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By the time the last fruit-bearing adult palm tree was cut, palms had long since ceased to be of economic significance.
Important fruit-bearing trees such as palms, socoró, and yellow mombim thrive in the rich soils.
Legend has it that he would sleep in his chair, holding ball bearings in the palms of his hands.
Friends come bearing cookies for a relaxed party and sweet holiday .
The preponderance of a belief has no bearing on whether it is true or false.
You are as usual engaging in libertarian dorm room philosophizing that has no bearing on the real world.
Vanilla comes from the only fruit-bearing orchid on the planet.
Hundreds of guests bearing gifts attended the first birthday party .
His study has great bearing on the animal's future.
Like a steel bearing in a pinball machine, the protagonist of Bell's new novel bounces wildly from one crime to another.
The flower-bearing tips of the fruits curve toward the sun as they mature, producing.
My father, masculine in bearing and gesture, was not a talker.
Soldiers no longer careered with abandon through city streets in cars bearing the red license plates of the military command.
Not anyone can sell credit-bearing courses or widely recognized degrees.
D could work for you if you market it as bearing direct relevance on your professional non-academic goals.
The facts and figures she learned as an undergrad have little to no bearing on the day-to-day functions of her job.
The younger ones are particularly inclined to wander off into issues that have no bearing whatsoever on their jobs.
But there is ample evidence indicating that the oceans are bearing the brunt of these changes.
More common ones are the tasty, seed-bearing fruits that many trees produce.
They know where to find liquid-bearing melons and tubers.
Collaborative research programs are bearing fruit across the nation.
The telescope is securely mounted into the jet plane on a spherical bearing.
The trees were tall and centuries-old, bearing dense layers of ferns and epiphytes.
Because it was a machine, should have no bearing on that.
But now rain is pounding down, obscuring the monster storm bearing down on his two-story farmhouse.
The external jugular vein varies in size, bearing an inverse proportion to the other veins of the neck, it is occasionally double.
For stability the width of the bearing on which the hinge action occurs should be relatively large.
And once loaded, the belt gripped the hips with a particularly gentle touch, despite chintzy plastic load-bearing reinforcement.
The same thing happens to our vertebrae, which weren't designed to sit on top of each other in one weight-bearing column.
To bring the banana-bearing platforms close, the chimps pulled on a rope resting on the ground.
For years, an interest-bearing account increases by depressingly tiny amounts.
My neighbors visited soon afterward, bearing a vial of ash.
One would think all the rest of the fur-bearing animals had been slain.
But it's worth bearing in mind that this is essentially a real problem, not a monetary problem.
Exercises in a pool, for example, are often easier to tolerate than those that require full bearing of weight on the joints.
Rest and avoid activities that aggravate your pain, especially weight bearing activities.
They live in near-constant silence, stoically bearing the drudgery of their hand-to-mouth existence.
They dragged out carpets bearing his image-a common sight in official buildings-to be stomped on in doorways or ruined by traffic.
The consequences of that lost bearing can be hideous.
But it has little bearing on the name of the northern neighbour.
Fleets of luxury cars, and trucks bearing coal, weave their way along the roads.
In the meantime, all this diplomatic activity is bearing some fruit.
All this has a bearing as the diplomatic merry-go-round cranks up again.
Poor governance at home has a bearing on soft-power aspirations abroad.
They have used that insight to print a load-bearing column constructed from filaments of concrete.
The adventurers did not themselves hunt the fur-bearing animals, hunting the natives instead.
Now relatively unskilled youngsters are bearing the brunt of the recession.
Generators had a ball bearing on one end of the armature and a bushing on the other end.
Thank you all for bearing with me here, but it's indeed a long, uphill struggle to get across a breakthrough concept.
Bearing your teeth is a sign of aggression everywhere but in our twisted heads.
Let me give an example which, while seemingly trivial, has a bearing on this question.
Whatever burial processes have been adopted have a bearing on human culture.
Using the second magnet to hold it in place, put the second bearing on the underside of the fabric.
One wonders if the on-going measures to halt the explosive increase of drug users taken by the governments are bearing fruit.
They have no bearing whatsoever in scientific research.
But age does not necessarily have any bearing upon whether what one is advocating is based upon sound science or mere opinion.
For essentially bearing out the point, that risk perception is subjective.
But that does not mean it has any bearing on the world economic.
But you can't wait until a storm is bearing down to go buy the plywood because by then it's almost surely too late.
It took place as the storm was bearing down on the region.
More remarkable is that any of them can be read for its bearing on today's foreign-policy debates.
Howe says the pressure from privacy advocates is bearing fruit.
Load-bearing columns that seemed likely to snag a cane.
It was a wide bridge, perhaps too wide for the weight it is bearing.
For some on the pier, looking up to see this large yacht bearing down on them, it was a heart-stopping moment.
But, whatever his emotions, there was no trace of them is his calm and self possessed bearing.
They are still in pristine condition, the covers still attached and the pages bearing few marks.
In the centre was a flagged space, with a stone well and a tree bearing some strange fruit.
Bearing in mind what is at stake, tirelessly underlining this point is ridiculous.
They were pleased to see us there, bearing witness to our sins.
Weight-bearing exercise is another great step toward osteoporosis prevention.
He is so absorbed in conversation that only as disaster is about to strike does he look up to see the car bearing down on him.
Chlorine-bearing compounds present yet another threat to the fragile ozone layer-a noxious brew all around.
People bearing the gene are more resistant to malaria than people without it.
Its body had nine segments, each bearing a pair of armour-plated legs, covered in thorns.
There's no way that it could have any bearing on fact-checking his piece.
Scientific evidence has no bearing on theological questions.
Offensive has no bearing on the validity of my criticism.
They were marked with green placards bearing the names of the dead.
Nationalism is the uncritical support of one's country regardless of its moral or political bearing.

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