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Of course, the state's activity has been vast and important.
On the other, weak housing investment and high interest rates are likely to have restrained consumer activity.
The epithelium of the mamma differs according to the state of activity of the organ.
Based on their answers, they were put into five groups of varying activity levels from inactive to highly active.
They also pointed out that it's unlikely heat from the active phones was to blame for the changes in brain activity.
For the new study, researchers created special mice whose telomerase activity could be switched on and off.
Mergers and acquisitions activity continues to languish this year as the fallout from the economic crisis lingers.
The basis of her firing has to be other than alleged criminal activity.
Since then, however, there has been little activity.
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Visual decoder allows researchers to translate brain wave activity into images.
So variations in solar activity can drive changes in the weather.
Researchers expose differences in brain activity between people who fib and those who don't.
Four bits of unrelated account activity took place last week.
Significant scholarly and/or related professional activity preferred.
Spending time or planning an activity with them are good ways to help them feel safe.
People who find reasons to occupy their time with activity may be happier.
There is always plenty of work to do at a fossil dig, but every now and then there's a lull in the activity.
After our bees swarmed a month ago, there has been less and less activity in the hive.
In other words, it's workout friendly, a must for a device that monitors all of your aerobic activity.
Brain activity in certain neural systems seemed to reveal a strong correlation with the amount of money at stake.
Sunspots are regions of intense magnetic activity on the sun's surface.
Finally, astrocytes are also the adult stem cell in the brain and control blood flow to regions of brain activity.
Remove the landscape flags after a long lapse in activity.
But all this activity could soon come to a grinding halt.
The activity settled into a pattern of flaring up every now and then before dying back down to a grumble.
You've been asked to increase civic activity in your community.
Answers about how the brain as a whole integrates activity among areas, however, have proved elusive.
The readings on the syllabus strike the students as an alien activity.
All the subjects showed activity in the region of the brain that processes vibrations.
Evidence of a circadian rhythm for muscle sympathetic nerve activity in humans.
Capital-markets activity tends to be closely linked with overall economic growth.
So they work slightly differently, but they are all boosting the brain or boosting activity in the brain at some level.
Evidence of scholarly activity and effective teaching at the college level required.
Research shows that spatial navigation causes telltale electrical activity in the brain.
They will concentrate on a few sites that can be studied intensively and which are affected by different types of activity.
The physiological origin of this rumbling involves muscular activity in the stomach and small intestines.
Children's activity and play corner, knowledgeable staff on both the natural history of the area and river ecology.
During the boom much of the construction activity was in flats.
The purposeful collective activity of ants and other social insects does, indeed, look intelligent on the surface.
Volcanic gases can do as much damage as any amount of human activity.
In fact, for those who could afford it, even acquiring a secret secondary was a complex underground activity.
All this frenetic activity has doubtless generated lots of income for middlemen in the financial sector.
Brain scans of a speaker and listener showed their neural activity synchronizing during storytelling.
Encouraging physical activity may be as simple as offering small rewards.
On this particular rainy fall afternoon, however, the auditorium is quiet-though not for lack of activity.
It might unlock the mental prisons of people apparently in comas, who nevertheless show some signs of neural activity.
But the real activity has been in the secondary market.
Guys can lower their brain activity in hunger regions on command.
The weight took its toll on his physical activity as well.
In that organ, such changes correspond to increases and decreases in mental activity.
Laughter and cheers cause a buzz of activity in brain regions that control facial movement.
My research has found that binge drinking is a highly social activity.
Once brawny muscles have been acquired, whether licitly or illicitly, other genes might then be used to tune their activity.
Measured brain function in brain scans showed more activity.
Implanted electrodes recorded activity in the motor cortex regions of the animals' brains while they performed the task.
Fatal attacks are not more likely among any age group or in response to any specific human activity.
That's when the committee took a look at their online activity.
During the second type, there was enhanced activity in the areas responsible for the release of endorphins, too.
So it is not so much a problem of evolution, but a human activity that causes the problem.
Agencies typically look for people with expertise in the field of activity that a given round of proposals will support.
They also found that the pattern of activity changed as they changed the pattern of features on a face.
The science is clear: the climate is changing thanks to human activity.
They may also alter gene activity through what are termed epigenetic changes.
One, taken from a relative of the cod called the ocean pout, promotes the activity of the gene that encodes growth hormone.
The drama activity is constant, but uneven and fitful in quality.
Rich with insight on the activity of effectual and intelligent reading.
The patient had to tell everything himself, and the activity of the physician consisted in constantly urging him to continue.
In each of the departments of his activity the king's work was of permanent value.
The faculty of imagination is the great spring of human activity, and the principal source of human improvement.
There has also been seismic activity in the area, and multiple earthquakes have been reported.
All candidates must show evidence of dynamic teaching as well as professional and scholarly activity.
Engage in professional service, scholarly activity, and pursue external funding.
The electrode on the needle picks up the electrical activity given off by your muscles.
Products of economic activity that you can't drop on your foot, ranging from hairdressing to websites.
They also showed activity in the hand area of the sensory cortex, the part of the brain that receives signals from the hand.
Instead, availability of land simply fed speculative activity, which has made the popping of the bubble much more painful.
Stimulating uneconomic activity is pointless, and costly.
Reaching a bottom does not mean a quick rebound in economic activity, however.
We're all attached to our hometowns and want them to succeed, but efforts to spread economic activity out artificially are costly.
It's weak despite the growth in consumption thanks to other major drags on activity.
In the first activity, students learn about the history and significance of kimonos through online or library research.
In modern times humans have used technology as a means of reducing the potential effect of physical systems on human activity.
The aim was to find a revealing brain activity that many people shared-a needle in a haystack of frenzied signals.
Children with autism often focus intently on a single activity or feature of their environment.
In addition, the pattern of energy distribution matched the distribution of auroral activity.
But normal activity resumed after the drug was reintroduced.
Twenty-three of those transmitters also had tilt and vibration sensors that measured activity.
The rumblings can be difficult to interpret, but an increase in activity often presages an eruption.
Stick around afterward to try it yourself in a hands-on activity.
There is evidence that anthocyanins also have anti-inflammatory activity, promote visual acuity, and hinder obesity and diabetes.
These meetings are held several times a day, covering all kinds of activity.
Television was a solitary activity that crowded out other forms of social connection.
Accompanying all this activity was the rhythmic swooshing of milk flowing through the overhead pipeline.
These philosophers thought of nature as a refuge from economic activity, not as a resource for it.
They are usually over whether a program or activity should be axed right away or put on probation for two or three years.
New refinancing activity and additional sales could help to strengthen the economic recovery.
It's true that consumer spending creates economic activity.
The question is whether the ability to perform the activity in public is integral to the activity itself.
Those all play a part in stifling economic activity.
Perhaps being drunk itself is really the dangerous activity.
Researchers are using activity-monitoring technology to figure out how to keep employees healthier.
So these are by no means unique signatures of extraterrestrial mining activity.
Despite reporters' reputation, drinking is not my typical lunchtime activity.
The position of the yellow ball on the screen is represented in electrical activity on the volunteer's tongue.
While sleeping, users wear a sensor-laden headband that measures electrical activity in the brain.
It's certainly true that electrical activity in the brain is synchronised over distances that cannot be easily explained.
People can actively suppress memories by dampening activity in specific parts of the brain, according to research published today.
During the night, the user wears a soft headband with an embedded sensor that detects the brain's electrical activity.
The programmable pacemakers deliver electricity to the brain via the electrodes, sparking activity in the brain.
But you'd never know it by looking at patent activity.
Another set of wires records activity in muscles that are under the patient's voluntary control.
He wanted to create a wearable alarm clock that would measure brain activity and wake the user in an optimal phase of light sleep.
Low activity, as recorded by the accelerometer, suggests the wearer is sleeping.
Describes how information about gang activity was gathered and organized by the team.
At the same time, cell phone and computer users are also expanding the depth and reach of their online activity.
Writer examines the outstanding characteristics of the thinking activity.
The suddenness of the insight is preceded by a burst of brain activity.
Medical studies suggest that writing by hand enhances neurological activity, and helps children develop fine motor skills.
His philanthropic activity also contradicts the stock image of the greedy robber baron.
She came out of her coma but severe brain damage left her unresponsive with no detectable brain activity.
The superheating would appear to be a natural phenomenon, perhaps also related to activity on the sun.
Solar activity can also affect the ionosphere, which could cause interference between satellites and the ground.
And the levels of activity in the brain are not uniform throughout the stages of sleep.
One study compared the brain activity of people looking at pictures of loved ones or at pictures of non-romantic friends.
Late-night sleep, when it happens, is practically a social activity.
It is likely that mental information is stored not in single cells but in populations of cells and patterns of their activity.
Minimally conscious and vegetative patients show different patterns of neural activity.
Her injured brain was functioning at such a low level that the normal rich glow of activity was barely a glimmer.
They are scanning the activity that music triggers in our neurons and observing how music alters our biochemistry.
They then set the mice free to walk around a small enclosure or run on a wheel, recording their brain activity all the while.
The exact levels of radiation vary depending on the severity of solar activity, which falls into a number of predictable cycles.
He and his team revived dogs that had been clinically dead for three hours-with no heartbeat, no breathing, and no brain activity.
It's already dying down, but you never know: there may be some activity tonight.
Bringing mental activity into the realm of language, making articulate the inarticulate, is part of the activity of introspection.
He needed physical activity as a relief from the intense effort that went into his writing, and he had always loved fishing.
Yet the changes in the human environment caused by changes in human activity have been enormous.
One answer has been to transfer the formal elements of variation and natural selection to other aspects of human activity.
The user would identify himself by name and address and describe the activity for which he seeks a peer.
There were the mindless and the meddlesome as well as those who turned to direct action or clandestine activity.
Such activity ascribes to art a lesser value than the propositions used to judge it.
The thrust of government activity, if it is to be anywhere, is in the nature of the research supported.
He encourages fitness, health, and rapid return to activity.
Killing animals for sport strikes me as a despicable activity and killing animals for sport on camera doubly so.
The exhibitions will cover a wide range of modern activity.
The city's gas mains and bullet trains are neatly programmed to cut off at the first whisper of seismic activity.
The amount of energy used by the body per minute of activity.
Please use this website to report suspected terrorism or criminal activity.
Learn about the health benefits of physical activity.
Regular physical activity, fitness, and exercise are critically important for the health and well being of people of all ages.
Please enter the range of weather parameters required for your activity.
Activity updates are written at the beginning of each month and cover the past month.
Community-based approaches to promoting physical activity.
Regular physical activity can produce long term health benefits.
Physical activity simply means movement of the body that uses energy.
Regular physical activity in children and adolescents promotes health and fitness.
Inspectors visited the store after receiving general complaints about garbage and rodent activity from customers.
Thirty minutes of moderate activity a day won't cut it if you're trying to lose weight, a new study says.
Physical activity can be something as simple as walking to the bus stop.
By contrast, boys in the same situation show no such increase in activity in these areas.

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