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They thought they'd help themselves, on the cafeteria principle, to the maximum amount they could safely get away with.
Now a new study suggests that the same strategy can get kids to make healthy choices in the school cafeteria.
Muskrat lunch was also available in the school cafeteria.
The camps are on college campuses, and so lunch is usually at the college cafeteria.
Nieves is one of nine employees of a cafeteria that is operated by clients for clients.
It's always something, she says with a shrug over coffee in the police cafeteria.
Homework horror stories are as timeworn as school bullies and cafeteria mystery meat.
They had a school of home economics there, and it had a cafeteria which was cheap and wonderful.
Even in the school cafeteria students of all ages can mingle.
The museum's cafeteria offers hearty, healthy fare at reasonable prices.
For instance, studies show that placing fruit at eye level in a school cafeteria can dramatically increase sales.
Akin to that school cafeteria meat taste unique to meat with soy filler extender.
Then, he moved the meeting rooms to the center of the building, followed by the cafeteria and coffee bar and gift shop.
He helped students move into their dormitories and even served food one day in a campus cafeteria.
Now, no one is saying that cafeteria food has caused any actual illness.
Breakfast and lunch went through cafeteria lines to get served.
Pictures of green beans and carrots on cafeteria trays resulted in more kids eating more veggies.
Finally money should be given so that school cafeteria can give decent meals for the kids.
There are bathrooms and a cafeteria at the site as well as a fire pit for overnight campers, who must bring their own wood.
The cafeteria pulses with rock music, shouted conversation, and the sounds of geeks slurping free gourmet food.
Colleges are greening their cafeteria operations, and sustainable food containers are part of the meal plan.
Your kitchen, school cafeteria or the break room at work are good bets for food and beverage containers.
We were strangers in the cafeteria line but we'd bonded over the crispy breakfast food.
Run by the wildlife commission in an unused cafeteria, the center became a magnet for volunteers.
Had the propane bombs in the cafeteria and their vehicles worked, hundreds would have been killed.
Hot dishes were dispensed at a cafeteria-style counter.
It also explains why the cafeteria manager kept yelling at me to stop eating from the communal hot sauce bowl.
That's true of everyone-the people who work in the cafeteria, everyone.
Behind the wall were huge tents for the cafeteria and more wardrobe and makeup and the actors' trailers and the parking lot.
We meet in the morning in the cafeteria every day-rain, sleet, or snow.
Then he moved the meeting rooms to the center of the building, followed by the cafeteria and the coffee bar and the gift shop.
There, everyone sits at cafeteria-style tables in the ballroom, filling in grids while a giant clock ticks away onstage.
The cafeteria's microwave oven is kept in a shielded cage.
It's the start of vacation season and so the cafeteria is not so full and parking is plentiful.
Eat lunch at that cafeteria and you will hear conversations that drift from holography to oncology.
Students would line up by the dozen in the dorm cafeteria to pull the lever.
Between the meetings are hallway conversations or talks in the cafeteria, where nearly everyone eats nearly every day.
The economy must be dire indeed if people are reduced to stealing school cafeteria food.
All in all, a thoroughly delectable event filled with frantic foragers, and no cafeteria cold cuts in sight.
Cafeteria and other food service has to be careful, too.
Mom's: a nickname for the cafeteria, possibly derisive.
They wouldn't let me go into the cafeteria after the first day.
For some of them, walking through the cafeteria is a gauntlet.
The technology hasn't necessarily saved money: the number of cafeteria employees has largely remained unchanged.

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