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Example sentences for bewilderment

Sometimes it seems that the only thing expanding faster than the universe is cosmologists' bewilderment.
Their reaction was and still is fear, not continuing bewilderment.
One begins to detect a certain amount of chicanery coupled to bewilderment in his views.
Plainly dressed in gray and white, she had a gentle face, but sad in its calm bewilderment.
The mood in the room was one of bewilderment and hurt.
They stand together in bewilderment as their parents shout and picket outside the schoolyard.
I'm just baffled by your bewilderment at the idea of a senator telling a blatant, boldfaced lie.
The mad stare had gone, replaced by a look of bewilderment and dismay.
Some literary observers expressed bewilderment at the fiction selections.
Students were looking at me, and at one another, with bewilderment.
They have been chased off their farm with a suddenness that has left them blinking in bewilderment.
If any of my sentences miss their aim, accuse my comrades and the bewilderment of this martial crowd.
It was a thing of great bewilderment to see the people die.
It is what you know to be true that can be empirically falsified, now surfacing to your profession's bewilderment.
He is all bewilderment-messed-up shirt, crumpled body.
He followed the path of the migration until, to his bewilderment, the animals suddenly stopped.
She flailed about in paroxysms of disguised bewilderment, drinking and clowning and cursing and showing off.
The device emits a bewilderment of flashes and beeps, and the controls have a bit of a learning curve.
He stood and watched as everybody clapped in bewilderment, and a flushed floral insignia rose on his cheeks.
And when the realization hits, the response usually is one of bewilderment.
It was a lifeline in a sea of bewilderment and confusion.
There will be dismay in the first camp, but it may be nothing beside the bewilderment in the second.
And some of his flashes of bewilderment are briefly amusing, too.
Though the dogs' gentle, self-pitying bewilderment finally becomes tedious, the film's visual style does not.
For a brief spell they spin in the bewilderment of conventions and their own emotional ties.
We don't feel the bewilderment of these children as they are buffeted by a hostile adult world.
He goes to his knees whinnying as the camera closes in on his eyes, which are filled with bewilderment and pain.
It is a dizzying spectacle that inspires awe and envy, wonder and bewilderment.
Social scientists have recorded the bewilderment of indigenous people.
He looked in bewilderment at the opening in the rocks and debated whether or not to enter.
Some of the feelings of grief include restlessness, numbness, and bewilderment.

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