Jean Zuléma Amussat

Jean Zuléma Amussat (November 21, 1796May 13, 1856) was a French surgeon.

Amussat was born in Saint-Maixent, Deux-Sèvres. He became a renowned physician whose primary contributions were in the field of genitourinary surgery. Most of his work was through a private practice he held in Paris. He is remembered for the eponymous Amussat's method or "torsion of the arteries", which is a procedure used to arrest arterial hemorrhaging. He was also an early practitioner of lithotripsy, which was a "minimally invasive" surgery to crush stones inside the bladder via the urethra. This operation necessitated use of an instrument called the lithotrite, which had been recently invented by Jean Civiale (1792-1867).

Amussat has several eponyms related to him:

Partial Bibliography

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