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It's our first and maybe our most important bulwark against disease.
Journalism is supposed to be yet another, a critical bulwark in the chain of reason.
Most important, the rainforest is also a bulwark against global warming.
It sounds like a sitcom, but until last week it was emotional truth without legal bulwark.
The same bumpy sand roads are there behind the rolling bulwark of dunes.
The younger members formed a sort of bulwark around him.
He swung away and trotted back up the canyon from whence he came, to disappear at a lope toward the bulwark of the distance ridge.
The bulwark is being restored and enlarged so as to gain space for an assembly hall, a large banquet room and a museum.
These fees are a handy bulwark against shocks to the advertising market, and they tend to go up faster than inflation.
So far, expectations of inflation remain stable: that sentiment is itself a welcome bulwark against deflation.
The bulwark against populism could buckle if there is yet another round of brinkmanship and bargaining.
Selling the family gold is the ultimate bulwark against bankruptcy and difficult financial times.
The party still sees the army as a bulwark against the kind of upheaval that has toppled communist regimes elsewhere.
The draft guidelines are seen as a bulwark against pressure to adopt mandatory-labeling requirements.
They also serve as a natural bulwark against hurricanes and storm surges.
It was triangle shaped with a bulwark at each corner, holding four or five pieces of artillery.
Social security is today an accepted part of our culture and an essential bulwark for our economy.
They understood that civics education was the first bulwark against tyranny.
It is also a bulwark against a variety of disasters.

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