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Crucially, vaccinia has ways of stopping this: by producing proteins that interfere with this activation system.
But everything that takes place after the click is a chore, and requires activation energy.
He would ask questions that delayed the activation of units, because he didn't think the planned flow was right.
In explanation, the researchers note that task switching seems to take place in two stages: goal shifting and rule activation.
Natural pain moderation depends on the activation of a brain cell surface protein called the mu-opioid receptor.
Furthermore, this neural response was graded, so that happy faces led to more activation than neutral faces.
Ultimately, the nerve ending stimulation leads to activation of a reflex inside the brain.
All three groups showed the same reduced activation of the left temporal lobe while reading.
Following activation, all available satellites are tasked to acquire data over the requested area.
Having lost my remote control countless times, the voice activation feature seems pretty handy.
Frontoparietal activation has also been found in studies of subliminal stimulus processing.
As an end result, complement activation can punch holes in the membranes of bacteria or cells that are coated with antibodies.
They created a catalytic surface to lower activation energy for a chemical reaction.
Following its activation by light, an opsin molecule releases its transformed retinal molecule.
Maybe there is a relation between the activation of the chakras at early age and exposure to daylight.
The activation of the memory gene, then, seemed to be what made the learning possible.
Does not include taxes, activation charges or overage fees.
The central thalamus may act as a gatekeeper, and the added stimulation kicks up the level of activation.
Even more intriguing is that the activation of these pathways appears to be regulated by the animal's sense of smell.
You'll find the pattern of activation in the pair differing considerably, despite the similarity of their solutions.
As a result, scientists might see activation where there was only a subdued circuit of cells.
And abnormal activation of telomerase in cancer cells allows them to proliferate uncontrollably.
Next they painstakingly deconstructed the data so that they had a specific activation pattern for each second of footage.
The tortured molecule is stabilized by symmetry, by there being no low activation energy path to decomposition.
Novices performing the tasks requiring such skills showed clear right-hemisphere activation.
The contraction of these muscles is dependent on the activation of the inner nerves known as the autonomic nerve supply.
There are more likely to be fees for activation, maintenance, or transactions on bank gift cards than on retail gift cards.
Activation checks are normally issued for a small amount of money, and cashing them obligates the recipient to something.
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