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Example sentences for ambulatory

He was delirious for days, trying to get up when he was not ambulatory or even able to support himself sitting up.
It doesn't look lame at all, the creature in the image is clearly ambulatory.
Intensive breeding for rapid growth is responsible for their ambulatory problems.
The ambulatory services of the division evaluate and treat several hundred children for this disorder annually.
The ambulatory catfish are among the menagerie airport officials have had to clear from the tarmac.
These convulsive jolts occur as the dozen or so ambulatory slabs that make up the surface grind past one another.
Next was local education, followed by ambulatory health care, then insurance.
Most of the surgery is done in hospital outpatient departments or ambulatory surgical centers.
He reached another of those ambulatory bundles and examined it.
All organisms that are ambulatory have tactile senses of which pain is one of the more intense one.
Doubled the number of clinics in the ambulatory system.

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Inter-railers are the ambulatory equivalent of McDonalds, walking testimony to the erosion of French cultur... more
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