automatic pistol in a sentence

Example sentences for automatic pistol

He also takes her idea of pointing an automatic pistol at him as a sort of a joke, but does obey her order to hold up his hands.
Student will cover the unique aspect of the semi-automatic pistol and semi-automatic pistol shooting techniques.
The robber pulled up his shirt and displayed the handle of semi-automatic pistol.
One had a dark-colored semi-automatic pistol and the other had a silver semi-automatic pistol.
He was carrying what appeared to be a semi-automatic pistol during the robbery.
The robber was seen holding a dark colored, semi-automatic pistol.
The course will include the revolver, semi-automatic pistol, and the shotgun.
Although he pulled out and pointed a semi-automatic pistol at the teller, the robber politely demanded cash.
The unidentified subject entered the branch and brandished a silver semi automatic pistol.
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