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One cannot simply pour a few cells into a huge vat and wait for them to multiply.
Finally, when the printed cloth is dried, it is dipped in the indigo vat.
If there are spills on the floor they are scooped up and put back into the vat.
Then the pieces were dipped into a vat of ceramic slurry-a suspension of silica flour and liquefied plastic.
The scene opens in an island-based refinery with three humans in what appear to be hazard suits inspecting a vat of acid.
There is a fierce rivalry here over who exactly dropped the first burrito into a vat of hot oil and thus invented the chimichanga.
Spread the salt in the base of a vat or jar, then place a ham with the skin facing downwards.
The size of the fabric sheet is limited by the size of the vat in which it's fermented.
All that's left is a dirt floor with a large concrete vat sunk into the ground.
Outside, a large earthen vat is stationed beneath old playground equipment.
His other hand gripped the vat of scalding tea tied to his belt.
His other hand gripped a vat of scalding tea tied to his belt.
It's vat-cultured and has a super creamy texture and an amazing richness.
In comparison, a more conventional biotech system using vat-grown mammalian cells can run hundreds of millions in capital costs.
The final products are excreted by the bacteria and then float to the top of the fermentation vat before being siphoned off.
In the case of vat grown meat, tech allows us to have our happy cows and eat them too, making our being moral all the easier.
No one can create in a vat all of the chain of events that took place to create life from the beginning.
Even falling into the vat of boiling water that was reserved for a pig was an event he considers a crucial learning experience.
The players wouldn't sink into a jiggling vat of goo.
Caramel bodies spill over stumpy pecan legs, their chocolate shells delicate, still shiny from the vat.

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