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It lies, of course, in the combination of the strictest realism of detail with a fairy-tale unrealism of general atmosphere.
We live at the bottom of an invisible ocean called the atmosphere, a layer of gases surrounding our planet.
The atmosphere is the layer of gases that surround a planet.
Meteorologists observe the effects of dusts and gases as they burst into the atmosphere and sometimes travel around the globe.
Auroras occur when waves of charged particles light up gases in the upper atmosphere.
The atmosphere has an average temperature, which is contained in the bulk of the gases.
Lewis was drawn to the school by its ''accepting atmosphere'' in contrast to his own rigid education in England.
Oxygen is constantly leaking out of Earth's atmosphere and into space.
The lush plantings reinforce the forestlike atmosphere.
This similarity may mean the atmosphere carries more large dust particles than climate models assume.
In the atmosphere, the change of water vapor to liquid water.
Carbon is readily exchanged between the atmosphere and ocean.
Gradually the capsule drops out of orbit and starts its long coasting descent back toward the atmosphere far below.
It has the romantic atmosphere of those great 1930s tales in film and prose, and it speeds the reader along from its first pages.
Found art is a tradition in this village, known for its bohemian atmosphere.
The graceful prose and bleak atmosphere underscore the loneliness of each character.
The stories are unnatural: they have about them the atmosphere of the theatre.
It involved literature in an atmosphere of coxcombry.
We are here dealing with water entirely, without reference to the atmosphere.
The whole comedy moves in an atmosphere of boisterous merriment.
The localization is significant, and the stories reproduce the life and atmosphere of the northern heroic age.
Well, you see the atmosphere reaching up and up, mile upon mile.
It is the inherent right of the new life to have its inception in such physical ground, in such spiritual atmosphere.
Genius can only breathe freely in an atmosphere of freedom.
The menu is diverse and the atmosphere is that of an upscale gallery.
Once the sun begins to heat the land, the lower atmosphere begins to mix as the warm air rises, breaking the inversion.
From these layers, large bursts of water vapor are occasionally released into the atmosphere.
The hotel is in excellent condition achieving a balance between historic atmosphere and modern comfort.
When you're traveling with kids, you can find several destinations that serve children's menus and offer a casual atmosphere.
In the free atmosphere, the air's density decreases as the air is heated.
Rendezvous has a casual atmosphere and a family-friendly menu.
Through the burning of fossil fuels, the atmosphere will return to this concentration in a matter of a century.
Nearly every planet-and some of the moons-has an atmosphere.
Although the atmosphere includes a layer of ozone, ground-level ozone is harmful.
The atmosphere not only dims starlight, it changes it.
But because the atmosphere is constantly changing, detailed forecasts for more than a week or two will never be possible.
It's the closest thing to a lab experiment that can be conducted in the upper atmosphere.
The trick is to either grab shrapnel or coax it toward the planet, where it will burn up in the atmosphere.
Clouds form whenever and wherever there is more water in a particular volume of the atmosphere than it can hold as vapor.
Through a cycle of radiation absorption and re-emission, the atmosphere and the underlying surface exchange energy.
Without an atmosphere to transmit heat or sound, each patch of the moon is an island in an unnavigable sea.
During the day, the effect of blocked incoming radiation tends to outweigh that of trapped heat, thereby cooling the atmosphere.
All of this has contributed to an atmosphere of some uncertainty.
The atmosphere in those interviews is always cordial but charged beyond belief.
Those actions created an atmosphere of hostility toward the press, and prompted the letter of censure.
Third, the clearest boundary line involves the need to maintain an atmosphere in which critical inquiry is possible.
Reputation for setting high standards in a congenial atmosphere.
Failure to create a relaxed teaching atmosphere can indeed be held against an instructor.
Everywhere low ceilings and dark woodwork combined with golden floors and small-paned windows to create a warm atmosphere.
Students should be pressuring each other to make the social atmosphere tolerable.
The frenetic atmosphere has led to a decline in collegiality.
Once the students learned that teachers expected them to succeed, the entire atmosphere of the school turned around.
As tense as wire, these scored lines convey not only a gloomy atmosphere but also the anxiety and grief of the event.
The architecture of the building also creates a free-flowing, inventive atmosphere.
In a learned memory you can find the atmosphere that often appears near a luminous faith.
The atmosphere in the box is dry nitrogen, which is relatively inert.
We dig the small town atmosphere with the up-town food.
The sky is blue due to the way light is scattered in the atmosphere.
Lichens also absorb polonium directly from the atmosphere.
Yet the steel mill and the zinc works continued to operate, stacks steadily spewing more fumes into the loaded atmosphere.
Yet the atmosphere for business is looking dirtier than ever.
As he travelled, he set up instruments called magnetometers to measure electric currents in the upper atmosphere.
The atmosphere cannot make heat, or even hold that much of it.
It also has a lower tendency to absorb water from the atmosphere.
It will clear up questions about its curiously high density, whether it has ice at its poles and where its atmosphere comes from.
Thus, over the course of a few decades, the concentration of the gas in the atmosphere will return to pre-industrial levels.
Transpiration-the process by which plants suck up groundwater and evaporate it into the atmosphere-is another and opposite matter.
But there is no proselytising and the atmosphere is the same as at any modern business school.
Voting in this week's local government election was slow, the atmosphere sour.
The skies stayed dark for six years, so much dust did the eruption throw into the atmosphere.
Both are easy on the atmosphere and on people's health.
It was hardly an atmosphere accommodating to stocks.
Whole language also offers a supportive and tolerant atmosphere in which to learn to read.
And the atmosphere of intellectual squalor in which the salaried writer operates would offend his dignity.
And sometimes, if people live in a highly charged atmosphere of conflict, the two come together.
The interrogator's job is to provide the atmosphere that allows the prisoner to tell it.
Despite its pedigree, the atmosphere is marked as much by modesty as by erudition.
These guys were measuring the light produced by high energy particles called cosmic rays as they smash into the atmosphere.
When galactic cosmic rays enter the atmosphere, they smash into nuclei forming various kinds of exotic by-products.
The practice wastes a precious fuel and pumps methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.
In conventional systems, the heat generated from compressing air is lost into the atmosphere.
By changing the angle of these mirrors, astronomer can compensate for the degrading effects of the atmosphere on starlight.
The microwave beam would travel through space and the atmosphere.
The moon, astronomers insist, does have an atmosphere.
The laser shoots up into the sky and excites atoms in the upper atmosphere, causing them to glow.
At that point, it was still sloughing off the energy of orbit, dropping in velocity as it dropped through our atmosphere.
Researchers have recently started to pay more attention to how water vapor in the atmosphere is related to global warming.
However, the presence of the atmosphere causes atmospheric refraction.
We have a solid rock to stand on, liquid water to sustain us, and an atmosphere to shield us from radiation.
The atmosphere apparently billows out around the tiny planet, whose gravity is too weak to hold it close.
The atmosphere is dense, but something must have reached the surface before friction tore it up.
At some point soon, probably in the next decade or two, the atmosphere will freeze and condense into crystals on the surface.
Then the thickening atmosphere will trap more heat, releasing still more gas.
As the cascade penetrates deeper and deeper into the atmosphere, more and more of it gets absorbed.
Combined with computer simulations, the evidence points to a meteorite born of an asteroid that fragmented in the atmosphere.
For about a week, material ejected into the atmosphere plunged the world into darkness.
And it was once warmer, wetter, with a thicker atmosphere.
It's a mixture of creating an atmosphere in which actors can feel safe enough to be dangerous.
They were representatives of a lost world, and their daughters were raised in its atmosphere.
The atmosphere was extremely charged and fast-paced, changing minute by minute.
But it's a ticking time bomb, enough to turn the world into a cauldron, should it all get into the atmosphere.
As they came into the room, the atmosphere turned electric.
In works by these artists, light and atmosphere become increasingly invasive and almost dangerously palpable.
The sensibility itself is created, or given direction, by an intellectual atmosphere.
And on the whole the atmosphere may be more relaxed and pleasant.
Its atmosphere is so strong one may easily forget how firmly it is set in its time and place.
Gaines works the flights to give the play its surreal and supernatural and inside-the-mind atmosphere.
Sensuous textures and deep, saturated colors are used to create a sultry atmosphere of stifled desire.
Suddenly the atmosphere in the room was tense with dread.
Rather, it would be an attempt to transform the political atmosphere and reformulate the diplomatic process.
We weren't sure if this was true, but the atmosphere was becoming increasingly chaotic.
His henchmen played a final desperate card, unleashing loyalist plainclothes saboteurs to create an atmosphere of chaos.

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Moisture and color and odor thicken here. The hours of daylight gather atmosphere.... more
When the storm rattles my windowpane I'll stay hunched at my desk, it will roar in vain For I'll have plunged deep insid... more
yet there was a chance in this To see the present as it never had existed, Clear and shapeless, in an atmospheremore
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