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Example sentences for calming

The sun and the calming water makes me wanna be there and forget about the world.
Then music could be a tool for pulling someone out of depression or calming them down.
And calming it seems to ramp up activity in the forebrain.
Sidewalks, education programs and traffic calming measures are some of the ways to improve conditions.
In the midst of a hectic and crazed day, a few moments of taking care of yourself can be calming.
The catalyst seems to be having a self-confident and generous student, usually older, who injects a calming presence.
There was something calming and refreshing about getting out of the office and talking to different people outside my department.
Except for calming your nerves, it's not going to change who they hire.
In other words, anonymity is more calming and less risky-or even more cowardly-than named criticism.
Strolling through one is almost as calming as meditation.
She was said to be the calming influence in family quarrels.
Then he notices he is being filmed, and goes into a brief hysterical rant about his pit bull, before calming down completely.
Instead, a particular gene's expression was dampened, causing the brain to produce fewer calming hormones.
The cosmetic generals are responsible for calming onlookers and grabbing evil spirits.
Going on a cruise vacation can be exciting, adventurous and calming.
Guests can relax in the indoor heated pool, the calming hot tub or the hotel's blazing fireplace in the lobby.
It escalates the intensity of the rhetoric, rather than calming it down.
Stroll by the fishpond and forest grotto to take in every bit of the calming nature.
These naturally relax individuals, calming the nerves and setting the mind at ease.
Pastel colors are soft and calming and a welcoming staff can help you plan and reserve local events.
Right now my biggest problem is calming kids down, they get so excited.
Many wore blinders and had bouquets of calming chamomile tied to their harnesses.
Or calming tornadoes by directing energy beams to one side to disrupt the air flow.
It's tempting to imagine that this extra information would have a calming effect on otherwise volatile markets.
Those silly purposeless rituals are actually quite calming but there is more to us than them.
In addition, nicotine may produce a calming effect by triggering the release of natural opiates called beta-endorphins.
While a heroin high is calming and lasts for several hours, cocaine and amphetamine feel different.
Many experts believe that pressure applied to the body has a calming effect on the nervous system.
But our little construction worker is also a big fan of the calming color of pink and anyone who wears it.
Traffic calming is a term that traffic engineers use to address traffic issues in residential neighborhoods.
When drivers are not behaving as intended on a route, traffic calming solutions should be considered.

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