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Technology and science will find their advancement in terms of what the candidate actual does in office.
Dupont was elected to the committee writh more first-choice voles than any other candidate.
The candidate might have no chance of winning, but his votes would swell the party aggregate.
Any conversation about academic hiring will eventually light on the issue of how to define the “best” candidate.
Known as plurality voting, it awards the prize to the candidate who gets the most votes among several contenders.
The leading candidate so far seems to be the violent merging of neutron stars.
Candidate lists are kept confidential, and nominees are not notified that they have been nominated.
The likely rocky planet orbits squarely in its star's habitable zone, making it a prime candidate for life, astronomers report.
Click on a candidate's name or picture to access in-depth profiles.
The level of campaigning incompetence required to do that should make anyone question the candidate's viability.
If any metal could qualify as revolutionary, vanadium steel would be the strongest candidate to fit the description.
Aluminum is a viable candidate for an energy carrier, and aluminum batteries have a higher power density than lithium batteries.
There would be two distinct populations of candidate colliders, arriving at different times.
It may work to the candidate's advantage or disadvantage.
The only reason the candidate booked the flight was for the interview.
We had a candidate a couple of years ago send the department a gigantic fruit and sweets basket after an interview.
It behooves any candidate to address these issues ahead of the interview.
These items will be required in order to be considered as a candidate for this position.
The job ad tells you exactly what the committee wants in a candidate.
It's been heard that each candidate was asked to talk either about his work or his vision.
Needs and negotiating points will differ from candidate to candidate, and will depend on each individual offer.
But you need to be aware that negotiating every single aspect of an offer can make a candidate seem greedy.
Now a candidate can literally be outspent by independent groups.
Eight years on, the candidate is visibly past his prime, and he seemed tired.
It was devised and agreed to by many of the campaign's top staffers, and the candidate herself signed off on it.
No other candidate really reaches into the top tier.
The media's control over presidential debates can also make or break a candidate, especially early on in their candidacy.
When considering a potential candidate for a position it is my job to offer the individual the lowest acceptable salary.
And the taller presidential candidate almost always wins.
It's also transparent and highly flexible, making it an ideal candidate for making better electronics and other devices.
After all the brief dates were over, they decided thumbs up or thumbs down for each candidate.
Neither would tell me how the candidate is going to cut taxes or solve the energy crisis.
People are taking sides without even listening to the real issues involved, or even what their candidate's true stance might be.
M-theory is a candidate but its full description is unknown.
They asked each candidate a series of science questions.
One candidate, a microscopic animal called a rotifer that is a natural predator in estuaries, looks promising.
Candidate proposals need to be effective at the pilot stage, and they need to be able to scale up or down.
The other candidate who did win sings the same song but cleverly uses different lyrics that makes him sound less mad.
However, whatever his motivations, he is the only candidate even interested in any kind of space program.
Circles on the map are sized according to how many campaign stops each candidate made.
Every candidate prepares to teach all kinds of students, including students with disabilities and other special needs.
He or she will conclude by telling a short story that speaks to the closeness of his or her friendship with the candidate.
If you are a candidate to become a judge, tell us why you are qualified for this position.
Photographers are staking out each of the candidates today and will staff the candidate appearances tonight.
Its candidate was drawing mega-crowds wherever he went.

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