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The developing world refers to countries with a low standard of living.
The dimly lit room has low ceilings and poor ventilation.
The battery drives the car at low speeds for short distances and boosts acceleration, lowering demand on the engine.
Today, the mossy rain-fed ground cover glows chartreuse in the low light.
Lose the box spring and get a frame that is simple and low to the ground.
Manatees can't hear the low sounds of boat engines, which is why the animals are frequently injured, a researcher says.
More than an hour after sunset a veil of glowing clouds appears low in the northern sky.
All three main ingredients are low in fat and high in fiber.
If low scores predict failure that is prediction of success.
High unemployment has contributed to low sales-tax receipts, which make up almost two-thirds of tax revenue.
They thought that a low hum might straighten out those bent cochlear hairs.
Low on food and tired of the quixotic rule of the autocratic master of the ship, they rebelled.
The wages are that low because the illegals are there to accept them.
To keep project costs down, the bank must offer low rates, which depend in turn upon low capital costs.
But some experts argue that single-option penalties could reduce already low reporting levels of the incidents.
In other words, the fact that rates are low does not necessarily indicate that all is well.
Online education is characterized by extremely low fixed costs and low marginal costs.
The view that aggression stems from low self-esteem has long been common knowledge.
There is only what seems to me a rather low protective barrier given the precipitous drop into the deep valleys below.
No longer are low light and fast-paced conditions a photog's nightmare.
Too low a temperature and we're far more susceptible to fungal infections.
Tibetans compensate for low oxygen content much differently.
Three of the nation's biggest low-cost carriers rolled out broad fare sales today for fall travel.
They think the fuel tank is blocking the low gain antenna.
Their hours are long, their wages low, and many have debts from their schooling amounting to tens of thousands of dollars.
When things heat up outside, cool things off in the kitchen with a chilled, low-fat soup full of fresh summer ingredients.
Purple-flowered perennial is great in low-water landscapes.
Instead of low-growing, dark-leaved annuals for pots.
There is talk of extending that to ten other low-wage industries, including landscaping and meat-processing.
She was not caught and, encouraged, she proceeded to add one low common habit to another until she was leading a double life.
At weddings people do speak to friends sitting near them, but in a low tone of voice.
Balancing budgets by decreasing support for low-income students puts selective colleges at risk.
Quickly approaching action on budget proposals in the nation's capital means this is a critical time for low-income students.
The situation is especially acute among minorities and low-income students.
But that's not the way it happens for low-income students-if it happens at all.
On top of that engineers suffer from low self-esteem.
Although inflation is always tempting, low inflation here and now is often good politics.
Her logic was that with student loan rates so low, it's wiser to put your spare money elsewhere.
These and many smaller cities now have what is referred to in the real-estate business as a low occupancy rate.
How a low-cost, lightweight pump is changing the economy of a nation.
Sample pictures showing the effects of white pixels on a low-light photo.
It doesn't preach or demean, and it never goes for the low-hanging fruit.
It's got two hub-mounted motors, and it's as slow as it is low.
Installing low-flow faucets saves water every time you wash your hands, clean dishes or brush your teeth.
Low-sloped roofs are normally found on commercial buildings, industrial buildings and multifamily homes.
Though daylight lingers longer this time of year, winter's grip remains strong, and many critters' food stores are running low.
Some, but not all, recycling programs accept low-density polyethylene.
Gasoline engines can use low-level ethanol blends, and modified engines can use higher-level blends.
From deep in the rain forest comes a low, booming sound.
Showy phlox is a low, half-sprawling phlox, tending to become shrubby toward its base.
Clay and colleagues will expand on the study by placing nets over some trees in areas of high and low cicada densities.
Dead zones are low-oxygen, or hypoxic, areas in the world's oceans and lakes.
During races, support vehicles follow the solar-powered cars to ensure other drivers spot the low-slung vehicles.
To study elephant infrasound, researchers use special equipment that can record low-pitch sound waves.
The new system converts alternating current to low-voltage direct current at a central location, rather than at each light.
The photonic crystal reflects light, while the grating sends this light back into the silicon at a low angle.
Doctors use surprisingly low tech ways to keep track of patient information-sometimes with fatal results.
But these inorganic materials are costly and difficult to make, and have low efficiencies.
And the photonic crystal diffracts the light so that it reenters the silicon at a low angle.
But while the yield of hydrogen is high, so far the rates at which the gas is produced are extremely low.
Then diesel fuel from another tank is injected directly into the chamber using a low-pressure fuel injector.
Storks time their nesting, when they need lots of food, to low-water periods that concentrate fish in pools.
Which didn't appear to have much to do with low, low prices.
They deprive low income families of the cheapest affordable omega threes available through media scare.
The wet sediments collect in low-lying areas and are rapidly buried by more and more debris eroding down from the mountains.
It's a simple low-tech invention that performs a vital medical function.
Strange things can happen when the brain runs low on sugar.
Using laser technology, scientists build a low-cost solar concentrator.
High-fat, low-carb diets are all the rage right now.
Most have serious flaws, such as low yield or susceptibility to diseases, that make them unsuitable for widespread use.
When a well-meaning doctor slaps oxygen on a patient with low blood oxygen, the hypoxia goes away.
The trick depends on creating a standing wave with regions of low and high pressure.
The masking is how so many extremely lethal alleles can persist at low frequencies.
The air that is bent downward pulls on the air above it, distending it and creating a low-pressure zone.
At the solstice, it's merely the sun's low position that makes for our shortest day.
But giraffes feed mostly with their necks bent, along low bushes.
The ants put gaster to ridges for a long low-frequency signal, then set upon their prey.
They're extremely low in calories, with almost no fat, she enthuses.
The probability that either will make it to a professional league seems low, a reality acknowledged by one of them.
Because of low effective population selection is swamped.
Another week without rain, more pictures of reservoirs at low tide.
In polls, voters regularly cite high prices as one of their biggest concerns, even when inflation is low.
For one, it's expensive, somewhere in the low nine figures.
In effect, the current system pushes many big investors to buy high and sell low.
At the same time, ticket prices have stayed low, generally running from thirty-five to fifty-five dollars.
Melodrama, bawdy humor, and disorienting collisions of high and low permeated the form.
Downstairs is a lounge with low couches, low lighting, and a dj who keeps music pounding throughout the restaurant.
He speaks as if trying to be overheard rather than heard, his low modulations carrying a concise noun-verb punch.
The bang for the buck-the amount of stimulus per dollar of deficit-was astonishingly low.
But that would have been a low-percentage move, and it wasn't what the situation called for.
Arrange them cut sides down in a stainless-steel roasting pan or on a low-sided baking sheet.
It made clear that it could provide low-cost loans to anybody.
It involves keeping unemployment rates at a historic low, over a long period.
In a depression, investment is low because the prospects for profit are weak and uncertain.
Low- income families do not contribute much to the public treasury, but they have pretty much the same needs as everyone else.
Overproduction leads to surplus, which leads to low prices.
Begins with low clouds, and it seems the clouds stretch off to forever.
Tougher cuts stand up well to the low-heat method, as the extended time they require in the oven further tenderizes the meat.
While syrup boils, beat whites in standing mixer on low speed until stiff peaks form.
The afternoon light is slanted and weak, filtered through low clouds.
Bring to a boil, partially covered, then reduce heat to low and cover completely.
Add food coloring and mix at low speed until evenly colored.
Reduce speed to low and add hot milk mixture in a stream, mixing until combined.
Add vanilla, lemon juice, and salt and mix at low speed until combined.
Heat cream mixture over low heat until hot, then transfer to a bowl set in an ice bath.
Heat vinegar with sugar in a small saucepan over medium-low heat, stirring, until sugar has dissolved.
Melt butter in a small saucepan over moderately low heat, then remove from heat.
Return to medium-low heat and bring to a gentle simmer, whisking.
With mixer at low speed, pour hot syrup into gelatin mixture in a slow stream down side of bowl.
At low speed, mix in flour mixture until well blended.
Heat a dry well-seasoned cast-iron comal, regular griddle, or skillet over moderately low heat until hot.
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