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The algae floating in the sea are microscopic plants of great consequence on a global level.
Green algae do better than red and brown algae in the strong light of shallow water.
When the algae die and decompose, the water is depleted of oxygen.
They are toothless herbivores who live off the plants and algae in the river.
Every living thing-from one-celled algae to giant blue whales-needs food to survive.
The plants and algae deplete the available oxygen supply.
Even the bands on the abalone's shell bear evidence of water conditions, and the abundance of the algae and kelp it feeds upon.
All she had for water was a small cistern with rain water in it, covered with algae.
On living whales, it's typically green with algae and alive with sea lice at its base.
Marine algae are tiny plants, many of them microscopic in size.
The blue dragon eats coral filled with tiny plants called algae.
In the park's ponds, thriving communities of algae can turn the water blue or green.
Some are herbivores that eat algae, while others are filter feeders that take in particles from the water.
The approaches could prove more efficient than using photosynthetic organisms--such as plants and algae--to make biofuels.
Tiny bubbles float algae to the water's surface for harvest and processing.
And they may get better thanks to living cells: the multicellular organism called brown algae.
When algae die and decay, they suck oxygen out of the water, which encourages the buildup of organic matter on the seafloor.
Few stories in the energy business are as seductive as that of algae biofuels.
It is extracted not from trees or cotton, as the cellulose used in paper is, but from algae.
Algae specialists, long near the bottom of the biology food chain, are becoming the rock stars.
We've also got video of some odd dancing algae on that same page.
In that sense, the ethanol-producing algae would become another processing unit in a chemical factory.
Add iron, the theory goes, and you will promote the growth of algae.
In the discussion of alternative energy and fuels, algae have been bubbling to the top of the proverbial feedstock pool.
One of the newest methods relies on a gene that makes algae sensitive to light.
Researchers have discovered a way of bioengineering algae to produce hydrogen.
But a well-lofted approach shot lands with a splash and disappears, for it is in fact a pond covered in algae.
Fish pick at the urchins, which feed on bits of algae.
In that time, overfishing has allowed seaweed and algae to grow unchecked, smothering coral worldwide.
Algae gathering outside salamander embryos, which they will soon invade.
More algae might mean more krill, and that might mean more whales and other large sea animals.
Algae based fuels have been touted as a good alternative to the use of food stock for renewable fuels.
Without the algae that fed them, they were starving.
The idea was to take algae, process it into sushi and fuel, and deliver it it in a truck running on algae biofuel.
It can be applied to the hulls of ships and submarines to prevent algae and barnacles from attaching themselves.
Iguanas who feed on algae growing on rocks covered by fuel may also be harmed.
Some researchers think they are the remains of fungi, while others argue that they are algae instead.
Nitrogen acts as a fertilizer in oceans, and is a main cause of oxygen-sucking algae blooms called dead zones.
Red tide is another type of algae bloom that is toxic and directly harmful to marine life.
Dinoflagellate algae inhabit coral, give it color and provide it with food.
Some species provide safe pasture for green algae to grow and in turn receive oxygen and sugar from photosynthesis.
The sloth is the world's slowest mammal, so sedentary that algae grows on its furry coat.
When these algae die, they sink to the bottom of the ocean.
Smaller fish became the next commercial target, including plant-eating species that kept fast-growing algae in check.
Sea turtles were one of many species that controlled the growth of algae.
Brown's original research goal was to track toxic algae blooms.
Corals get their vibrant colors from the algae they host.
Algae and plankton are the main producers in marine ecosystems.
The spring is too hot to sustain enough algae and plankton to feed them all.
Primarily through nitrogen deposition, which results in unnatural algae growth.
The captive algae give reefs their brilliant colors.
Find out why scientists think these single-cell organisms can see, and how seeing helps coral algae.
These jellyfish raise algae inside their belly, giving them a food source that they take along as they float through the oceans.
On a related note, there's growing interest in algae.
The algae have flourished in warm waters at the expense of other algae and fish.
Pools of algae were clumped here and there across the surface.
Many eggs do hatch, however, and the grubs eat and eventually destroy the algae.
Unlike the skin of whales and manatees, shark skin doesn't pick up algae or barnacles.
The algae provides oxygen for the fish, the fish eat the microorganisms, the shrimp clean up the algae.
There's biofuel made from algae whose cells double every hour.
He also uses sea urchins to scavenge the tank and help rid it of algae.
The companies also say that their systems inhibit destructive algae growth by blocking the sunlight the algae need to grow.
Layers of rainwater trapped within the walls form an algae garden.
By providing the plant with a safe pasture, the anemone benefits from the by-products of algae photosynthesis-sugar and oxygen.
By hovering motionless and pointing their arms upward, a squid can be- come nearly unrecognizable within a stand of algae.
Under a high-powered microscope the silica shells of single-celled algae are revealed in all their manifold beauty.
They will occasionally eat algae and seaweed as well.
Overfishing removes grazers that keep reefs from being overgrown with algae.
Another kind eats algae that have built up around the ray's mouth.
Thicker chunks glow emerald green, bejeweled by algae.
Marriage of fungi and algae, chemists of air, changers of nitrogen-unusable into nitrogen-usable.
The wind has blown the algae to the edges of the pond.
Some proponents envision growing aquatic algae-richer in oil than any other plant-in pools next to electric power stations.
Marine algae are the base of the entire ocean food chain, and were also responsible for originally creating oxygen on the planet.
But algae were believed to float outside the embryo itself, in the egg's nutrient broth.
Some pieces end up in plankton and algae, or drift to the ocean floor.
Light splinters through the bedroom ceiling, where the rains have eroded the algae-green plaster.
For some time, we've been hearing about a lot of interest among scientists in the prospect of harvest algae to run vehicles.
At night, the jellyfish go down to the depths of the lake where the algae feed on nutrients.
It is used as a pesticide to control algae, weeds and bacteria, and to make other chemicals.
The chalk is mostly calcium carbonate from coccoliths, the skeletal remains of plankton and algae.
To speed up the action and optimize the effects of the marine oligo-elements and minerals, a cold algae mask is applied on top.
The knowledge may help them to make better predictions about when the algae will appear and how bad it will be.
Students will learn about the balance in the reef ecosystem among sharks and other carnivorous fish, their prey, and algae.
Another theory is that the proteins provide algae-the main food of many coral species-with light to grow in deeper, darker waters.
Corals live in tropical waters throughout the world, generally close to the surface where the sun's rays can reach the algae.
Applications of various clays, creams, or algae gels that are allowed to set on the face and then peeled off.
Coral polyps, the reef's building blocks, are tiny colonial animals that house symbiotic algae in their cells.
It's not known how the mushroom corals, which rely mainly on algae in their cells for nourishment, caught the jellyfish.
Fertilized by beasts' droppings, algae are eaten by fish that are preyed upon by an isolated group of crocodiles.
When stressed, corals discharge the algae that give them their colors, then turn white and eventually die.
During the day, the animal's fleshy mantle-which contains green algae-spreads over its open shell to take in sunlight.
Without the countless forms of microscopic algae, larger forms of sea life would never have been able to evolve.
Many of the fossils closely resemble species of blue-green algae found all over the world today.
The polymer alginate is made from brown algae, including the type which forms forests of giant kelp.
Blind mice developed rudimentary vision when researchers activated certain retinal cells using a gene commonly found in algae.
The runoff contains large amounts of feces that can cause dangerous algae blooms, for example.
To make neurons sensitive to light, scientists genetically engineer them to carry a protein adapted from green algae.
There are ways of fracturing the algae cell to get at the lipids floating around in the cytoplasm.
The answer is tiny organisms known as cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae.
If you get rid of all the fungi, you're going to get algae.
If you get rid of all the algae, you're going to get something worse.
Corals under temperature stress blanch, expelling symbiotic algae that hide the white skeletons below them.
The expedition's researchers wanted to find out how many of the extra algae end up on the sea bed.
But building vast pools for algae and turning them into fuel remains tremendously expensive.
The other challenge, besides the minimal genome, is to repeat the trick with single-celled algae.
These, paradoxically, have opposite effects on the growth of algae.
From plug-ins to planktonic algae, technology is part of the solution to climate change.
Heroic efforts to remove toxic algae blooms from the rowing course do not amount to a new environmentalism.
The two are not so intimately related as flatworm and algae.
Scientists have discovered that a type of algae can precipitate strontium into crystals.
Eventually, microscopy enabled scientists to identify lichens as composites of mutually beneficial fungi and algae.
Green algae may rely on quantum computing to turn sunlight into food.
These rings are caused animals such as fish and sea urchins, which munch on the algae and seaweed that cover the reef floor.

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