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Example sentences for airway

Eventually my head is twisted sideways in a small airway.
Most of the patients, he said, had been shot in the head or airway.
But there is a terrifying downside: should you fail to create an airway in a paralyzed patient, he suffocates in four minutes.
Croup is an infection of the airway commonly caused by a virus.
He found that the peptide is produced on every other wet surface of the cow's body--the eyes, the lining of the gut, the airway.
Doctors put a tube down his throat into his airway and connected him to a ventilator.
No one had known that the fungus could cause such severe damage to a patient's airway and blood vessels.
From time to time, people can pick up these viruses, which infect their airway.
Chronic bronchitis is an inflammation of the airway.
If the swelling blocks the airway, emergency medical help is needed to maintain an open airway.
Children with obvious breathing trouble may have a total airway blockage that requires emergency medical attention.
Swelling of the airway is a life-threatening emergency.
Hypopneas are episodes in which the airway becomes partially blocked.
If bacteria or other infectious organisms manage to avoid the airway's defenses, the body's immune system attacks them.
Inhalers deliver medication to the lungs, reducing airway inflammation and airway muscle constriction.
Their response--pushing her face to the floor and sitting on her--blocked her airway until she stopped breathing.
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