Uhha-Ziti was the last independent king of Arzawa, a Bronze Age kingdom of western Anatolia.

Uhha-Ziti had two recorded children, Piyama-Kurunta and Tapalazunauli, who were of fighting age as of 1322 BC.

The Hittite king Mursili II in his second campaign season, 1322 BC, attacked Attarimma, Hu[wa]rsanassa, and Suruda on Arzawa's border. Their leaders fled to Arzawa. When the king demanded their extradition, Uhha-Ziti defied him and called him a "child". He also managed to enlist Manapa-Tarhunta of the Seha River Land, but not Maskhuiluwa of Mira.

Mursili put down a Kaska rebellion, and invaded Arzawa. Uhha-Ziti at this time had made his base at Apasa. During Mursili's march, a meteor struck Apasa and wounded Uhha-Ziti. Uhha-Ziti allied with the King of Ahhiuwa—the first time the "Ahhiya" are recorded with a monarch—and ordered Piyama-Kurunta to take the field at Walma by the Astarpa river. Piyama-Kurunta lost the battle, and he and his sons fled to the islands.

Uhha-Ziti died while Mursili was besieging the men of Attarimma, Hu[wa]rsanassa, and Suruda at Puranda.

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