The liquid is spun to create a vortex inside the sphere that forms a vertical cavity in the middle.
Ie in a cavity the dimensions of the box enforce boundary conditions on the wavelength.
It may pay to remove the wood trim carefully to see if the narrow cavity is insulated.
And it has a cavity into which you can insert insulation, you can insert plumbing or electrical wiring.
Lightly crack claws, then split lobsters lengthwise and discard innards from body cavity.
The middle ear or tympanic cavity is an irregular, laterally compressed space within the temporal bone.
The medial surface is concave, and forms part of the lateral wall of the nasal cavity.
The anterior grows forward as a hollow stalk the lumen of which is continuous with the anterior part of the ventricular cavity.
It is somewhat reniform on transverse section on account of the projection of the vertebral bodies into the cavity.

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