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The humorous characterization is joyously exaggerated into caricature,--the serious characterization into romantic unreality.
But the caricature of dopamine as simply the chemical of hedonism is woefully incomplete.
The same goes for the caricature of technology as a civic virus that breeds disaffection from politics.
The real animals are far more complex than the caricature.
Read the relevant posts and come back when you have divested yourself of such a ridiculous caricature.
These three witches-the only element of caricature in the movie-live on a rigidly controlled schedule.
It goes almost without saying that the historical reality and the political caricature do not comport with one another.
The caricature of the tweedy idealist has yielded to that of the number-obsessed marketer.
Madrigal's note erases personal, moral agency on both margins of his caricature.
But the hyperbole he then delves into produces only a caricature of his own position.
Instead, it presented a caricature of these virtues.
But these incidents have cast doubt on that caricature.
Or rather, it may be literally true, but it is a rather sneering and unhelpful caricature.
Moreover, she overstates her case, almost to the point of caricature.
Because an era is defined in clich├ęs, caricature is a natural pitfall of trying to embody one.
They also caricature unhelpfully the contribution of business to social welfare.
It's worth emphasising that all this is more complex than the familiar caricature of the way money shapes policy.
His is not a fair summary of my views but rather a caricature of them.
The protesters' critics, meanwhile, are happy to stick with the hippie caricature in mocking the movement.
He was a far-fetched, dim suggestion of a burlesque upon me, a caricature of me in little.
But its also a place where ordinary things happen--things far, far away from the caricature.
Even a caricature, however cruel, must acknowledge the humanity of its subject in order to be funny.
There's an aspect of them that's a caricature, always drinking and carousing.
And show dogs are rarefied creatures, often refined and styled to the point of caricature.
No longer dumbstruck, he seemed electrified, a caricature of excitement.
The host of the reunion can hire a caricature artist to draw portraits of family members during the reunion.
The problem is not that this is a caricature but rather that it's the wrong caricature.
My own point would be that even misinformation and caricature have interesting pedigrees.
But if somebody doesn't get the joke, then you become a caricature of what the joke was.
Yet attempts to make him absurd by caricature and contempt are always, somehow, failures.
Her voice was almost a caricature of a society voice.
No matter how dramatic her role, she seemed always on the verge of becoming a caricature of herself.
And then, as the idea came home to him, he resorted to caricature.
Everyone is a caricature, manufactured and inauthentic.
Through his pen, inanity became animate, and the captious craft of caricature was raised to character study.

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