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Example sentences for amenity

But they are an important amenity, one that makes living in and visiting the city a lot more pleasant.
These trains are all-reserved, meaning everyone can sit down, but are otherwise amenity-free.
More than 20 women put this amenity at the top of their wish list.
Each suite features single and double rooms for up to 14 students, along with three bathrooms (students' most requested amenity).
In a city where closets become bedrooms, empty space becomes a treasured amenity.
One amenity that harried parents may appreciate: supervised child care during daytime sessions.
Many times, amenity information can be found on the Web site of the individual property or the chain.
Surveys show that 24% of boomers rank a day spa as the most important amenity; 15% want a meditation garden.
The pool is an amenity.
The single appealing amenity was the set of flourishing potted plants and ferns in the center of the room.
But the apartment lacked one amenity: a kitchen.
Outdoor patios and grills will be available at amenity-level terraces.
Expect to see new art that reflects the room's color choice, as well as new towels, amenity tray and towel rack.
While exercise rooms and outdoor games are provided, pools are not a common amenity.
The welcome amenity consisted of a chocolate bar and bottle of water.
It is a room amenity as opposed to a status amenity.
Carnival has dispensed with the little plastic amenity bottles in favor of more environmentally-friendly shower dispensers.
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