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That's because a citation written in bibliography style is broken into little pieces by periods.
Made up of long hydrocarbon chains, it can be broken down into a slew of useful substances and products.
Weathering happens when rocks are broken into smaller pieces.
During a raid on one apartment block, he made an unexpected find: a guitar, with a broken neck.
It quickly infected them all, offering the first evidence that the broken parts could once again be made infectious.
Some artifacts were broken, others had missing pieces.
Others want to deliver working copies of broken genes into retinal cells, restoring their function.
Strangely, later large impacts may have caused the structure to be broken into pieces.
The newest drug to fight osteoporosis has been shown to reduce by half the risk of broken hips.
But even if they are not, they do not add up to a system that is as broken as people now claim.
Blood vessels raised in tissue culture may one day help heal broken hearts.
She found an old bathtub in a pasture and covered it with broken tiles.
To fix a broken financial system and to oversee its proper functioning in the future you need experts.
But she never thought it would become a piece of her broken heart.
Anything that is too big too fail should be broken up.
Because the leg bone was deliberately broken in the field, no preservatives were added.
Baseball officials are noticing more and more broken bats--and injuries.
He was vindicated, though the stress of it all had broken his heart.
Prefer broken shade in hotter climates, but dark-foliaged kinds will take sun if well watered.
Mice healed three times faster than normal after their broken bones were flooded by proteins naturally used to regrow new tissues.
Once again, also, you have to decide which cards to turn to see if the rule was broken.
Turn a pair of jeans into a cool purse, or use broken flower pots and create mosaic for a table or photo frame.
When the body has plenty of oxygen, pyruvate is shuttled to an aerobic pathway to be further broken down for more energy.
It was closed because a broken pipe was spewing sewage over the reef.
Prefer broken shade in hotter climates, but dark-foliaged kinds will take sun if well watered add to my plant list.
If your economy has a lot of small firms, that's an indication that some part of this process is broken.
But the bulbs should be disposed of properly and cleaned carefully if broken.
Magnolia branches, broken by trucks, left hanging from stubs.
He's in the midst of getting his friend, a mostly-deaf carpenter, to fix a broken door.
Nearby, hulls of broken monitors float in the lagoon.
In late dormant season, remove all weak or broken canes.
Greg was cursing, both hands clutching his right ankle, which he thought was broken.
No multiple birth records are likely to be broken this month.
It also happened that each of those windows had a broken pane.
The peroxide can then be broken down to release electricity.
It's all in a day's work, apparently, when your job is saving lives and repairing broken hearts.
They were broken on purpose at the end of the ceremony.
Bamboo frogs breed in the water-filled centers of broken bamboo stalks.
My teeth were not loose or broken or chipped or bleeding.
Many of the weathered gravestones were broken or tilted.
In technology as in sport, records are simply there to be broken.
The crayon box starts out as a way to keep broken crayons all in one convenient place.
The first sign of trouble came in the form of a broken case.
The panther is broken at the legs, and its tail and right ear have also been broken.
Each area is subdivided further and the points are broken out for specific measures.
How about the ratio of these expenditures per household plotted against total income, broken down by decile.
Fiscal stimulus, indispensable as it is, cannot create a lasting economic recovery in a country with a broken financial system.
In their raw form, starches are not readily broken down by the enzymes in the human body.
It must have broken your mom-heart to hear him say that.
The plastic is sorted into different colours, cleaned and broken into flakes.
Our best conception of the cosmos is that of a curious monkey playing with a piece of broken mirror.
So, even if it threatens the waistline, a good marriage might actually help mend broken hearts.
But a struggle for leadership has broken out between countries of the region as well.
She also checks its hands and fingers to see it doesn't have any broken bones.
Stem cells mend broken rat hearts, stone cold sober astronauts and more.
The crops are flattened, the stalks bent but not broken.
Guy heard a few words of broken transmission over a background of howling wind.
Even if the component is broken done, the deadly chemicals will go into the ground and water system.
We still see a lot of people with broken bones that have not received treatment.
Here is an opportunity to re-examine the broken links from our survival code aka folkloric wisdom.
The river was narrow and shallow here with lots of broken water.
But it wouldn't be the first time he's broken records.
The consumer rating agencies are broken as badly as the bond rating ones.
The pervasive silence is broken only by the occasional canoe paddle or the riffle of an angry bonefish.
It gets broken down, jettisoned or sloughed off in some way, to be replaced by the continual process of renewal.
But it's also possible that other, slightly larger moons could be broken into chunks by bombardments, he added.
See galleries of our favorites broken down by subject.
When the packets are broken, the starch oozes out and the potatoes become gluey.
Beyond lies a field of fine ash speckled with glints of amber and green-the sharp broken bits of circuit boards.
Witnesses reported seeing the plane, with a broken wing, in a sling on the back of a ship.
Doctors at the clinic treated the bats for injuries and broken bones and monitored them until they learned to fly.
Some recycling facilities do not accept broken bulbs.
The fishermen's nets are getting weighted down, or even broken, by hundreds of jellyfish.
For starters, repairing our broken possessions and maintaining our machines.
Demonstrations, some of them violent, have already broken out in a number of interior cities this year.
Shards from a broken porcelain vase littered the floor.
It was in the landscape running along those broken tracks.
When they're broken it's not solely the fault of a drink or even five.
For those who want it to be, a plant-based diet is also a potent political comment on our broken food system.
Organic compounds are being broken down by living things in highly organized systems at specific rates.
But in cancer cells this mechanism has often been genetically disabled or otherwise broken, allowing tumors to proliferate.
The feat should aid efforts to engineer patches for broken hearts.
We were extremely confident about all of it except a tiny portion that disappeared into an area of broken surface.
These broken voices of bereavement asking of us what isn't to be given.
Those who were able walked silently toward the suburbs in the distant hills, their spirits broken, their initiative gone.
They limp from improperly healed broken ankles and they've got vision problems from staring at the sun.
CT scans showed he had a deteriorating left foot, dislocated left knee, fractures and broken skin and bone.
Thousands of the ungainly, horned animals fall prey to predators each year, while others perish from broken bones and drowning.
There have been plenty of close calls since: people have had ribs broken, legs cracked and flesh gashed.
People have been knocked out of boats, received broken limbs from being attacked by these fish.
First there are the broken things, myself and the others.
The principal business consisted in securing mules, and getting them broken to harness.
Through his thirty-five pounds of skin and bone there ran a tremor of fear, and he struggled forward to tie a broken thread.
He was the one responsible for running the business-every aspect, right down to replacing the last broken salad plate.
It was only a few weeks ago that they had broken up.
She led us stumbling across a number of broken tombs, holding a large key that in my memory seems almost a foot long.
In one escapade they had broken into a psychiatrist's office searching for a patient's file.
If broken, it usually will heal without treatment within several weeks.
If the system is broken now, then it has been broken for decades.
Many laws, especially federal ones, are so vaguely written that people cannot easily tell whether they have broken them.
Her broken-down cars were now lurid beasts against the stucco walls.
Inside, rooms are dark and empty except for a few broken chairs and makeshift desks.
The second broken taboo is the notion that there can be no restructuring of government debt.
True, without the face mask, you might see more broken noses and face lacerations.
If this story wasn't breaking before, it's sure broken now.
Since the elevator was broken, he climbed up all seven floors, only to collapse in a chair when he arrived.
If you let broken windows in a neighborhood slide, pretty soon everyone will be dealing crack.
If the evolution is a boat race, it can be broken down into even smaller objectives such as paddling.
He smiled and they could see his real teeth-some broken, some gold-without the caps he wears in public.
One year she arrived with a fake cast in order to pretend she had broken her leg.
It's a brilliant idea, the kind that would have broken the monotony of a telecast usually short on shock value.
In the past few years, the hermetic seal has broken and is now leaking in all directions.
It is simply the light from an object broken down into components.
How a broken heart can really break your heart, violent games can ease your stress, and the lowest-stress job around.
In this case, water is broken down into oxygen and hydrogen, which can be stored and recombined to power a hydrogen fuel cell.
She left the ballpark with a concussion and a broken jaw.
In his division, he's broken four national racing records.
And she had broken a tibia eight years earlier, the last time she'd been skiing.
Along with the bones are all manner of refuse, such as broken pottery and flint tools.
He knew that the scaffolding could not be the source of the activity, because it had long since broken down.
From fighting off germs to healing broken bones, the body is pretty darn resilient.
Symptoms can be treated, but the broken wiring cannot be fixed.
Cue baffled noises from me, and the faint whimper of broken childhood memories.
Today, a broken hip usually means surgery and extensive rehab.
Cancer cells that have broken away from the main tumor can spread the disease.
It's also easily broken down by the body, so it doesn't have to be removed, unlike other agents for stopping blood flow.
The question is how this methane gets there, if it is constantly being replaced as it is broken down by sunlight.
The resulting hydrocarbon molecules are then broken into shorter molecules through a common refining process called hydrocracking.
It should be far stronger and so less likely to have broken strands in the thread leaving a smoother feel to it.
The results are surprising because generally, when a brittle material is broken, the cracks don't follow a regular pattern.
It has successfully broken out of that niche with its move into the telecommunications and music industries.
The cells have to be broken, and the protein products have to be separated from all the sticky cell contents.

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