bowing in a sentence

Example sentences for bowing

Some pray outside at the low stone wall around the mosque, bowing over it or prostrating themselves on the ground.
She greeted each of them, bowing and then turning to present her swelling for inspection.
He then prayed for his murderers, and bowing a little his head, presented it to them in silence.
Octavius again takes refuge at the table, bowing his head on his arms and sobbing softly.
Bowing to concerns about local control of education, the bills no longer require uniform statewide exams in reading and math.
We tried to be careful about not bowing to any cultural or ecclesiastical agenda.
Governments, meanwhile, are accused of bowing down to business: globalisation leaves them no choice.
Or he could coax them off the streets by bowing, or appearing to bow, to their main demands.
The newly appointed minister of culture has resigned, bowing to fierce criticism from fellow intellectuals.
He bequeaths a church which shows no sign of bowing out or running out of steam.
Don't feel bad about it, you could be bowing to your ancestor.
And sadly, money exploration makes you more coward and more bowing before the system.
And he acts a bit devout too, bowing his head in a moment of silence.
It's a portrait of the artist bowing out, dying as fearlessly as he lived.
Saying it while slightly bowing your head is even nicer.

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