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Here's a hearty seafood stew to cook on-site on a grill or cAMP stove.
Your tent and an outdoor living area are set up when you arrive at cAMP each day.
Students head out from dorms to become interns, caddies, and cAMP counselors.
To make matters worse, when they returned to the refugee cAMP where the photo was taken, it was completely deserted.
The cAMP staff and the scientists who are waiting to leave talk of little else but flight schedules.
Make the butter for these steaks at home before you head out to cAMP.
Willingness to participate in summer field cAMP will be an advantage.
The cAMP medic will check the oxygen saturation levels of our blood several times a day.
The dance pays homage to the boxer's teacher and training cAMP.
Whisk together the dry ingredients at home and then add the wet ingredients and sliced bananas at cAMP.
To her roles as cAMP coordinator and hospital director she might add president, sheriff, magistrate and general.
The temperatures are beginning to drop and the carpenters are starting to get the cAMP ready for winter.
Make this recipe the morning of a cAMP cookout, so that the vegetables have time to soften.
To keep up the interest behind the mechanics, each cAMP had a storyline that the kids were following.
Make these sandwiches in the morning to bring to the beach or to enjoy when back at cAMP.
The excavation field cAMP is visible in this view from above the cave.
The cAMP supporting genetically modified crops echoed several themes.
If you are not sold on this farce, you must go to a retraining cAMP.
The abnormal human cAMP seems to be on shaky ground.
It seems the cAMP has plenty to answer-for as it is.
We are complaining about the expense of summer cAMP and the need for it.
Our family is still in search of ways to occupy four energetic children without summer cAMP or much funds for day trips.
But so were half of the department senior people who were solidly in my cAMP.
Summer may seem a long way off, but it is not too soon to start thinking about going to a summer music cAMP.
The problem is that whenever research surfaces to support one or the other, it is embraced by the relevant cAMP as yet more proof.
To cAMP on the moon, astronauts need to be shielded from solar radiation.
On the face of it, those in the mobile cAMP seem to have won.
Sometimes the cAMP ends up being more fun than educational.
However, the motivations behind some of the whacky folks in this cAMP are off.
The grotto is a natural amphitheatre with a sandy floor that accommodates cAMP and lawn chairs.
cAMP under starry skies and alongside glacier-fed sapphire lakes more.
He returned to the same refugee cAMP, still open, and showed her photo around.
During the late summer melt season, the cAMP lies abandoned and fills with frigid water.
Crank it up for maximum safety during a nighttime run, or drop it to preserve the battery for a long hike from base cAMP.
Psychologists in the former cAMP think people are born with ingrained ideas about how hues are grouped.
Scenes of chaos were reported at the makeshift hospital that the demonstrators have set up within their cAMP.
For the bodies of those beasts, whose blood is brought into the sanctuary by the high priest for sin, are burned without the cAMP.
All wanted to see him, and as soon as permission to travel was granted several managed to reach his cAMP.
With a literal imitation of cAMP-meeting racket, and trance.
The law change allows councils to designate areas where you cannot cAMP.
Many will cAMP out at terminals and stations in order to obtain a coveted ticket home on cramped buses, boats and trains.
Of course, it also lacks the ability to keep people out of the public space the cAMP is in.
In these and in other ways were cAMP life and the new liberty demoralizing the freedmen.
The bear watcher would sit in a truck, hand poised on the horn to scare off any ursine that came into cAMP.
To monitor the biodiversity of a freshwater habitat, you could cAMP out by the water and count the rare wildlife.
But he still had to get back to cAMP with the heat and dehydration setting in.
Reportedly, the bodies of the hunters were discovered around a cAMP fire.
One cAMP believes that children learn mostly through teaching and direct instruction.
Epidemics couldn't take hold when populations were scattered in small bands that constantly shifted cAMP.
It helps me understand where the enemy cAMP is, and where those who are inside the tent are.
No acid trips, no homemade special effects, not a curlicue of cAMP.
On the ascent, they had come upon the body of a climber they'd met at base cAMP weeks earlier.
Everyone in her cAMP was exhausted and close to despair.
One afternoon at the river cAMP three settlers appeared in a dugout canoe, drawn by the universal impulse to gawk at disaster.
Foreign officials have been allowed to visit and, in some cases, to interrogate their own nationals at the cAMP.
He has twice been told that he will not leave the cAMP alive.
Some bought their way out of a prisoner-of-war cAMP by becoming agents, or overcame a compromised position in this way.
The authors of the two books here reviewed belong squarely in the shin cAMP.
Homemade cAMP stoves are often referred to as hobo stoves or buddy burners.
cAMP stoves for car camping offer numerous advantages over cooking equipment designed for backpacking.
It's that time of year when the kiddies get shipped off to summer cAMP.
For some kids, spending too much time online means a family trip to boot cAMP and no more instant noodles.

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In short, camp mocks bad taste; kitsch exploits it. Camp arouses our sense of the ridiculous and we respond... more
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