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Example sentences for catalyst

Green is going to be the next big catalyst for economies across the globe.
By connecting rather than alienating in a public setting, it is a great catalyst for collaboration.
They engineered it so that one end carries a catalyst-iridium oxide.
Cells need zinc as a catalyst in their protective processes, so if you supply them with zinc, it helps them work more efficiently.
All it takes is a catalyst of nickel or ruthenium, and the reaction occurs spontaneously.
The deviant behavior acts as a catalyst for the first interaction.
The researchers are also seeking a catalyst that is cheaper than one based on iridium, which is relatively expensive.
Indeed, the markets may now begin to act as a stronger catalyst for change than the single currency managed to be on its own.
In truth, water is hardly ever a catalyst in ordinary conditions.
The more bracing market conditions may renew hopes that the euro will be a catalyst for reform.
The epoxy coating contains tiny catalyst particles, while the channels in the substrate are filled with a liquid healing agent.
After trying various metal chlorides, the researchers found that chromium chloride is the best catalyst for glucose.
The small amount of gold in the acid bath acts as a catalyst for chemical reactions.
Finally, they add a catalyst to form an acrylic polymer shell around the wax.
The metal is coated with a platinum catalyst and placed in a device that allows methanol to be drawn along the surface.
The catalyst was the language provided by the grant recipients to help explain the need and/or use of funds.
From the looks of things the offensive catalyst might not really be up to speed until the playoffs start.
My father is an unlikely catalyst for world travelers, but somehow he was.
The catalyst will not require a power supply, add any elements to the fuel or generate any signatures.
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