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Iwo became a byword for fighting while it was still being fought.
The industry became a byword for mendacity, secrecy and profligacy with taxpayers' money.
It was a surprising appointment for a company that was then a byword for conformity.
It has become a byword for spiralling costs and delays.
Once a byword for famine, it is now the world's tenth-largest producer of livestock.
Barzun's breadth of erudition has been a byword among friends and colleagues for six decades.
Though family-friendly still is a travel-industry byword, hotels and resorts also are catering to adults who want their own space.
Rustic elegance is the byword for this resort with plenty of activities to keep you interested.
Veterans' hospitals used to be a byword for second-rate care or worse.
Social promotion has now become the byword for people to show for politicians to show their support.

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Has he all that the world loves and admires and covets?—he must cast behind him their admiration, and afflict them by ... more
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