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Ask students to admit the truth of why they don't get their work done, not supply them with excuses.
Sorry you have to first admit to all of the above if you want people not see you as a hypocrite.
We need to admit that there are natural cycles and fire is one of them.
Deciduous trees will give you shade in summer, then admit the sun after their leaves drop in fall.
Corporations rarely, if ever, admit liability when settling cases.
Moreover, colleges have few incentives to admit students from community colleges.
Some collectors are too proud to admit that they have been duped.
The highly permeable eggs and skin of frogs easily admit toxic substances.
And, you admit that the idea of breakfast served in bed is old fashioned.
Admit you can picture yourself under these leaves--sitting cross-legged, palms up, practicing your mantra perhaps.
Nearly every city dweller looks in the windows of apartments they stroll past, even if they won't admit it.
Nothing is more beautiful than to admit the truth, or more difficult.
In fact the authors admit they don't know why the concentrations are what they are.
The recipients tend to admit they wouldn't have had the money to build the plants without federal help.
Both freely admit they have not solved mystery-but let's close by looking briefly at the remaining puzzles and leading theories.
It's a bold cook who's willing to admit he or she likes to mix a packet of onion soup into a tub of sour cream for party dip.
And you have to admit that it isn't every winter that you get to see chunks of burning birch flying through the air.
It is absolutely mind-boggling to see the chasms theorists are willing to leap in order to not admit the obvious.
Of the five students, three of us have zero experience and admit to some fear of heights or water.
And yet she would never admit that she had any proof of anything.
He needs some kind of intervention,because he seems to be unwilling to admit that he has a problem.
We need to admit that have to be better advocates of our own health.
Today courts rarely admit brain scans as evidence at trial for both legalistic and scientific reasons.
He is willing to destroy our country rather than admit that he has made some major mistakes.
Admit it: at some point in your life, you've been completely obsessed.
They drove a company to bankruptcy on junk science, only to admit a decade or so later that they were wrong.
Police admit that enforcing such laws is problematic at best.
The government still does not admit it has been made and refuses to comment directly.
People readily admit that they're praying the big brown monster stays away.
No one would admit new drugs to enter the market without prior testing.
But when you see a beautiful blue planet you refuse to admit it was created.
Few senior executives, when debating options for a technology company in decline, admit defeat and run it modestly.
Librarians often are unwilling to admit that such crimes could occur within their sanctuaries.
For someone who apparently loved birds, you have to admit this was a pretty daft plan.
She taught me to admit that, to me, the emperor has no clothes.
Democracy, as he would have been the first to admit, was a work in progress.
The researchers admit, though, that the efficiency of dog cloning is still low.
The owners basically admit they don't want a dog, they simply want something to protect their property.
The greenhouse would consist of a thick skin providing thermal insulation, with small transparent windows to admit sunlight.
He is the first to admit that such a program might not get the birth rate up much.
He was referring to an earlier discussion, in which he asked whether even papal defenders admit the pontiff can err.
But the survivors toiled on, unwilling to admit the possibility of defeat.
However, advocates have to admit that this complicates things.
Each succeeding draft had become more sanitized, more tolerant of ambiguity, more ready to admit a diversity of opinion.
Two of the professors admit that their unreal students teeter on an ethical precipice, because the technique could be abused.
No one wants to admit it, but there really is a problem with tenure.
Plus, as the researchers admit, writing captions for cartoons isn't everyday behavior.
But the results are not conclusive, as the authors admit.
Many will be left to completely fend for themselves, though exactly how many is unknown, experts admit.
He had to admit, however, that the problems started to get better once she got the diagnosis and therapy.
Don't expect the types that go to these meetings to admit that though, there's a lot of inertia behind this movement.
Kane did admit that he's had both good and bad days with his wrist and it's something he wants to address over the summer.
Members of parliament freely admit that they are on the take, so were naturally reluctant to put themselves under scrutiny.
But officials privately admit that this is nonsense.
The first big companies to admit being in trouble were in construction, retailing and property.
They use no herbicides and have developed their own trellising system to admit maximum sunlight into the foliage.
Chefs also admit to enjoying the status of benevolent dictator that tasting menus confer on them.
All admit that in a certain sense the several kinds of character are bestowed by nature.
Fruits are acceptable gifts, because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them.
Fruits are acceptable gifts because they are the flower of commodities, and admit of fantastic values being attached to them.
We must then admit-if she holds to this role-that she replaces the bed and sheet by table and cover.
Yet they rehearsed a little here and there, and prepared the new adventurers as fully as the hurry would admit.
Even purists have to admit that what they hear is affected by where they are and what they see.
As party crashers go, you have to admit, this one has style.
From that time to this, he has refused to discuss the case publicly, or to admit to interviewers that he received the letter.
Actually, so far the reactions of those who admit to having read it have ranged from forbearing to appreciative.
Everyone could admit that there were disreputable aspects of the old empire.
The spirit of the last week has been surprising and moving in a way that an objective reporter should not admit to being moved by.
Meanwhile, fans of the idea admit that it's going to be tough to sell to patients.
So skeptics, who often admit the loveliness of the math, have long dismissed string theory as an untestable fantasy.
Wheeler is the first to admit that this is a mind-stretching idea.
Even more important, science must admit what it does not or cannot know.
Security in the networked world of today isn't always the easiest to understand, we'll admit.
Some observers decry the inanity of the site's top stories, and even habitual users admit that the comments are mostly puerile.
They admit no correlation between economic growth and any flowering of democracy.
Honesty compels us to admit that dishonesty is often a superb innovation strategy.
They admit inflation, big bang, structure formation and dark energy.
It was sweet and sad and, though you'd rarely admit it, necessary.
Then you admit that oil waxes and wanes due to politics as well.
He does not admit that pure chance is the controlling factor.
He does not admit it, that is to say, unless his stock goes down.
Tell me something you'd never normally admit in an interview.
S tone is the first to admit she tends to be a worrier.
And the attempts to amend those laws-to admit refugees-never succeeded.
It's kind of sad to admit it, but that's what it took to wake people up.
He was later to admit that the novel did improve a trifle after that.
Even the best aid agencies find they can rarely admit their faults.
May admit and retain only those who do not require more than intermittent nursing care by a licensed nurse.
If she's perfectly honest, she has to admit she doesn't much care for horror movies.
The historian will frequently find that opposing camps of critics have more in common than they admit.
Not to admit it were to suspend a critical insight in favour of a strictly formal procedure.
He never went so far as to admit that anything had gone wrong, but he now wanted to set matters right.
He did not admit that his behavior could trigger her outbursts and that his excesses qualitatively exceeded hers.

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