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He was often discovered praying on his knees under some tree, whilst his flocks were browsing on the hills.
Go for the good browsing in design shops and a boutique-wine collective.
In between browsing, refuel at cozy cafes or stick around for dinner.
Spend an afternoon prowling for antiques and browsing in boutiques along the main road.
The adult giraffes pause and regard us nonchalantly before going back to their browsing.
After students have spent ten or fifteen minutes browsing these sites, discuss the implications of this type of technology.
As they are browsing the sites, have them take notes to answer the questions below.
The new one is not friendly for finding and browsing maps.
It was quiet without the usual throng of browsing tourists.
Some of you are experiencing messaging and browsing delays.
Browsing job listings at other more general environmental websites could also turn up that perfect opportunity.
For those of you over-paid folk with smart phones e-ink may not be the ticket for browsing the web and playing games.
Plants also discourage animal browsing on green leaves and immature fruits with a bitter taste.
The full poll results, well worth browsing through, are here.
Browsing is an inherently private phenomenon and so tips and tricks are not so easily shared.
The real limiting factor for mobile browsing is still connectivity and bandwidth.
But still, browsing for general information on job, recruiting or hiring for blacks is pretty futile.
If you are a newcomer to blogs, then you missed out big time, and you could have a fine time browsing the archives.
Yup, if you're browsing through the comments trying to figure out from us if it's worth the two minutes to watch the video.
To view the contents of earlier print editions, try browsing our cover index.
Netbooks are great for browsing the web on the sofa, or tapping out a report on the plane.
Other users can discover them based on this information as well as by browsing the photos.
The building seems modest, yet browsing often yields unexpected new sections.
If you lose customers or browsing traffic, from a closed door--that is the cost of a closed door.
Limited processing power and low memory do not support high speed browsing.
Power browsing and viewing appear to be the norm for all.
The case for keeping print within reach is more complex than fuzzy rhetoric about the joy of serendipitous browsing.
It probably also helps to grow big enough to get beyond the reach of browsing deer.
Ditto about teaching and you should spend some time browsing past threads.
Instead of browsing, you can use the search box, bookmark your favorites or check out the recently viewed dishes.
Guests can relax by the fireplace or listen to music while browsing the small library in the guest lounge.
Some streamers have a fairly limited web-browsing experience.
In much of the world, shopping online involves browsing e-commerce sites or typing what you want to buy into a search engine.
It's nicely designed, and it succeeds at making it easy to connect with people while browsing.
Quad-core processing should greatly improve web browsing, and multi-tasking more generally.
The pared-down redesign seems to favor search over browsing, and digital content over retail goods.
But more disappointingly, searching the archive was extremely tedious: the site seems to be set up for browsing by topic or tag.
Tabbed browsing allows for multiple open windows-tabs-across one browser page.
While you're browsing, you can also check out our previous mayor's race coverage.
Scaling the effects of moose browsing on forage distribution, from the geometry of plant canopies to landscapes.
To buy yourself more browsing time, direct impatient friends to the samurai swords on display down the hall.

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I am still a learner, not a teacher, feeding somewhat omnivorously, browsing both stalk and leaves; but I s... more
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