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Make payments in either money order, cashier's check or certified bank checks.
Other customers scream at her cashier before jumping into their cars and tearing away from the station.
The cashier popped and cracked the small pink stash of gum in her mouth.
Less people per cashier means the system clears out faster.
Pay for beans without making eye contact with the cashier.
Watching a cashier scan groceries is often even more irritating.
After waiting in line for less than a minute, the cashier profusely apologized for my wait.
He never gave her any guidance, and she became a full-time cashier within the year.
Inquiries are made, a brief discussion ensues, and the cashier is replaced with a more enlightened one.
Another quickly grabbed a spot in line for the cashier.
Suddenly, it was illegal for a cashier to work alone overnight in a convenience store.
Well, the kids were blocking the cashier's counter and it had nothing on it.
He takes them, fills them out some more, and tells me to go to the cashier again.
Instead he sent them to the cashier's office, several blocks away.
In one of two locations it has worked, it has not worked consistently or without some cashier persistence.
My phone notified me that my payment was sent, and the cashier gave me the thumbs up to say he received it.
They worked punishing hours in humble jobs-he as a bartender, she as a cashier-to give their children a better life.
He refused to install a cashier register in their stall.
But domestic workers are not less free than a cashier in the supermarket, for example.
The independent truck driver keeps the balance, which is paid in cash or cashier's check upon delivery.
She apparently was recognized only by the cashier who rang up her purchases.
Bush extended the right to refuse services or treatment to anyone in the health system, even the cashier at a pharmacy.
Tickets are purchased from a cashier aboard the bus.
Allow the cashier to witness you signing the check for signature verification.
Remember to provide money or a cashier's check for the application fee.
Clients must pay in cash, money order or cashier's check.
Gone are the days when a cashier's check was as good as cash.

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