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But uncertainty about availability has frustrated both doctors and patients.
They say foreign students may be put off by higher cost, new format, and limited availability.
As awareness among consumers grows regarding the benefits of organic vegetables, the availability of this produce grows as well.
They have limited the availability of fishing licenses.
Reservations are determined through lotteries, but sometimes there is short-notice availability.
The company still won't disclose the exact availability.
The availability of broadband capacity has exploded with the laying of fiber-optic cable nationwide.
Build a better search engine, rather than restrict the availability of the information.
Today the availability of abundant data enables companies to cater to small niche markets anywhere in the world.
Anyway, poverty and starvation are due to the inequality between people, not to the absolute food availability.
Along with their artisan appeal, the availability of bamboo makes these bikes an ideal cottage industry for the developing world.
Check with local nurseries for availability add to my plant list.
The quickest way to get good seats is to ask what show has the best availability.
Continued employment is subject to availability of funding.
The fish were chosen because of their commercial availability and an established database on their response to toxins.
Resumption of periods after pregnancy is highly variable, and largely dependent on energy availability and lactation practices.
Wider availability of the sewing machine and limited resources forced everyday people to become seamstresses and craftsmen.
Best chance for availability is early summer or fall.
For people in some of those countries, availability was little more than a quick border-crossing away.
The availability of this position is subject to final budget approval.
Migration: driven by the availability of open water.
Two methods may dramatically increase the availability of embryonic stem cells.
Activities offered may require individual reservations and are based upon availability.
All components of the prize package are subject to availability.
Final appointment is contingent upon the availability of funds.
In terms of the availability of cheap broadband, many consumers are worse off today than they were several years ago.
Changes in food availability over time, it seems, strongly influenced our hominid ancestors.
The article doesn't mention the traffic jams, despite the high availability of public transportation.
These positions are contingent upon enrollment growth and availability of funds.
But changing ocean chemistry and circulation patterns could also limit the availability of familiar foods.
The decline in health is more closely correlated to the sharp decline in availability of health care to every citizen.
Activities may require individual reservations and are based upon availability.
These positions are contingent on availability of the funds at the time of hire.
Better availability of price information and more demand for wine in emerging markets has created a fine-wine bull market.
But the huge increase in the availability of human debris is providing many more opportunities for invaders to colonize.
Fireflies who announce their availability with lots of light also risk becoming fast food.
Filling the position is contingent on availability of funding.
Availability of all positions is subject to final budgetary approval.
The researchers say the platform could work for a variety of driving tips-prices at gas stations, or parking availability.
All positions are subject to availability of funds, due to financial exigencies.
Renewal of employment will depend upon satisfactory performance in the position and availability of funding.
The availability of selective and potent medications has made such changes possible.
The appointment will be contingent upon the availability of funds.
Many indicated that the availability of grant aid and an aversion to borrowing were also important factors.
In part it has to do with the availability of important new data sets.
Monitoring and alerting on the availability of your cloud can greatly reduce down time and speed up problem resolution time.
No longer will you have to drive around town chasing product availability.
Companies buy those systems when they are trying to cut costs or if absolute availability is not essential.
Suddenly there is more background story about financial aid problems, course availability etc.
Travel and accommodations are subject to availability.
The increasing detail of satellite image resolution and its ready availability have sparked controversy.
Sailing dates and stateroom categories are based on availability.
The problem of phishing cannot be solved solely by focusing on the first trend: the availability of personal information.
Part of that was easy availability used to be a problem.
Speculate on the availability of different resources in the future.
Length of time to complete the battery replacement will depend upon the repair location and availability of service stock.
One is the public awareness of the availability of hospices.
Travel, including seat selection, and accommodations are subject to availability and blackout periods.
The availability of journals electronically has revolutionized literature research.
Please contact your regional sales representative to coordinate timing and availability.
But many scientists have criticized the quality and availability of these stem cell lines.
Experts say too many residents remain misinformed about the availability of flood insurance or have insufficient coverage.
Inquire at the airports about the availability of bus service and rental cars.
The reptiles' size may be determined by the availability of their prey.
They were described, at the time, as cells which had something to do with oxygen availability in the brain.
But behind embroidery's increased availability is a new generation of computer-programmed sewing machines.
Costs will go up, and quality and availability will go down.
The availability of advice, he predicts, will determine which firms individuals select to manage their retirement money.
Despite the availability of cheap drugs, remember the consequences.
Research has shown that salmon availability determines adult bear size as well as females' reproductive output.
What has changed, in this as in so much else, is the availability and cheapness of computing power.
The availability of fossil fuels will simply get smaller and smaller driving the cost up and up.
They grow their own greens out back, raise their own egg-laying hens, and rotate the menu daily to match seasonal availability.
Laws cannot discriminate between availability to children and adults.
Most of it is from a small plane, which comes down to both cost and availability.
It would vastly improve the reliability, availability and efficiency of the electric system.
Defaults cause bankers to restrict the availability of credit, which causes more defaults.
Availability of competencies, skills and costs would be major factors in globalization.
The availability of free foreign movies and television has certainly held back development of a domestic industry.
The government strictly controls the use of foreign currency, limiting access and availability.
The problems attending the purchase of gasoline, and doubts about its future availability, soon affected the automobile market.
Continued funding is dependent on student progress and availability of funds.
Even the availability of games or other digital resources can be challenging.
Rarely these days do they need to be in the library, given advances in the online availability of scholarly resources.
It is shocks, changes in climate or the availability of food, that cause new species to emerge.
In one way the increasing availability of partisan news is to be welcomed.
On top of all that, his foremost impression is in regards to the availability of a certain type of beer.
Another reason is the widespread availability of previously specialised components such as lithium-ion batteries.
Almost all the countries the aged people among the population is on the rise due to availability of good medical treatment.
You'll encounter tranquil scenery, light traffic, cozy fireplaces and better dining availability.
The surgery shouldn't impact his availability for the start of spring training.
Check the price and availability of adjoining rooms at any of the value resorts.
These are capacity controlled certificates so you will need to check for room availability using the certificate.
Some table service restaurants may already have limited or no availability.
Prices vary depending on availability and time, and can obtained by calling directly.
The restaurant industry initially resisted calls to ban these oils due to cost and availability reasons.
The argument focused on three issues: cost, product availability, and taste.
It needs but a few days to show up the absurdity of distrusting the military availability of these people.
The controls that come with legalization effectively reduces its availability, rather than the contrary.
But the company didn't back that up with pricing or expected availability on the phones.
Of course, the easy mortgage availability and low rates fueled the rising market.
It judged that water policies focussed on increasing water availability, and not on managing and limiting demand.
And the years-long lag between emergences mean no predator can depend on their annual availability.
Asked why they don't take public transportation more often, consumers cite availability and efficiency as issues.
People became experts in raising their livestock and moved frequently based on the weather and the availability of food and water.
Sponsor reserves the right to change or amend prize subject to availability.
Trip specifics are subject to availability and blackout dates.
Access to air travel and increased motor vehicle availability led to increased travel, increased development, and modernization.
The availability of food, shelter, and health services all affect the health of a population.
The backbone transmission idea is designed to address one of the chief drawbacks of wind power-its intermittent availability.
How they respond may depend on the availability of nutrients and whether the plant would rather invest in growth or defense.
He argues that life was driven aground by the rich availability of snacks.
The imagery went through a variety of levels of availability, but was always relatively cheap compared to commercial satellites.
The widespread availability of contraceptives may be the biggest factor behind the decline.
If anything, this would increase summer water availability to those downstream, not decrease it.
Maybe the availability is due to some people being afraid of vaccines, who knows.
Health-care costs continue to rise while availability dwindles.
Almost all biologists surveyed have been influenced in some way by the availability of the human genome sequence.
It will also likely increase the use of potable water used for land irrigation, increase its cost and reduce its availability.
During the period that the article is talking about, credit availability increased dramatically.
Progress in distribution, availability and diagnosis will help so much where individual and family intervention is concerned.
His study focuses on the first element, water availability.
Problem is, sour cherries have such a small window of availability and might be difficult to find depending on where you live.
Street-embedded sensors monitor parking availability.
In the developing world, reuse of syringes spreads disease, and lack of refrigeration limits the availability of vaccines.
The problem, it turns out, is a combination of availability and compatibility.
To increase availability, you often have to double those components for redundancy.
Retail food availability, obesity, and cigarette smoking in rural communities.
The availability and cost of healthier food alternatives.
Reliability of a store observation tool in measuring availability of alcohol and selected foods.
The legislation will limit the availability of a tax rebate on health insurance premiums to lower- and middle-income earners.

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