buzzer in a sentence

Example sentences for buzzer

It was a sight to behold, this copper without a buzzer taking the law in his own hands.
If the red visual alert light glows and/or an audible alert buzzer sounds, the circuit breaker has opened to protect the aerator.
Both teams will use buzzer systems to signal an intention to answer a question.
The offeror will provide all questions, buzzer systems, materials and supplies needed for the event.
In the event of a system error or failed test, an internal or optional external buzzer will sound to alert the station operator.
All units will have an installed monitoring call system, including a buzzer and light to the exterior.
For this event, the candidate uses the sledgehammer to strike a measuring device in a target area until the buzzer activates.
In automobiles, a detection device might be a warning buzzer indicating that keys have been inadvertently left in the ignition.
By the final buzzer, it went down as a reality check.
Since there was no whistle blown, the clock ran out and the buzzer sounded.
It was the vocal equivalent of an injured basketball player coming off the bench and hitting a three-point buzzer beater.
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