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As a matter of fact, the Hearst empire itself was long past the halcyon days of the 1920s.
He ascended to stardom in the 1940's, at the start of ventriloquism's halcyon days.
Despite the years since their halcyon youth, they made brave efforts to dance.
Those were the halcyon years, when I could match a company's quid with our quo.
The new aircraft ordered in the halcyon days of an upswing will arrive—and have to be paid for—in the depths of a cyclical slump.
We are a much wealthier nation now than in even the halcyon year of 1960.
The halcyon days of terrestrial radio are over.
The halcyon era ended abruptly one night last week after a Hanukkah party, as my husband washed dishes.
It first dates back to the halcyon days of ancient Greece and even beyond, and there have been many forms of democracy since then.
The halcyon days for unions took place almost entirely in markets protected by regulation and trade barriers.
Forget the pepper spray, bring back the halcyon days of choke holds, police dogs and wooden batons.
The family's ugly, dysfunctional history pours out in the process, in sharp contrast with the halcyon setting.
Let's go back to the halcyon days of our own bubble.
There will be no return to the halcyon days when dons were given taxpayers' money and left to get on with it.
The new aircraft ordered in the halcyon days of an upswing will arrive-and have to be paid for-in the depths of a cyclical slump.
The last halcyon days they will spend, until they retire.
And others bade the halcyon sing her softest lullaby.
The halcyon visit sparked a deep friendship and a lifelong exchange of highly entertaining correspondence.
It was subsequently explained that summertime also offered a certain variety of halcyon pleasure.
Gone were the halcyon days of loose talk about the mighty upsurge in the output of consumer goods.
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