Mandarin in a sentence

Example sentences for Mandarin

His characteristically coded speech had all the marks of the consummate mandarin.
The styling of this jacket's body is trim and elegant, featuring princess seams as well as a mandarin collar.
Phyllis had carried mandarin oranges as a treat to help the team's morale during the challenging parts of the climb.
The sweet mandarin and peach flavors of the wine echo the sweetness of the coconut milk in the sauce.
The ambrosia salad, replete with marshmallows and mandarin oranges, was surprisingly delicate.
So people learned mandarin as well as one or more regional languages.
Rather, grammar comes increasingly to be regarded as a mandarin code that requires only ritual justification.
Protein-packed salad made with dark leafy green lettuce, tuna, mandarin oranges and other favorite vegetables.

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I shall christen this style the Mandarin, since it is beloved by literary pundits, by those who would make ... more
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