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In time, the power of authors birthed the idea of authority and bred a culture of expertise.
It is all too easy to be satisfied with being the authority, the expert in your field.
His new academies, which are largely free from local-authority control, are mostly popular.
At home he had unquestioned authority.
People always seem to recognize my authority.
In Washington you make progress by persuasion, not by authority.
What she lacks in authority, she makes up for in curiosity.
Unfortunately, this authority fails to come through.
In the 1950s, motorcycling meant defiance of authority.
Wild painted dogs exert social authority over a recently killed dinner.
He was a leader and a patriot, not a politician; the authority figure of all authority figures.
For young women new to teaching, standing is essential for authority.
Medical credentials are an obvious way to create authority for books.
Whatever the answer, these questions can never be fully regulated by authority, whether the state or the parent.
Editors at some houses have limited authority to depart from house style.
Universities arise where there is political stability, civil authority and money.
The authority of such utterances depends in large part on being utterly conventionalized.
No one at the college had the authority to raise the figure.
But he had no authority to extend or compel its use into the public at large.
The other invite comes from someone in a position of authority.
Secondly, the weakening of the authority of princes, as if they were less of themselves.
According to his own principles, indeed, submission to the authority of the church was all that was open to him.
The life-principle of the body politic lies in the sovereign authority.
Thus was the vessel of puritanism wrecked on its first trial voyage, in the teeth of the winds of tradition and authority.
Unlike too many of those who in modern time invoke their authority, they had a choice between the two.
First: the opinion which it is attempted to suppress by authority may possibly be true.
In particular, it imagines how its expanded powers under the newly established non-bank liquidation authority would have helped.
Americans, for all their cynical anti-intellectualism, crave the authority of experts.
Our objective is a limited staff reduction that won't affect the quality, ambition or authority of our journalism.
Journalists grab it off the shelf when they need to pepper a column with a dash of historical authority.
If he decides that the instructions for a job are not right, he has the authority to depart from them.
Submission to authority and opposed to individualism and democracy.
They reside in the state of knowledge, judgment, and opinion of those who sit in the seat of authority.
But presidents don't have the authority to go to war.
With deep-set eyes and an aquiline nose, she patrols her sidewalk tables with authority.
It's known that taller people tend to have more jobs with more authority-and higher salaries.
Skeptics and evolutionists could care less about authority.
The idea with both is that you challenge authority, you challenge the dogma.
The traffic authority can fake traffic information so that selfish drivers choose their path for the benefit of the society.
It would have been interesting to know what his qualifications and authority are to speak on the matter.
My authority comes from the application of logic to a lifetime's experience.
In any case, those in authority receive a severer judgment when the situation deteriorates.
They are not taught how to think about things critically and are taught in turn to believe authority figures without question.
Consider the difference in size between capuchins and humans, and how humans in positions of authority act towards the non-humans.
And much of their authority seems to have derived from this accident of physics.
But the government no longer recognised him as such, and turned to the party secretary as the sole authority.
For starters nobody can agree on which central authority should hold all these new powers.
It is a bestowed moral authority that gives the right to organise and direct the efforts of others.
The exterior suggests values-of grandeur, dignity and authority-from another era.
They are embryonic empire-builders, hardy, self-sufficient and respectful of authority.
But unions retort that the state already has the authority to impose its will on public workers if need be.
It teaches respect for authority and concern for others.
The authors, who write with authority, make essentially one point.
The room was impeccable without having reference to any authority that could be perceived as inhibiting.
Madmen in authority, who hear voices in the air, are distilling their frenzy from some academic scribbler of a few years back.
His is the voice of authority, of donnish pronouncement.
Nobody in a position of real authority has ever been held accountable for any of it.
It's quotable because it's been quoted, and its having been quoted gives it authority.
How much easier and cleaner to make decisions in consultation with a higher authority.
If you work in a small office, call your local authority to discover what recycling equipment and services are available.
At the same stroke weed out all the self-proclaimed omniscient authority on these theories.
And these cultures are more likely to be stratified, with centralized authority.
It is original and logically coherent, the argument set out simply but with complete and convincing authority.
The chief executive has to have the ability and authority to function.
It lacks any authority to describe the way things ought to be.
They fall back instead on authority to convince, which is fragile.
It's only an argument from authority if facts don't back up the argument.
The problem with science presentation from my point of view is that it is too often presented as the voice of authority.
Thanks for the link, and for not arguing from authority.
He refrains from emotional arguments, or arguments from authority, and instead only looks at the objective science involved.
But this mechanism works only when the fear-inducing authority knows who you are.
So his triumph at the polls was mixed and his authority is not absolute.
What is more surprising is the authority on which it is based.
His global persona rests not on gracefully aging authority, but on eternally youthful, even manic intensity.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.

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