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In fact, he sometimes lurks by one of his bronzes and plays devil's advocate.
You grew up diving the planet's great oceans and are now a leading advocate to help improve water issues worldwide.
Speakers advocate trying new methods to increase sales, improve margins.
If you don't like it, advocate for its revision, not its repeal.
What I've been trying to advocate is that it's an extremely authentic form of storytelling.
All applicants for new licences are requested to appear in person or be represented by an advocate.
What she really is is an advocate, not a leader.
I'm also assuming the role of consumer advocate.
I'm not sure what you will get from the mass reporting some here advocate.
Of all the founding fathers, Jefferson was the staunchest advocate of freedom.
Lin was a prominent advocate of heavy investment in rural electricity, running water.
He's an advocate of free markets, but he has also called for tighter regulation.
So here is a devil's-advocate view on internationalization, offered up tongue-in-cheek.
Sympathy, a good advocate, and savvy politicking by your supporters could get this reversed.
After all, it would be perfectly acceptable to simply advocate for good science and stay out of this particular fray.
No-one in their right mind would advocate the future use of coal to generate power.
Collins will be a fierce advocate for personalized medicine.
The company is also an advocate of researching and implementing viable alternatives to rare materials.
But as any political advocate can attest, achieving limited aims will always be easier than shooting for the moon.
Dresser is a leading advocate of efforts to protect rare animals by cloning and other advanced reproductive techniques.
And through it all, she has remained an eloquent advocate for victims of the disease.
The guy's always been more of an ideological advocate than a serious thinker.
The evolutionists advocate that mammalian life evolved from aquatic.
He's also an outspoken advocate for getting kids into the outdoors.
Thus, many health experts advocate legislation-for instance, a tax on junk food-that promotes healthy eating.
If the neuroscience community was going to be delivered an advocate, they could have done a lot worse.
It's another thing entirely to advocate self-restraint when it comes to reproduction.
The same should be true of groups that advocate not vaccinating children.
Do not judge is not ment to advocate, condone or even ignore sin in others.
But little by little he got back on his feet and became a fitness advocate for those who struggle with an exercise regimen.
We'll leave the arguments for or against going vegan to the the people who advocate those sorts of things.

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