zipped file

List of file formats (alphabetical)

This is an alphabetical list of filename extensions.


Ext. Description Used by
### Temporary file program-dependent format
#24 Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer LogoScript
#IB Printer data file LogoScript
#nn Part of file image Long
#SC Printer data file LogoScript
#ST Standard mode printer definitions LogoScript
$$$ OS/2 archive file (i.e archives.$$$, keys.$$$) OS/2
$$$ Temporary file
$? ZX Spectrum file in HOBETA format
$00 Pipe file DOS
$DB Temporary file dBASE IV
$ED Editor temporary file MS C
$O1 Pipe file DOS
$VM Virtual manager temporary file Windows 3.x
)2( LHA archiver temporary file LHA
??$ Backup file P-CAD
??_ Microsoft packed file Expand
?DK Disk image Loaddskf.exe
?UT Nonpacked FTN mail (? - flavor) FTN software
!ut Unfinished µTorrent download µTorrent
___ Adinf table Adinf
EX_ Compressed executable file Note: EX could be any first two characters in a file extension (eg BM_ for compressed bitmap (BMP), DL_ for compressed library, etc.) Files compressed using this method have been in use on Microsoft software CDs and floppies since around 1995.
?Q? Squeeze for CP/M and MS-DOS
~$~ Temporary file 1st Reader
~?? Old Backup files (.MNU to .~MN) Resource Workshop - Borland Delphi
~H Cardfile heap AZZ Cardfile
μ Metrowerks Codewarrior project
Π THINK C project


Ext. Description Used by
0 Compressed harddisk data DoubleSpace
0B Printer font with lineDraw extended character set PageMaker
001, 002, ... Split parts of a single whole file HJSplit
1 Fax
1 Fax many
1 Roff/nroff/troff/groff source for manual page
123 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 version 9 - Lotus 1-2-3 version 97
15U Printer font with PI font set PageMaker
1ST Usually README.1ST text file
2GR 286 Grabber File Win
301 Fax Super FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96
386 Intel 80386 processor driver Windows 3.x
386 Windows virtual device driver Win
3DMF QuickDraw 3D Metafile QuickDraw
3DS 3D Studio Graphics format 3D Studio
3DT Database in which the meta-data of a 3D Topicscape is held 3D Topicscape
3FX Effect CorelChart
3GR 386 Grabber File Win
3GP Mobile Phone Video
3T4 Binary file converter to ASCII Util3
4C$ Datafile 4Cast/2
4MD Musical file
4SW 4DOS Swap File 4DOS
4TH FORTH source code file ForthCMP - LMI Forth
555 16 bit per pixel image file format (5bit per component)
668 Music (the mixing is always at 12048 Hz)
669 Music (8 channels) The 669 Composer
6CM Music (6 Channel Module) Triton FastTracker
75 75x75 dpi display font Ventura Publisher
7z 7-Zipped file
8 A86 assembler source code file
85 85x85 dpi display font Ventura Publisher
8BF Adobe Photoshop compatibile filters/plugins
8CM Music (8 Channel Module) Triton FastTracker
8M Printer font with Math 8 extended character set PageMaker
8U Printer font with Roman 8 extended character set PageMaker
8xp Executable program for TI-83/84 Plus Graphics Calculator TI Connect
91 91x91 dpi display font Ventura Publisher
96 96x96 dpi display font Ventura Publisher


Ext. Description Used by
A ADA source code file
A Library unix
A## AlZip Compressed Files' pieces
A11 Graphics AIIM image file
AAF AutoPatcher file
AAS Animation Play Script AAPlay
AB6 Datafile ABStat
AB8 Datafile ABStat
ABC Document ABC FlowCharter 1.0
AB! DNA Baser chromatogram file DNA Baser
AB DNA Baser chromatogram file DNA Baser
AB1 DNA Baser chromatogram file DNA Baser
ABP Data ABComp compressed
ABP AVS Barcode Profile AVS Barcode Source
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font Adobe Software
ABK Automatic backup file CorelDRAW
ABM Image PALS album file
ABM Album file (various programs)
ABR Adobe Brush file for PhotoShop PhotoShop
ABS Abstracts (info file)
ABS Data file Abscissa
ACA Project Project Manager Workbench
ACB Archive ACB
ACC Program (DR-DOS - ViewMax) GEM / resident
ACCDA Data MS Access Database Wizard (Open XML)
ACCDB Data MS Access Database (Open XML)
ACCDE Data MS Access Database Wizard (Open XML)
ACCDT Data MS Access Database Template (Open XML)
ACCDU Data MS Access Database Wizard (Open XML)
ACE Archive ACE
ACF Adobe Custom Filter for PhotoShop PhotoShop
ACM Audio Compression Module add-on Win
ACMB Graphics file
ACO Adobe Color Palette
ACT ACTOR source code file ACTOR
ACT Animations Works Actor (Graphics cell) Animation Works
ACT FoxDoc Action Diagrams FoxPro
ACT Presentation Action!
AD AfterDark screensaver module AfterDark
AD2 ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice file ZFAX
AD3 ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice file ZFAX
ADA Ada source code file
ADB Ada Package Body
ADC Bitmap graphics (16 colors) Scanstudio
ADC Dictionary Lingvo
ADD OS/2 adapter device driver
ADF Amiga Disk File unADF, UAE, WinUAE etc...
ADG Data ADG 3D Scene
ADI Graphics file AutoCAD
ADICHT LabChart data acquisition file ADInstruments
ADL MCA adapter description library QEMM
ADM After Dark support file AfterDark
ADN Add-in Lotus 1-2-3
ADR After Dark support file AfterDark
ADS Ada Package Specification
ADT Datafile for cardfile application HP NewWave
ADT Dictionary Lingvo
ADT Fax AdTech
ADV GUS device driver
ADX Document Archetype Designer
ADZ Amiga Disk Zipped (See Amiga Disk File) GZip
AEP After Effects Project File Adobe After Effects
AF2 Flowchart ABC FlowCharter 2.0
AF3 Flowchart ABC FlowCharter 3.0
AFI Truevision bitmap graphics
AFL Font file (for Always) Lotus 1-2-3
AFM Datafile for cardfile application HP NewWave
AFM Type 1 font metric ASCII data for font installer ATM - many
AFP Shape palette ABC FlowCharter
AFT Template ABC FlowCharter 3.0
AFW Workplace ABC FlowCharter 3.0
AGR ArcView ASCII grid
AI Vector graphics file Adobe Illustrator
AIFC Sound
AIFF Audio Interchange Format File (AIFF) Convert (c) Villena
AiM Asm Text Mode Image File The Ultimate Draw
AIN Archive AIN
AIN Job schedule AutoIntern
AIO APL programming language file transfer format file
AIS Array of Intensity Samples graphics file Xerox
AIX Datafile for cardfile application HP NewWave
ALC Molecular coordinates Alchemy, RasMol
ALG Activity Log ARCSOLO
ALL ----- (Arts & Letters) symbol and font files Arts & Letters
ALL Filelist w/ all files FRQView
ALL Format file for working pages Always
ALL General printer information WordPerfect for Win
ALO Almanac support file
ALT Menu file WordPerfect Library
ALZ AlZip Compressed Files
AMF Music (Advanced Module Format) DMP
AMG Archive AMGC
AMG System image file ACTOR
AML AutomationML AutomationML Group
AMR Audio format for mobile phones (Nokia, SonyEricsson)
AMS Adobe Monitor Setup calibration file PhotoShop
AMS Music format
ANI Animation cursors for Win Win95 - WinNT
ANI Animation IconAuthor
ANM Animation Deluxe Paint Animator
ANN Help Annotations Windows 3.x
Ann Multi volume ARJ archive ARJ
ANS ANSI character graphics (animation) file ANSView
ANS ASCII text ANSI character set NewWave Write
AOL America On-line for Windows DLL Win
AOS Add-On Software Nokia 9000
AP Archive WHAP
AP Datafile Datalex EntryPoint 90
APC Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3
APD Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3
APE Monkey's Audio (Lossless) audio media players
APF Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3
API Adobe Printer Ink file for PhotoShop PhotoShop
API Passed parameter file 1st Reader
API Printer driver Lotus 1-2-3
APL APL work space format file
APL Support module used by Manugraphics APL products
APM Authorware Macintosh Authorware
APP Add-in application file Symphony
APP Application object file dBASE Application Generator
APP Application FoxPro
APP Application and Application Bundle Mac OS X
APP Executable workflow / macro file Automator
APP Executable application file DR-DOS - NeXTstep - Atari
APP Generated application FoxPro
APR Employee performance review Employee Appraiser
APW Authorware Windows Authorware
APX Appexpert database file Borland C++ 4.5
AR7 Archive AR7
ARD Map Holux - Alan
ARF Automatic Response File
ARH Archivers definitions file DN
ARI Archive ARI
ARJ Archive ARJ - ARJZ
ARK ARC archive CP/M port of ARC file archiver
ARK Managing your Money Archive File
ARR Arrangement Atari Cubase
ART First Publisher graphic file First Publisher
ART Graphics (scrapbook) Art Import
ART Graphics format (Another Ray Tracer) PFS:1st publisher - Art Import
ARX Archive ARX
ASC ASCII text file
ASC Transport armor file PGP
ASD Autosave file MS Word
ASD Presentation Astound
ASD Screen driver Lotus 1-2-3
ASE Velvet Studio Sample AWAVE
ASF Screen font Lotus 1-2-3
ASF Advanced Streaming Format (Compressed Windows audio/video) Microsoft Corporation
ASK SYSGEN answer file RT-11
ASH Assembly language header file TASM 3.0
ASI ASIC language source ASIC
ASI Assembler include file Turbo C - Borland C++
ASM Assembler language source TASM, MASM, NASM, Yasm, FASM
ASMX ASP.NET Web Service Microsoft Corporation
ASO Assembler object (object-oriented) file Turbo Assembler
ASP ASPECT source code file Procomm Plus
ASP Association of Shareware Professionals OMBUDSMN.ASP notice
ASP Active Server Pages of Microsoft.Net Microsoft Corporation
ASPX ActiveX Server Pages of Microsoft.Net Microsoft Corporation
ASS Amalgam Scene Specification Halo 2 Map Editor
ASS Advanced SubStation Alpha (Subtitles)
AST Adobe Color Separtion table for PhotoShop PhotoShop
ASW Authorware Star Authorware
ASX Advanced Stream Redirector file, redirects to an ASF file (see ASF) Microsoft Corporation
ASZ Skin AltDesk
AT2 Auto template Aldus Persuasion 2.0
AT3 Atrac 3 Sound/music file All Sony devices and programs with the Atrac 3+ specification
ATM Adobe Type Manager data/info
ATN Adobe Photoshop action Adobe Photoshop
ATY Produced when an association type is exported by 3D Topicscape 3D Topicscape
AU Sun/NeXT/DEC Audio file AWAVE, GoldWave
AU Sound (audio) file SUN Microsystems - Convert (c) Villena
AUD Audio file AudioRack
AUP Audacity project file Audacity
AUX Auxiliary dictionary ChiWriter
AUX Auxiliary references TeX/LaTeX
AVA Publication Avagio
AVB AntiViral Toolkit Pro Bases
AVI Audio Video Interleaved animation file Video for Windows
AVR Audio Visual Research AWAVE
AVS Application Visualization System
AVT AVATAR-coding files A3E
AW Text file HP AdvanceWrite
AWA Animations Works Accelerated Movie Animation Works
AWD Microsoft Fax At Work Document MS Fax At Work
AWK AWK script/program
AWM Animations Works Movie (as .AVI) Animation Works
Ax Directshow filter file format
AXF ARM Executable Image generated by the ARM tools.
AXM Axmedis object Axmedis Tools
AZD Amazon Software Download Amazon Software Download
AZW DRM enabled eBook Amazon Kindle
AZZ Data file AZZ Cardfile


Ext. Description Used by
B&W Black and white graphics file atari - mac
B&W Mono binary screen image 1st Reader
B Batch list APPLAUSE
B_W Black and white graphics file atari - mac
B1N Both mono and color binary screen image 1st Reader
B30 Printer font (JLaser - Cordata) Ventura Publisher
B8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane two PicLab
BA Binary Archive Scifer Archiver and Compression [External Header Mode ]
BAC Compiled BASIC RT-11 BASIC-11
BAD Bad file Oracle - many
BAD File which covers bad blocks on disk volume (not to be moved) RT-11
BAK Backup file
BAL Music score Ballade
BALANCE Balance accounting sheet file Balance
BAR Horizontal bar menu object file dBASE Application Generator
BAS BASIC language source QuickBASIC - GW-BASIC - FreeBASIC
BAT Batch file MS-DOS, RT-11
BB Database backup Papyrus
BBL Bibliographic reference file TeX/BibTeX
BBM Brush Deluxe Paint
BBP Playlist BassBox
BBS Bulletin Board System announce or text info file
BBS Hudson-style messagebase FTN software
BC! Unfinished download Unfinished BitComet download (a BitTorrent client)
BCF Card data Bingo Card Creator
BCH Batch process object file dBASE Application Generator
BCH Datafile Datalex EntryPoint 90
BCO Outline font description Bitstream
BCP Borland C++ makefile
BCT Backup dictionary Clarion
BCW Environment settings Borland C++ 4.5
BDC Dictionary Lingvo
BDEF Builder Definition Websphere Portlet Factory
BDF Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format Adobe Software
BDF Binary update file BUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.
BDF Bitmap Distribution Format font file X11
BDF Datafile Egret
BDM Videoclip AVCHD
BDR Border MS Publisher
BDT Dictionary Lingvo
BEZ Outline font description Bitstream
BF2 Bradford 2 font
BFC Briefcase Win95 Win95
BFM Font metrics unix/Frame
BFX Fax BitFax
BGA Bitmap graphics
BGI Borland Graphics Interface device driver Turbo C - Turbo Pascal
BI BASIC include file Visual Basic - FreeBASIC
BIB Bibliography (ASCII)
BIB Database - not compatible with TeX format Papyrus
BIB Literature database TeX/BibTeX
BIF Binary Image Format b&w graphics file Image Capture board
BIK Bink video file (RAD Video)
BIN Binary file, usually zero-start (.com analog)
BIN SGI Powerflip
BIN Text mode memory dump The Draw - TUD - ACiDDraw - etc
BIO BioniX Wallpaper playlist file BioniX Wallpaper
BIT Bitmap X11
BK! Document backup WordPerfect for Win
BK Faxbook JetFax
BK? Backup file
BKn Timed backup file for document window n WordPerfect for Win
BKP Backup file Write - TurboVidion DialogDesigner
BKW Mirror image of font set FontEdit
BLD BLoaDable picture BASIC
BLD SYSGEN Build procedure file RT-11
BLEND Blender3D Project File Blender
BLK Temporary file WordPerfect for Win
BM BitMap graphics file
BM3 UIQ3 Phone backup
BMK Help Bookmarks Windows 3.x
BMP OS/2 or Win graphics format (BitMap Picture) QPeg - CorelDraw - PC Paintbrush - many
BMT Ami Pro Button Ami Pro
BNA Data Atlas Boundary
BNK Adlib instrument bank file
BNR Graphics Banner Banner - Poster
BOK Shamela Library book Shamela Library Program
BOO Book-format READIBM
BOO Compressed file ASCII archive created by BOO (msbooasm.arc) msbooasm.arc
BPC Chart Business Plan Toolkit
BPOLY Data Prisms binary 3D object
BPP Backup application Clarion
BPT Bitmap fills file CorelDRAW
BR Script Bridge
BRD Eagle Layout File
BRD Tanzzle board file Tanzzle
BRD Cadence Allegro board file Cadence
BRK Fax Brooktrout Fax-Mail
BRK The Brake! Mailer REXX script The Brake!
BRL CAD Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD
BS2 Archive BS2.EXE
BSA Archive BSArc
BSC Compressed Apple II file archive created by BINSCII BINSCII
BSC Database Source Browser
BSC Pwbrmake object file MS Fortran
BSP Half-LifeHalf-Life 2 map files Valve Corporation
BSS Casio Phone base PC-LINK
BST BiblioTex file (BiblioTex=bibliography file) TeX
BSY Busy flag FTN soft
BTM Batch-to-memory (quick batch) 4dos -ndos
BTN Makeover Button file
BUFR Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data
BUG Bugs and Problems
BUN LucasArts Bundle File
BUP Backup file
BUT Button definitions Buttons!
BUY Datafile format movie
BVn Overflow file below insert point in Doc n WordPerfect for Win
BWB Spreadsheet application Visual Baler
BWR Beware (buglist) Kermit
BZ2 Archive bzip2
BZM Map Blitzkrieg


Ext. Description Used by
C-- C-- language source Sphinx C--
C C language source Watcom C/C++
C Unix file archive COMPACT
C++ C++ language source
C00 Print file Ventura Publisher
C01 Typhoon wave files AWAVE
C86 C source code file Computer Innovation C86
CA Initial cache data for root domain servers Telnet
CA? Borland packed and split file Borland Installer
CAB Win 95 packed file Win 95
CAC dBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see cachedb.bat)
CAD Drawing BobCAD-CAM
CAD Document Drafix Windows CAD
CAL Calendar file Windows 3.x
CAL Spreadsheet format SuperCalc
CALS Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics
CALS Support Raster Format
CAM Casio Camera
CAN Fax Navigator Fax
CAP Caption Ventura Publisher
CAP Capture file ProComm - Telix
CAS C + ASM language source Turbo C
CAT Catalog CP Backup - dBASE IV
CAT Device driver digital signature Microsoft Windows
CAT Stellarium Star Catalogue Stellarium
CATS Combined source ATS
CBA Source code Creative BASIC
CBC Fuzzy logic system CubiCalc
CBL COBOL source code file
CBM Compiled bitmap graphics XLib
CBR Comic Book Reader (RAR file) CDisplay and similar
CBS MasterWord button bar configuration file
CBT Computer Based Training many
CBZ Comic Book Reader (ZIP file) CDisplay and similar
CC C++ source code file
CC CC language source CC
CCC Bitmap graphics (native format) Curtain Call
CCF Communications configuration file Symphony
CCH Chart CorelChart
CCITT CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding
CCL Communication Command Language file Intalk
CCO BTX Graphics file XBTX
CCT Print Template BobCAD-CAM
CD CD description DN
CDA CD-Audio Win95
CDB Card database CardScan
CDB Main database TCU Turbo C Utilities
CDF Common Data Format
CDF Cyberspace Description Format
CDF Graphics netcdf
CDK Document Atari Calamus
CDM Disk Drivers NPA Novell NetWare
CDM Music format (compressed)
CDR Vector graphics format (drawing) CorelDraw!
CDT Corel Draw Template File CorelDraw!
CDX Compaund index file Visual FoxPro
CE Computer Eyes Conversion Artist
CE Main.ce The FarSide Computer Calendar
CEB Cont. Edge Bitmap Conversion Artist
CEF CA-Clipper Workbench Application CA Clipper
CEF Export File
CEF Compact Embedded Font Adobe Illustrator
CEG Bitmap graphics Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics
CEL Animation CEL 3D Studio
CEL Graphics Autodesk Animator - Lumena
CF Configuration file imake
CFG Configuration file
CFL Chart CorelFLOW
CFN Font data Atari Calamus
CFO C Form Object internal format object file TCU Turbo C Utilities
CFP Fax The Complete Fax Portable
CFT CFast graphics file Disney Animation Studio
CGA CGA display font Ventura Publisher
CGI Common Gateway Interface script
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile vector graphics A&L - HG - many
CH Clipper language header CA Clipper
CH3 Chart Harvard Graphics 3.0
CH4 Presentation Charisma 4.0
CHD Font descriptor FontChameleon
CHI ChiWriter Document ChiWriter - Chiview
CHK Recovered data DOS CHKDSK
CHK Temporary file WordPerfect for Win
CHL Configuration History Log
CHM Compiled Help File Microsoft Windows, Help Explorer Viewer
CHN Data Ethnograph 3
CHP Chapter file Ventura Publisher
CHR Character set Turbo C - Turbo Pascal
CHT Chart Harvard Graphics 2.0 - SoftCraft Presenter
CHT CHeaT in any program/game many
CHT Interface file for ChartMaster dBASE
CIF Caltech Intermediate Format graphics file
CIF Chapter information Ventura Publisher
CIF Crystallographic Information File RasMol, Jmol
CiM C Text Mode Image File The Ultimate Draw
CIX Database index TCU Turbo C Utilities
CKB Borland C++ 4.x editor keystroke mapping BCW.EXE
CL COMMON LISP source code file
CLA Source Clarion
CLASS Java class file Java
CLD Clipper debugger configuration file CA Clipper
CLP Clip art graphics file Quattro Pro
CLP Clipboard file Windows 3.x
CLP Compiler response file CA Clipper
CLP Graphics format PCPAINT/Pictor
CLR Color binary screen image 1st Reader
CLR Color definitions Photostyler
CLR Color scheme Boxer/2
CLR Palette file for GIS format
CLS C++ class definition file
CLW MFC Class Wizard information MS VC++
CM Data file CraftMan
CMB Xtree for Windows Button Bar file
CMD Command dBASE - Waffle
CMD External command menu 1st Reader
CMD OS/2 batch/REXX file OS/2
CMF FM-music file (Creative Music File)
CMK Card Card Shop Plus
CMM CMM script (batch) file CEnvi
CMP Bitmap graphics (Lead CMP compression)
CMP Compressed data PKWare Inc. data compression library
CMP Header file for PostScript printer files CorelDRAW
CMP Photofinish Calibration Map Photofinish
CMP User dictionary MS Word for DOS
CMRL Concise message routing language DOTGO
CMS Content Management System Any Web Browser
CMU Carnegie Mellon University Formats
CMV Animation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0) CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0
CNC CNC general program data
CND System generation conditional file RT-11
CNF Configuration (program - printer setup) program - printer setup
CNF Configuration file
CNV Temporary file WordPerfect for Win
CNV Winword DLL used as part of an import operation (CNV=converter) MS Word
COB Calgari trueSpace2 File Format
COB COBOL source code file
COD Code definition table UUPC
COD Datafile Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold
COD file uncluding CODES for any program/game many
COD Printer code definition file Boxer/2
COD Program compiled code FORTRAN
COD Template source file dBASE Application Generator
COD Videotext file
COE Coefficient file Xilinx ISE
COL Color palette Autodesk Animator - many
COL Spreadsheet MS Multiplan
COM Command (memory image of executable program) DOS
COM Indirect command file (sequence of commands to be executed) RT-11
CON Configuration file Simdir
CON MSTS Consist file MSTS
CPC Compressed image Cartesian Perceptual Compression
CPD Script Complaints Desk
CPF Fax The Complete Fax
CPI ColorLab Processed Image bitmapped graphics file
CPI MS-DOS codepage file MODE.EXE
CPL Control panel file Windows 3.x
CPL Presentation Compel
CPP C++ language source Watcom C/C++
CPP Presentation CA-Cricket Presents
CPR Knowledge Access GCGW
CPS ----- backup of startup files by QEMM (?) autoexec.cps
CPT Encrypted memo file dBASE
CPT Mac file archive COMPACT PRO
CPT Template CA-Cricket Presents
CPZ Music text file COMPOZ
CR2 RAW image format Canon digital cameras
CRA Advanced crack file (usually text)
CRD Cardfile Windows 3.x - YourWay
CRD Map Holux - Alan
CRD Molecular coordinates CHARMM, RasMol
CRF Cross-reference MS MASM - Zortech C++, RT-11 CREF
CRK Crack file (usually text)
CRP Encrypted database dBASE IV
CRS File Conversion Resource WordPerfect 5.1
CRT Terminal settings information Oracle
CRU Compressed file archive created by CRUSH
CS C# source file C#
CSG Graph Statistica/w
CSM Borland C++ 4.x precompiled header file BCW.EXE
CSP PC Emcee Screen Image file Computer Support Corporation
CSS Datafile CSS - Stats+
CSS Datasheet Statistica/w
CSS cascading style sheet
CSV Adjusted EGA/VGA palette CompuShow
CSV Comma Separated Values text file format (ASCII)
CTC Control file PC Installer
CTF Character code translation file Symphony
CTL Control file dBASE IV - Aldus Setup
CTL BATCH control file (generated by BATCH from .BAT file) RT-11
CTT BATCH Temporary file RT-11
CTX Ciphertext file Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
CTX Course TeXt file some Microsoft online guides
CTX document Creativyst Table eXchange
CUF C Utilities Form definition TCU Turbo C Utilities
CUR Windows resource (cursor image file) Resource Workshop - WRT - Watcom Resource Editor
CUT Graphics format (bitmapped graphics) dr. Halo
CV4 Color file CodeView
CVP Cover page WinFax
CVS Graphics Canvas
CVT Backup file for CONVERTed database file dBASE IV
CVW Color file CodeView
CWK Datafile ClarisWorks, Appleworks
CXX C++ source code file Zortech C++


Ext. Description Used by
D D Programming Language source file DMD
D4D Data Draw 4D object
D4P Data Draw 4D Pro object
D64 Commodore 64 disk image
DAA Direct Access Archive'Italic text'Italic text
DAF Data file Digital Anchor
DAT data RSNetWorx Project
DAT Data file in special format or ASCII
DATS Dynamic source ATS
DAT Database file Clarion (programming language)
DB$ Temperature debug info Clarion Modula-2
DB$ Temporary file dBASE
DB Database file Paradox - XTreeGold - dbvista
DB Configuration dBASE IV - dBFast
DB Multi Edit config ME
DB2 Database dBASE II
DB3 Database dBASE III
DBA Database file Turbo Prolog - DataEase
DBA DarkBasic source code
DBC DataBaseContainer Visual FoxPro
DBD Business data Business Insight
DBD Debug info Clarion Modula-2
DBF Database file dBASE III/IV - Visual FoxPro - dBFast - DataBoss - DBVista
DBG Debugger script DOS debug - Watcom debugger
DBG Symbolic debugging information MS C/C++
DBK Database backup dBASE IV
DBL DIBOL source file
DBM Datafile DataEase
DBM Menu template DataBoss
DBO Compiled program dBASE IV
DBPro DarkBasicPro Project
DBS Data file used by Managing Your Money
DBS Database in SQL Windows format
DBS Printer description file MS Word - Works
DBT FoxBASE+ style memo FoxPro 2.x
DBT Memo file for database w/same name dBASE IV - dBFast
DBW Windows file DataBoss
DBX AutoCAD Database AutoCAD
DBX Archive File Outlook Express
DCA Document Content Architecture text file IBM DisplayWrite
DCF floppy disk image Disk Copy Fast
DCL Delphi Control Library Borland Delphi
DCM DCM music module AWAVE
DCP OS/2 device code page OS/2
DCS Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) QuarkXPress
DCS Datafile ACT! Activity Files
DCT Dictionary: used by many programs with program dependent format Clarion
DCT Spell checking dictionary Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony
DCT DataBaseContainer Extension Visual FoxPro
DCU Delphi unit (compiled) Borland Delphi
DCX Multi-page PCX graphics (common fax format) Intel - SpectraFAX
DCX DataBaseContainer Index Visual FoxPro
DD Macintosh file archive DISKDOUBLER
DDA Data GLBasic ASCII 3D object
DDB Bitmap graphics
DDI Disk image DiskDupe
DDP Device Driver Profile file OS/2
DDS DirectDraw Surface file Microsoft Flight Simulator, other Microsoft programs
DEB DEBUG script DOS Debug
DEF Assembly header file Geoworks
DEF Defaults - definitions
DEF Linker definition file TLink - WLink...
DEM Demonstration
DEM Digital Elevation Model
DEM Graphics file VistaPro
DEM Vista DEM file Meta.exe VP3
DES Ascii text parameter description AWAVE
desktop Desktop Entry
DEV Device driver
DEV SYSGEN handler build procedure RT-11
DFD Data Flow Diagram graphic file Prosa
DFI Outline font description Digifont
DFL Default program settings Signature
DFM Data Flow Diagram model file Prosa
DFM Delphi form module Borland Delphi
DFS Delight Sound File
DFV Printing form (Word) MS Word
DFX Micrografx Effects DLL
DGN Graphics file MicroStation
DGS Diagnostics
DH Dependency information for .ph Geoworks
DHP Dr. Halo PIC Format graphics file Dr. Halo II - III
DHT Datafile Gauss
DI D Programming Language interface file DMD
DIA Diagraph graphics file Computer Support Corporation
DIB Device Independent Bitmap rarely used Windows 3.0 bitmap; Win - OS/2
DIC Dictionary (e.g. from WinWord)
DIF Borland patch data file Borland patch
DIF Data Interchange Format Visicalc
DIF OS/2 V2.2 Display Information File OS/2
DIF Output from Diff command - script for Patch command
DIF SRCCOM, BINCOM output file RT-11
DIG Digilink AWAVE
DIG Sound Designer 1 audio file AWAVE
DIP Graphics
DIP Watcom debug info processor WatcomDebugger
DIR Dialing directory file Procomm Plus
DIR Directory file VAX - CPS Backup
DIR Movie MacroMind Director 4.x
DIR Directory listing file RT-11
DIS Distribution file VAX Mail
DIS Thesaurus CorelDraw
DIZ Description file (Description In Zip)
DKB Raytraced graphics DKBTrace
DL Animation format (Italian origin) Display - DL Viewer
DLD ----- Lotus 1-2-3
DLG Dialog resource script file MS Windows SDK
DLG Dialog resources DN
DLF Dialogue Live Format Produced by Exstream Dialogue and edited by Dialogue Live Editor
DLG Windows SDK dialog editor data file
DLG Windows SDK dialog editor data file
DLL Dynamic-link library Windows 3.x - OS/2
DLL Export/import filter CorelDRAW
DLM Microsoft File Transfer Manager Microsoft File Transfer Manager
DLS Setup Norton Disklock
DMF Music format (Delusion Digital Music File) Delusion
DMO Demo Derive
DMP Dump file (eg. screen or memory)
DMP DUMP utility output file RT-11
DMS Amiga file archive DISKMASHER
DNG The Digital Negative (DNG), a publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital cameras. Adobe Camera RAW native file
DNT data RSNetWorx Project
DOC A Document, or an ASCII text file with text formatting codes in with the text. This generic extension is used by many word processors. MS Word and others
DOCX MS Word 2007 document MS Word
DOF Delphi project options file Borland Delphi
DOG Screen file Laughing Dog Screen Maker
DOH Dependency information for .poh Geoworks
DOR Roland Digital audio file Roland
DOS External command file 1st Reader
DOS Network driver (eg. pkt_dis.dos)
DOS OS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-File Svga.exe
DOS Something for MS-DOS (e.g. msdos.dos) Win95
DOS Text file containing DOS specific info
DOT Line-type definition file CorelDRAW
DOT MS Word document template MS Word
DOX Text file MultiMate 4.0
DOZ Description Out of Zip VENDINFO
DP Calendar file Daily Planner
DP Data file DataPhile
DPR Default project- and state-related information Borland C++ - Delphi - C
DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange
DRP Web3D File Web3D
DRS Display Resource WordPerfect for Win
DRV Driver
DRW Designer vector graphics file Designer - MicroGraphix
DS TWAIN Data Source Any twain-source must supply one xxx.ds file
DS4 Vector graphics Micrografx Designer 4.x
DSC Celestia Deep Space Catalog file Celestia
DSC Description file
DSC Discard file Oracle
DSD Database DataShaper
DSF Data Storage Format Golden Helix
DSF Delusion Digital Sound File Delusion
DSK Desktop configuration BP - DN - BC++ - TP
DSK Disk Drivers Novell NetWare
DSK Logical disk file RT-11
DSM Digital Sound Module DSI
DSN Design Object System Designer
DSP Display parameters Signature
DSP Dynamic Studio Professional Module Dynamic Studio
DSP Graphics display driver Dr. Halo
DSP Norton viewer DLL Win
DSR Driver Resource WordPerfect for Win
DSS Screensaver file DCC
DSS Digital Speech Standard (Sound) Digital Soup
DSS SQL Script for .Time Framework Exaktime
DST WAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL Win
DSW Borland C++ 4.x desktop layout file BCW.EXE
DSY DAISY container file ADAKTA.EXE
DT_ Data fork of a Macintosh file Mac-ette
DTA Data file Turbo Pascal - PC-File - Stata
DTB Database Backup for .Time Framework Exaktime
DTF Database file PFS - Q&A
DTL Django template language
DTM DigiTrekker music module AWAVE
DTO data Directory Toolkit output
DTP Document Timeworks Publisher3
DTP Page Magic 2.0 publication Page Magic 2.0
DTP Publication Publish-It!
DVC Data Lotus 1-2-3
DVDPROJ iDVD project file iDVD (Apple iLife '08)
DVI DeVice Independent document TeX
DVP DESQView run-file DESQView
DVP Device parameter file AutoCAD
DW2 Drawing DesignCAD for windows
DWB Coryphaeus Software Designers Workbench CSD
DWC Archive DWC
DWD DiamondWare Digitized file AWAVE
DWG Drawing AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, PowerCAD, Drafix, etc.
DX Text file DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus
DXF Dialogue Exchange Format Exstream Dialogue
DXF Drawing Interchange File Format vector graphics AutoCAD, IntelliCAD, PowerCAD, etc.
DXN Fax Fujitsu dexNET
DYN Data Lotus 1-2-3


Ext. Description Used by
EAS Extended file attributes OS/2
EAR Enterprise archive archive
EBA Source code Emergence BASIC
EBJ Error-checking object file Geoworks
EBQ CITE standard electronic BQ exchange file
EC Error checking preprosessed Goc source code Geoworks
EC Source code Ecere SDK
ECC Error-checking file dvdisaster
EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image AWAVE
EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image AWAVE
EDF European data format Medical timeseries storage files
EDF Macrocom Online Kitchen-planer
EDK Ensoniq KT disk image AWAVE
EDL EDL Premiere
EDQ Ensoniq sq1,2/ks32 disk image AWAVE
EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image AWAVE
EDT Default settings VAX Edt editor
EDT Ensoniq TS disk image AWAVE
EDT External editors definitions DN
EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image AWAVE
EEB Button bar for Equation Editor WordPerfect for Win
EFA Ensoniq ASR file AWAVE
EFA Encrypted File Archive
EFE Ensoniq EPS file AWAVE
EFE Ensoniq EPS instrument file AWAVE
EFK Ensoniq KT file AWAVE
EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file AWAVE
EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file AWAVE
EFT Ensoniq TS file AWAVE
EFT High resolution screen font ChiWriter
EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file AWAVE
EFX Fax Everex EFax
EGA EGA display font Ventura Publisher
EKA Internal data files Borland's Eureka
EL ELISP source code file Emacs lisp
ELB Synergy/DE library
ELC Compiled ELISP code Emacs lisp
ELI Archive ELI
ELT Event list text file Prosa
EMD ABT Extended MoDule AWAVE
EMF Microsoft Enhanced Metafile
EML Stationary Template Outlook Express
EMU Terminal emulation data BITCOM
ENC Encoded file - UUENCODEd file Lotus 1-2-3 - uuexe515.exe
ENC Music Encore
END Arrow-head definition file CorelDRAW
ENFF Extended Neutral File Format
ENG Dictionary engine Sprint
ENG English documentation
ENG Graphics file (charting) EnerGraphics
ENV Envelope or Environments
ENV Enveloper macro WOPR
ENV Environment file WordPerfect for Win
EPD Publication Express Publisher
EPI Document Express Publisher
EPI Encapsulated PostScript graphic file
EPS Encapsulated PostScript (Graphics format) CorelDraw - PhotoStyler - PMView - Adobe Illustrator - Ventua Publisher
EQN Equation filE WordPerfect for Win
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file Prosa
ERL Erlang source code file
ERM Entity Relationship Diagram model file Prosa
ERR Compiler/linker error report
ESH Extended Shell batch file
ETH Document Ethnograph 3
ETF Encrypted Text File. Used in some security programs.
ETW Proprietary format from EnterTech for the MagicSing/Mic Karaoke product line. Enter-Tech
ETX Structure-enhanced text for some ascii text browsers
EUI Ensoniq EPS family CD image AWAVE
EVT Events descriptions
EVY Document WordPerfect Envoy
EWD Document Express Publisher for Windows
EX3 Device driveR Harvard Graphics 3.0
EXC Exclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM) QEMM
EXC REXX source code file VM/CMS
EXE Directly executable program DOS
EXM MSDOS executable, system-manager compliant (HP calculator) HP calculator
EXP Protected mode EXE by PharLap Software PharLap
EXP Exports Library File VisualStudio
EXT Extensions descriptions file
EXX Intermediate file by MsgPut IBM LinkWay
EZF Fax Calculus EZ-Fax


Ext. Description Used by
F Archive FREEZE
F Fortran language source code file (in fixed form) Many Fortran compilers
F01 Fax perfectfax
F03 Fortran language source code file (in free form) Many Fortran compilers
F2R Farandole Linear Module Farandole
F3R Farandole Blocked Linear Module Farandole
F4 Fortran IV source code file
F4A Audio for Adobe Flash Player
F4B Audio Book for Adobe Flash Player
F4P Protected Video for Adobe Flash Player
F4V Video for Adobe Flash Player
F77 Fortran language source code file (in fixed form) Many Fortran compilers
F90 Fortran language source code file (in free form) Many Fortran compilers
F95 Fortran language source code file (in free form) Many Fortran compilers
F96 Fax Frecom FAX96
FACE Usenix FACE graphics file
FAM Famtasia Famicom image format Famtasia
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions text file
FAR Music format (Farandole Composer Module) Farandole
FAS Macsyma compiled program
FASTA DNA Baser sequence file DNA Baser
FAX Fax (raster graphics in CCITT format) most Fax programs
FBM Fuzzy Bitmap
FC Spell checking dictionary Harvard Graphics 2.0
FCM Binary file patch file (forward compression)
FD Declaration file MS Fortran
FD Field offsets for compiler DataFlex
FD Front Door' resource files FD
FDS fwNES Famicom Disk System image fwNES
FDS Headerless Famicom Disk System image
FDW Form F3 Design and Mapping
FE Data Surface Evolver 3D surface
FEB Button bar for Figure Editor WordPerfect for Win
FEI Fatal Error Infotable Geoworks
FES File produced when a fileless occurrence in 3D Topicscape is exported to Windows 3D Topicscape
FF Intelligont FIAS format
FF Outline font description Agfa Compugraphics
FFE Front Fareast Famicom image format
FFF Fax defFax
FFI Atech FastFont (AllType)
FFIVW File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
FFT Dca/FFT Final Form Text text file (DisplayWrite)
FFT DCA/FFT Final Form Text text file DisplayWrite
FH3 Vector graphics Aldus FreeHand 3.x
FH4 Vector graphics Aldus FreeHand 3.x
FI Interface file MS Fortran
FIF Fractal Image Format file
FIL Table Data Audit Command Language (ACL)
FIL File template Application Generator
FIL Filelist
FIL Files list object file dBASE Application Generator
FIL Mirror. FIL is the name given to the saved FAT by the mirror program included in some versions of DOS and in PCTools MS-DOS -
FIL Overlay WordPerfect
FIL File which was moved to the Virus Vault by AVG
FILM Filmkey film file Filmkey Player
FIN Print-formatted text file Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE
FIO Aldus PhotoStyler graphics filter
FIO Image PALS viewer DLL
FIT File Index Table WindowsNT
FITS Flexible Image Transport System
FIX Patch file
FKY Macro file FoxPro
FLA Adobe Flash files' basic format
FLAC Audio codec, Audio file format
FLAME Fractal configuration file Apophysis
FLB Format library Papyrus
FLC Animation format FLIC >320x200 AAPlay - Autodesk AniPro
FLD Folder Charisma
FLI Animation format FLIC 320x200 Autodesk Animator
FLI TeX font library EmTeX
FLM Film Roll AutoCAD/AutoShade
FLP Flstudio project file Fruity Loops (FlStudio)
FLT Data/file conversion filter (or overlay) Alsud - MS Word
FLT Filter file Micrografx Picture Publisher
FLT MultiGen Flight
FLT Support file - graphics filter Asymetrix ToolBook
FLX Animation format
FLX Compiled binary DataFlex
FLV Flash video file Flash Video Player
FM Spreadsheet FileMaker Pro
FM1 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.x
FM3 Device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
FM3 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.x
FMB File Manager Button bar WordPerfect for Win
FMF Font or icon file IBM LinkWay
FMK Makefile Fortran PowerStation
FMO Compiled format file dBASE IV
FMT Format file dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast
FMT Gate3 format file
FMT Style sheet Sprint
FMV Full Motion Video file
FN3 Font file Harvard Graphics 3.0
FND Files searching properties Win95
FNI FileNet Native Document FileNet
FNK FunkTracker music module AWAVE, FunkTracker
FNM Fannie Mae Residential Loan Data (RLD) format for mortgage submission to DO/DU. Desktop Originator
Fnn DOS screen text font - height nn pixels
FNT Font file many
FNX Inactive font Exact
FO1 Font file Borland Turbo C
FO2 Font file Borland Turbo C
FOG Fontographer Database File Fontographer3.5
FOL Folder of saved messages 1st Reader
FON Log of all calls Procomm Plus
FON Terminate phonebook Terminate - Terminator - Telix
FON Windows bitmapped font file Win
FONT Font data unix
FOP Freedom of the Press graphic file
FOR Form WindowBase
FOR Fortran language source file many
FOT Installed Truetype font Windows Font Installer
FOX Foxbase executable (precompiled .prg) FoxBase
FP Final Page file FoxPro for DOS
FP Tiff file TIFF/IT P1
FPC Catalog FoxPro
FPD TMT Pascal compiled unit TMT Pascal
FPM Configuration file FoxPro for MacIntosh
FPT Foxpro memo field tables FoxPro
FPU Configuration file FoxPro for Unix
FPW Floorplan drawing FloorPLAN plus for Windows
FPW Configuration file Visual FoxPro
FR? Packed mail FTN software
FR3 Renamed dBASE III+ form file dBASE IV
FRF FontMonger Database file FontMonger
FRG Uncompiled report file dBASE IV
FRL GP-Forth library GP-Forth
FRM Registration or other form
FRM Report file dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast
FRM Visual Basic Form Visual Basic
FRO Compiled report file dBASE IV
FRP Form PerForm PRO Plus - FormFlow
FRS Screen Font Resource WordPerfect for Win
FRT Additional (FPT) report description file FoxPro
FRT GP-Forth source file GP-Forth
FRX Main (DBF) report description file Visual FoxPro
FRX Visual Basic binary program file Visual Basic
FSA Applied Biosystems Genetic Analysis data file GeneScan
FSIM Simulation File Format Loudsoft
FSL Form Paradox for Windows
FSM Farandole Composer WaveSample Farandole
FSPROJ Habanero Firestarter project Habanero Firestarter
FST Linkable program dBFast
FSX Data Lotus 1-2-3
FTM Fielded Text Meta - Contains schema/Meta for a Fielded Text file Fielded Text
FTM Font file Micrografx
FTX Declared Fielded Text Fielded Text
FTXT text Cloanto text document
FTP Configuration FTP Software PC/TCP
FW Database FrameWork
FW2 Database Framework II
FW3 Database Framework III
FWEB Fortran WEB
FX On-line guide FastLynx
FXD Phonebook FAXit
FXP Foxpro executable (precompiled .prg) Visual FoxPro
FXS FAX Transmit Format graphics file WinFax
FYF FileLoc FyTek, Inc.


Game Maker> Game Maker> Game Maker> Game Maker>
Ext. Description Used by
G Data chart APPLAUSE
G16 GoldED for DOS compiled config GOLDED.EXE
G3P data Grand Prix 3 car physics
G8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane three PicLab - Cubicomb Picturemaker
GAM Fax GammaFax
GB Game Boy Rom
GB1 Game Maker backup file (can also be GB2, GB3, etc.)
GBA Game Boy Advance Rom
GBC Game Boy Color Rom
GBL Global definitions VAXTPU editor
GBL Global module in Basic programs
GBR GIMP brush
GC1 Lisp source code Golden Common Lisp 1.1
GC3 Lisp source code Golden Common Lisp 1.3
GCD Graphics
GCD General content descriptor Wireless devices
GCF Game cache file Steam content delivery system
GD3 Game Doctor Super NES ROM image
GDF Dictionary file GEOS
GDL Data ArchiCAD model
GDS McDonnell-Douglas Things
GE GEcho config file GEcho
GED EDITOR's native file format Arts & Letters
GED GoldED for DOS compiled config file GOLDED.EXE
GED Graphics editor file EnerGraphics
GED Game Editor Data / project file Game Editor
GEM Vector graphics file GEM - Ventura Publisher
GEN Compiled template dBASE Application Generator
GEN Generated text Ventura Publisher
GEO Geode Geoworks
GEO GEOS specific file (application) GEOS
GEO GoldED for OS/2 compiled config file GED2.EXE
GEX GEcho config file GEcho
GFB Compressed GIF image created by GIFBLAST gifblast.exe
GFO SGI Radiosity
GFT Font NeoPaint
GFT GEM-translator font file
GFX Instant Artist graphics Files Instant Artist
GFX PCBoard @X-coded colorful text GFX2COM - GFX2EXE
GHO Norton Ghost File (first file) Symantec
GHS Norton Ghost File (split file) Symantec
GIB Chart Graph-in-the-Box
GIB GIMP animated brush
GID Help index windows 95 help
GIF Compuserves' Graphics Interchange Format (bitmapped graphics) QPeg - Display - CompuShow
GIW Presentation Graph-in-the-Box for Windows
GKH Ensoniq Disk Image (VFX, SD, EPS, ASR, TS) Ensoniq
GKS Graphics Kernel System
GL Animation format grasprt.exe, PV
GL Animation GRASP GRAphical System for Presentation
GLB Global module in Basic programs
GLM Datafile Glim
GLO Global module in Basic programs
GLS Datafile Across
GLY Winword Glossary MS Word
GM6 Game Maker Editable file as of version 6.x
GMD Game Maker Editable file up to version 5.x
GMF CGM graphics file APPLAUSE
GMK Game Maker Editable file as of version 7.x
GML Game Maker GML file
GMOD Data Golgotha 3D model
GMP Geomorph tile map SPX
GMS Ghost Mouse Script
GMS Gesture and Motion File Formats
GOC Goc source code file Geoworks
GOE GOES graphic file
GOH Goc header file Geoworks
GP5 Guitar Pro 5 song Guitar Pro 5
GP Geode parameter file Geoworks Glue
GPH Graph Lotus 1-2-3/G
GPK Omnigo program package
GPX GPS eXchange Format
GR2 Screen driver Windows 3.x
GRA Datafile SigmaPlot
GrADS Metafile
GRASP Graphical System for Presentation
GRB T-FLEX CAD file Top Systems]
GRB MS-DOS Shell Monitor file MS-DOS 5
GRD Drivers for GRX (graphics library) GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
GRE data Grenoble Thermal Ellipsoids Plot Program
GRF Graph file Graph Plus - Charisma
GRIB Gridded Binary
GRN Drivers for GRX (graphics library) GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
GRP Group file Windows 3.x - Papyrus
GRP Pictures group PixBase
GRY Graphics format (RAW GREYz)
GS1 Presentation GraphShow
GS3 data GameStarter
GSA data Microsoft Office Groove Space Archive
GSD Vector graphics Professional Draw
GSM Raw GSM 6.10 audio stream AWAVE
GSW Worksheet GraphShow
GTA data Microsoft Office Groove Tool Archive
GUP ----- PopMail
GV GrandView outline file
GVO Data GFXFX Vector Object
GWI Groupwise File Local saved Email
GXL Graphics library Genus
GZ Archive GNU zip - WinZipNT
GZR data GunZ action replay


Ext. Description Used by
H! On-line help file Flambeaux Help! Display Engine
H! Pertext database HELP.EXE
H-- C-- language header Sphinx C--
H Header file (usually C language) Watcom C/C++
H++ Header file C++
HA Archive HA
HAL Data file Hyper Access Lite OS/2
HAM Disk Drivers NPA Novell NetWare
HAM Hold And Modify Deluxe Paint image file
HAP Archive HAP3
HBK MathCAD handbook MathCAD
HC Header file
HCG Document HCLab
HCGS Document HCLab
HDD data disk image
HDD HotDisc Designer label
HDF Amiga Hard Disk Image
HDF Help file Help Development Kit
HDF Hierarchical Data File graphics file SDSC Image Tools
HDL Alternate download file listing Procomm Plus
HDR Datafile Egret
HDR Message header text Procomm Plus - 1st Reader
HDR PC-File+ Database header
HDR SPOT image file
HDS Hierarchical Data System
HDW Vector graphics Harvard Draw
HDX Help index AutoCAD - Zortech C++
HDZ Amiga Zip compressed Hard Disk Image
HEP Novell Help Librarian Data File Novell NetWare
HEX Hex dump
HFI HP Font Info file GEM
HGL Highlight groups definitions DN
HGL HP Graphics Language graphics file
HH C++ header file
HHH Precompiled header file Power C
HHP Help information for remote users Procomm Plus
HI Game high scores table
HIN Molecule HyperChem
HIS History of executing/viewing/editing DN
HIS Yard Information File FYM
HLB Help library VAX
HLP Help file WinHelp, Help Explorer Viewer
HLX Multi Edit help file MultiEdit 5.0
HLZ Multi Edit packed help file MultiEdit
HMI Music format (MIDI)
HMM Alternate Mail Read option menu Procomm Plus
HMP Music format (MIDI)
HMP Hump Setup File - Obsolete as of version 2.4 (See SET and SWT files) FYM
HNC CNC program files Heidenhain (?) dialog
HOF Hall Of Fame (game scores)
HP Printout file for HP printers/plotters (HP/GL)
HP8 ASCII text HP Roman8 character set NewWave Write
HPF HP LaserJet fonts PageMaker
HPGL Plotter file vector graphics (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language) AutoCad - Harvard Graphics
HPI Font information file GEM
HPJ Help project MS Help Compiler for Windows - HC. EXE
HPM Alternate Main menu for privileged users Procomm Plus
HPM EMM text HP NewWave
HPM High Performance Map Quaestor 1.x
HPP C++ header file Zortech C++ - Watcom C/C++
HPPCL Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language
HRF Graphics file (Hitachi Raster Format)
HRM Alternate Main menu for limited/normal users Procomm Plus
HRZ Graphics format SSTV
HS2 Monochrome image Postering
HSC 2-op FM music HSC tracker - hscplay.exe
HSH Disk image hash file DriveSnapshot
HSI Handmade Software Inc. graphics file almost JPEG Image Alchemy
HST History file Procomm Plus
HTML Hypertext Markup Language (WWW) Netscape - Mosaic - many
HTX Hypertext file
HWD Presentation Hollywood
HWP Hangul Word Processor Document Hangul (word processor)
HXM Alternate Protocol Selection menu for all users Procomm Plus
HXS Microsoft Help 2 compiled help file Microsoft Windows, Help Explorer Viewer
HXX C++ header file
HY1 Hyphenation algorithms Ventura Publisher
HY2 Hyphenation algorithms Ventura Publisher
HYC Data WordPerfect
HYD Hyphenation dictionary WordPerfect for Win


Ext. Description Used by
I Preprocessor output file Borland C Preprocessor
IAM Assembly file Autodesk Inventor
IAX Bitmap graphics (IBM Image Access eXecutive)
IAX data InstallAnywhere.NET project
IBG PDS graphic file
IBM Archive (Internal IBM only) ARCHDOS
ICA Bitmap graphics (Image Object Content Architecture)
ICB Bitmap graphics
ICC ICC configuration
ICE Archive Cracked LHA (old LHA)
ICM ICC configuration
ICN ICON source code file
ID Disk identification file
IDB IDA database IDA
IDB VC++ Minimum Rebuild Dependency File Visual C++
IDC IDA C language source IDA
IDE Borland C++ 4.x IDE project BCW.EXE
IDF MIDI instrument description
IDS IDA imported names format IDA
IDW Vector graphics IntelliDraw
IDW Drawing file Autodesk Inventor
IDX Index many - FoxPro
IFD Form JetForm Design
IFF Interchange Format File (IFF) EA Software - Convert (C) Villena - Amiga
IFF Sun TAAC Image File Format SDSC Image Tool
IFP Script KnowledgeMan
IFS Fractal image compressed file Yuvpak
IFS Installable file system OS/2
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification
IGF Inset Systems GCGW
IHP Watcom help file whelp.exe
IHS Inbound History Bink/+
IIW Power Point Image Importer Wizard
IL hDC Designer Icon Lin Dll format
ILB Data Scream Tracker
ILG data LaTeX Index Generation log
ILK Outline of program's format MS ILink incremental linker
IM Auran Jet indexed mesh file Trainz
IM8 Sun raster graphics file
IMA Mirage vector graphics EGO - Chart - Autumn
IMG ADEX graphic file
IMG Disk Image NC 5.0
IMG GEM bitmapped graphics file Ventura
IMG Image for Windows/Image for DOS Disk image TeraByte, Inc. dba TeraByte Unlimited
IMG Vivid IMG file
IMI image Magellan Meridian map
IMI image Magellan eXplorist map
IMP Spreadsheet Lotus Improv
IMQ Image presentation ImageQ
IN$ Installation file HP NewWave
IN3 Input device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
INB Test script Vermont HighTest
INC Include file several programming languages
IND Data Index dBASE IV
INDD InDesign Document Adobe InDesign
INF Information text file (ASCII)
INF Install script
INF OS/2 hypertext help system file VIEW.EXE
INF Type 1 LaserJet font information file soft font installers
INFO GNU info reader (output from texinfo) unix
INFO Icon Data (Amiga)
INGR Intergraph Raster File Format
INI Initialization file
INK Pantone reference fills file CorelDRAW
INS Data WordPerfect
INS Ensoniq Instrument File Ensoniq
INS Installation script 1st Reader
INS Instrument music file (Adlib)
INT Borland Interface Units
INT Program saved in Internal (semi-compiled) format Signature
INT Source of Borland interface module
INX Index Foxbase
IO Archive CPIO
IOB 3d graphics database in TDDD format
IOC Organizational chart Instant ORGcharting!
ION 4DOS descript.ion file (file descriptions) 4DOS
IP Immortal Player file Immortal Player
IPC Intellitec Program Configuration - used to configure vehicle electronics Intellitec
IPF Interchangeable Preservation Format
IPG iPod game file iTunes and iPod
IPH Hi-Res Image InterPaint
IPL Pantone Spot reference palette file CorelDRAW
IPS IPS Patching Format (International Patching System) Rom hacking community
IPT Part file Autodesk Inventor
IPT MultiColor Image InterPaint
IRS Resource (WordPerfect) standard.irs WordPerfect
IRT Data IRIT 3D model
IRTR Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS
ISD Spelling Checker dictionary RapidFile
ISH Archive ISH
ISMA Output Video file Islam Abusa'a Software
ISO ISO-9660 table
IST Digitrakker Instrument File AWAVE
IT Impulse Tracker music file Impulse Tracker
IT Settings intalk
ITF Interface file JPI TopSpeed Pascal
ITL iTunes music library
ITN Itinerary file TomTom PNDs
ITT IconTweaker Theme
IV SGI Inventor
IV-VRML Inventor VRML Format
IVE OpenSceneGraph 3D model
IVI Image file ImmerVision
IVL Lensflare file ImmerVision
IVP Panorama file ImmerVision
IVU User Interface file ImmerVision
IW Presentation flowchart IconAuthor - HSC InterActive
IWA Text file IBM Writing Assistant
IWP Text file Wang
IX data dtSearch index
IZT Izl binary token file IZL


Ext. Description Used by
J2C JPEG 2000 image
JAM Jam messagebase FTN software
JAM Jam music score Jam
JAR Archive JAR. Java Games and Applications
JASC Graphics format (JASC)
JAVA Java source code file
JBD Datafile SigmaScan
JBIG Joint Bilevel Image Group
JBX Project file Project Scheduler 4
JCN JobClock.Net Synch File
JET Fax Hybrid JetFax
JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format
JMS Music format (JMusic file) UltraForce
JOB Gravostyle engraving pattern file Gravostyle/Gravograph
JOB QUEUE output file RT-11
JOR Journal file SQL
JOU Journal backup VAX Edt editor
JP2 JPEG 2000 image
JPC Graphics Japan PIC
JPEG Joint Photography Experts Group graphics file format QPeg - FullView - Display
JRN JMP journal JMP
JSP Java Server Pages
JS JScript script file Javascript
JTF Fax Hayes JT Fax
JTF Graphics (TIFF file with JPEG compression)
JVX Data JavaView object
JW Text document JustWrite
JWL Library JustWrite
JZZ Spreadsheet Jazz


Ext. Description Used by
K2A Data Prince of Persia 3D object
K3D Description of macro language 3DS 3DS
KAP Map Info Sea Chart
KAR Music format (Karaoke)
KAR Precompiled .prg for KARAT Rus. FOX+ 2.0
KB Keyboard script Borland C++ 4.5
KB Program source Knowledge Pro
KBASIC Source KBasic
KBD Keyboard mapping LogoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus
KBM Keyboard mapping Reflection 4.0
KCL Lisp source code Kyoto Common Lisp
KDC Kodak Digital Camera (graphics) PhotoEnhancer by PictureWorks
KEP (unknown) (unknown)
KEX Kedit Macro File Kedit
KEY Datafile Forecast Pro
KEY Keynote presentation file Keynote (Apple iWork '08)
KEY Keyboard macros
KEY OS/2 archive .key-file (i.e. OS2.KEY) OS/2
KEY Security file eg. Shareware Registration info
KFX Kofax Group GCGW
KIT Power Chords drum kit file Power Chord
KMC KatzReview's MegaCrammer
KML Kedit Macro Library / Keyhole Markup Language Google Earth
KMY data KMyMoney
KMZ Keyhole Markup Language (Zip compressed) Google Earth
Knn Database key file Clarion
KPL source code Phrogram
KPP Toolpad SmartPad
KPS IBM KIPS bitmap graphics
KR1 Kurzweil 2000 sample file AWAVE
KR2 Kurzweil 2000 sample file AWAVE
KRZ Kurzweil K2000 File Kurzweil
KS Source code KonsolScript
KS3 Data 3D Forgastest Editor object
KTU Know The Unknown Online Service Packs Unknownsoft
KYB Keyboard mapping FTP Software PC/TCP


Ext. Description Used by
L LEX source code file
L Linker directive file WATCOM wlink
L LISP source code file
LA0 Datafile SCUMM index file
LAB Datafile NCSS - SOLO
LAB Mailing labels Q+E for MS Excel
LAN Erdas image file
LAN LAN Drivers Novell NetWare
LAY Word chart layout APPLAUSE
LBG Label generator data dBASE IV
LBL Label dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast
LBM Graphics format (Amiga) Pic-view - Deluxe Paint
LBM Linear bitmap graphics XLib
LBO Compiled label dBASE IV
LBR .LBR Archive forCP/M and MS-DOS using the LU program
LBR Display driver Lotus 1-2-3
LBT Additional (FPT) label description file FoxPro
LBX Main (DBF) label description file FoxPro
LCF Linker Control File Norton Guides compiler
LCH Chart IBM Works for OS/2
LCK Lockfile Paradox
LCL Data (FTP Software PC/TCP)
LCL Data FTP Software PC/TCP
LCN Lection WordPerfect
LCS Datafile ACT! History Files
LCW Spreadsheet Lucid 3-D
LD Long Distance codes file Telix
LDA Absolute binary file (load image) PDP-11, RT-11
LD1 Overlay file dBASE
LDB Data filer database IBM Works for OS/2
LDB Overlay file MS Access
LDF Data filer form IBM Works for OS/2
LDF Library definition file Geoworks Glue
LE DOS/4GW executable image DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender
LES Lesson (check *.cbt)
LEV Level file NetHack 3.x
LEX Dictionary MS Word - Lexicon
LFL LucasArts resource file
LFD LucasArts resource file LucasArts games
LFT Laser printer font ChiWriter
LG Logo procedure definitions LSRHS Logo
LGO Logo for header and footer SuperFax
LGO Startup logo code Windows 3.x
LHW Amiga archive LHWARP
LIB Library file several programming languages
LIC License file used by some programs to put their license on disk
LIF Archive
LIF CA Clipper packed file CA Clipper installer
LIF Logical Interchange Format data file Hewlett-Packard
LIN Line types AutoCAD
LIS Listing VAX
LIT Web3D File Web3D
LIX Log file (history) Audit Command Language (ACL)
LJ Text file for HP LJ II printer
LL3 LapLink III related file (document) LapLink III
LM Auran Jet LOD mesh table (text file to control LODs) Trainz
LMP Demo for Doom (computer 3d game) Doom - Doom2
LNG Language definition file
LNK Linker response file .RTLink
LNK Linker script
LNK Windows 95 shortcut Windows 95
LNK Windows XP shortcut Windows XP
LOD Load file
LOG Log file Numerous systems
LOM 3D Model Lock On: Modern Air Combat
LPC Printer driver TEKO
LRC Lyrics data
LRF Linker response file MS C/C++
LRF Unencrypted BroadBand eBook file Sony Librie eBook reader
LRP Report IBM Works for OS/2
LRS Language Resource File WordPerfect for Win
LRX Encrypted BroadBand eBook file Sony Librie eBook reader
LSA Lightscape Technologies ASCII
LSB Lightscape Technologies Binary
LSP LISP source code file Xlisp, AutoLISP
LSS Spreadsheet Legato - IBM Works for OS/2
LST Aus. BOM Hourly weather Data
LST Filelist FRQView
LST Keyboard macro 1st Reader
LST List file (archive index - compiler listfile)
LST Listing (e.g. source code)
LST Map list Holux - Alan
LST Spool file Oracle
LST SLP output file RT-11
LTA Data LithTech ASCII 3D object
LTM Form (Lotus Forms) Lotus
LUA Lua script file TecGraf/PUC-Rio
LWD Text document LotusWorks
LWOB Lightwave Object Format
LWP Word processor IBM Works for OS/2,
Lotus Wordpro
LXF Lego Exchange Format Lego Digital Designer data file
LYR Lyrics (ASCII)
LZ Archive Lzip
LZD Difference file for binaries LDiff 1.20
LZS Archive LARC


Ext. Description Used by
M4A Advanced Audio Coding
MAK Makefile
MAK Project file VB - VC ++
MAN User guide (manual)
MAP Color palette file
MAP Format data Micrografx Picture Publisher
MAP Linker map file
MAP Map file (usually created by compilers)
MAP Map Atlas MapMaker
MAP Network map AccView
MAP Game map for Duke Nukem 3D
MAR Assembly program VAX Macro
MAR Microsoft ARchive MSN Explorer (possibly other Microsoft products too)
MAR Mozilla ARchive Mozilla Updater (used to house binary updates to products)
MAS SmartMaster set Freelance Graphics
MAT Data MatLab
MAX MAX source code file
MB Memo field values for database Paradox
MBK Multiple index file backup dBASE IV
MBX Mailbox data Eudora/ZERBERUS
MCC Configuration file Mathcad
MCD MathCad file MathCad
MCF Font file Mathcad
MCI MCI command script Media Control Interface
MCL Multi Edit macro library Multi Edit
MCL Cartesian manipulator for laser systems
MCP Application script Capsule
MCP Printer driver Mathcad
MCW Text file MacWrite II
MDL Quake 1 Model File id Software
MD2 Quake 2 Model File id Software
MD3 Quake 3 Model File id Software
MD5 Doom 3 and Quake 4 Model File id Software
MD Archive mdcd10.arc
MDA Data MS Access
MDA MS Access system database MS Access
MDB Microsoft DataBase Microsoft Access
MDF Several uses
MDL Model 3D Design Plus or Simulink
MDL Spreadsheet CA-Compete!
MDM Modem definition file TELIX
MDR Microdrive file ZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
MDS Midi Session Sound Imp.
MDT Data table MS ILink incremental linker
MDX Multiple index file dBASE IV
MDZ Text description of music module Cubic Player - Cross-View
ME MultiEdit configuration MultiEdit
ME Text file READ.ME
MEB Macro Editor bottom overflow file WordPerfect Library
MEC MECCA source Maximus
MED Macro Editor delete save WordPerfect Library
MED Music format MED/OctaMED
MEM Macro Editor macro WordPerfect Library
MEM Memory variable save file dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper
MEM Memos datafile Clarion
MEQ Macro Editor print queue file WordPerfect Library
MER Macro Editor resident area (vakioalue) WordPerfect Library
MES Macro Editor work space file WordPerfect Library
MES Message
MET Document Omnipage Pro
MET Macro Editor top overflow file WordPerfect Library
MET OS/2 graphics metafile PICVIEW.EXE
MEU Menu group DOS Shell
MEX Macro Editor expound file WordPerfect Library
MEX MEX file (executable command) Matlab
MF Metafont file TeX
MFA Source code file Multimedia Fusion 2 / The Games Factory 2
MFF MIDI Cakewalk, MTPro 4
MFM Music format DMP
MGF Font Micrografx
MGF Materials and Geometry Format
MGX Designer 4.1 Drawing Designer 4.1
MHT Web Archive Single File
MIB Snmp MIB file
MID Standard MIDI file music synthetizers
MIFF Magick Image File Format
MII Datafile MicroStat-II
MIME Message in MIME format (RFC822)
MIO MyInfo topic Milenix MyInfo
MIS Mission, used by many games
MIX Object file Power C
MK Makefile
MK Makefile
MK Usually makefile
MKE Makefile MS Windows SDK
MKG Makefile
MKI Graphics format (Japan MKI)
MKI Japanese graphics MAKIchan format MagView 0.5
MKV Matroska Multimedia Container Media Player Classic, Windows Media Player, Matroska Splitter
ML3 Project Milestones 3.x
MLB Macro library file RT-11, Symphony
MLI 3DS Materials Libraries 3D Studio
MLRAW Data Moonlight Creator RAW format 3D object
MLV LabVIEW MathScript
MM Text file MultiMate Advantage II
MMF Mail message file MS Mail
MMM Multimedia movie file, RIFF RMMP format MacroMind Director 3.x
MMO Memo writer file RapidFile
MMP Output video format from Bravado board
MND Menu source AutoCAD Menu Compiler
MNG Map DeLorme Map'n'Go
MNT Additional (FPT) menu description file FoxPro
MNT Menu memo FoxPro
MNU Advanced macro file HP NewWave
MNU Menu AutoCAD Menu Compiler - Norton Commander - Signature
MNU Microsoft Mouse menu (for DOS apps)
MNX Compiled menu file AutoCAD
MNX Main (DBF) menu description file FoxPro
MNY Account book MS Money
MO? Packed mail FTN software
MOB Device definition file PEN Windows
MOBI eBook Mobipocket
MOD Modula language source
MOD MODULA-2 source code file Clarion Modula-2
MOD Module -- used by Windows for DLL which implement DOS support Win
MOD Music format (Amiga module) DMP - ST - MDP - VP
MOL MOD4WIN PlayList Mod4Win
MOL MDL Molfile RasMol
MOL2 Tripos’ Sybyl MOL2 Format SYBYL, RasMol
MON SYSGEN monitor build procedure RT-11
MON Monitor description ReadMail
MOP MOPAC input file MOPAC, RasMol
MOV Animation format (Mac) QuickTime
MOV Movie file AutoCAD AutoFlix
MP2 Mpeg audio file xing
MP3 MPEG audio stream, layer 3 AWAVE, CoolEdit(+PlugIn)
MP4 MPEG video, layer 4 may also be MPEG layer 4 audio
MPA MPEG audio stream, layer 1,2,3 AWAVE
MPC Calendar file MS Project
MPC Musepack audio
MPEG Animation format MPEG Player
MPKG Multipackage installer script Mac OS X
MPL MediaRack Midi Playlist MediaRack
MPM MathPlan macro WordPerfect Library
MPP Project file MS Project
MPQ Mo'PaQ Archive Blizzard games
MPR Generated executable menu file FoxPro
MPT Bitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF)
MPV View file MS Project
MPX Compiled executable menu file FoxPro
MPX Video format
MRB Multiple Resolution Bitmap graphics file MS C/C++
MRK Windows User Benchmark Win95
MRS Macro Resource file WordPerfect for Win
MS Microsoft antivirus report MSAV
MSC Microsoft C makefile
MSI Windows Installer Package Windows Operating Systems
MSDL Manchester Scene Description Language
MSG Message base (e.g. HMB)
MSG Message text file (ASCII)
MSG ZVoice digitized voice file
MSE Set file Magic Set Editor
MSO Microsoft Word OLE Web Page Storage Stream Microsoft Office
MSP Bitmap graphics file Microsoft Paint
MSP Graphics format Microsoft Paint
MSPRODUCER Media Project Microsoft Producer (for Microsoft PowerPoint XP/2003) Project
MSQM data Microsoft Message Queuing
MSN Project National Instruments for NI MultiSim-Electronic Circuit simulator
MSS Manuscript text file Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE - Jove
MST Document MS Test
MST Minispecification file Prosa
MST Setup script file MS Windows SDK
MSW Text file MS Word
MSX CP/M archive MSX
MTH Math file Derive
MTL Wavefront
MTM Music format MultiTracker
MTS Master Track Pro Files MTPro 4
MTV MTV Ray Tracer graphic file
MTW Datafile Minitab
MU Quattro pro for DOS Menu definition file Quattro Pro
MUS Finale music document. Finale
MUS Music format (MIDI in Doom)
MUS Sound file MusicTime
MUZ Hover Game MIDI File Windows' Hover! Game
MVF Stop frame file AutoCAD AutoFlix
MVI Movie command file AutoCAD AutoFlix
MVO Data Mad Virgin 3D object
MVW Log file Saber LAN
MWF Animation ProMotion
MWS MWave DSP synths instrument AWAVE
MXF Material exchange format (RFC 4539, SMPTE 377M)
MXL PackRat 5.0 support DLLs PackRat 5.0
MXM Material Maxwell Render
MXP Adobe Extention File Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash
MXP 3ds Max Configuration File 3ds Max
MXP MasterCook exported recipe
MYP Presentation MM Make Your Point
MZ Binary-format Map MazeEdit
MZE Text-format Map MazeEdit
MZG Binary-format Map Collection MazeEdit
MZX Binary-format Encrypted Map MazeEdit


Ext. Description Used by
NAM Name Space Modules Novell NetWare
NAP Naplps file (VideoShow) EnerGraphics
NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax
NB Text file Nota Bene
NB Wolfram Mathematica Notebook Mathematica
NC Graphics netcdf
NC Instructions for NC (Numerical Control) machine CAMS
NC Non-error checking preprosessed Goc source code Geoworks
NCC CNC (Computer Numeric Control) control file CamView 3D
NCD Norton Change Directory support file Norton Commander
NCP Re-volt Collision file Re-volt
NDB Network database Intellicom - Compex
NDS Nintendo DS ROM file used for Homebrew and commercial (Game) files on DS NDL Nodelist file
NDX Index file dBASE II - III - IV - dBFast
NEO Raster graphics file Atari Neochrome
NES iNES ROM image format
NET Network configuration/info file
NEU Pro/Engineer neutral file format PTC Pro/Engineer
netCDF Network Common Data Format
NEW New info
NFF Haines Neutral File Format
NFF WorldToolKit Neutral File Format
NFO Folioview database
NFO Help format Nextpage Folio
NFO Info file Compact NFO Viewer
NG Hypertext Database Norton Guide
NGB Workspace NETZSCH Thermal Analysis
NGO NG linker object file NGML
NGS NG compiler source file NGC
NIF netimmerse/gamebyro file
NIL NIL Icon Hear-It
NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
NL Norton Desktop Icon Library
NLM Netware loadable module Novell Netware
NLS National Language Support file MS-DOS
NLX Form FormWorx 3.0
nnn Arj archive volumes up to 999 ARJ
nnn Netware unicode rule table (e.g. 1250_Uni.036) Novell Netware
nnn News about smth with ext. of ver. number
nnn RAR archive volumes up to 999 RAR
NOT Notation
NOT Yard Notes File FYM
NP Project schedule (Nokia Planner) Nokia Planner
NPI Source for DGEN.EXE interpreter dBASE Application Generator
NPJ Nile Project Game Mission Editor
NRG Nero Disc Image File Nero Express / Burning ROM
NRW Nikon Coolpix RAW image Nikon
NSA media Nullsoft Streaming Audio
NSF database Lotus Notes
NSS Norton screensaver module NC - NDW Screen Saver
NST Music module Amiga Noise Tracker
NSV media Nullsoft Streaming Video
NSX Compound index file SuccessWare SIX 3.00
NT Startup files Windows NT
NTF database design template Lotus Notes
NTH Nokia Theme File Nokia PC Suite
NTR Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename)
NTS Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename)
NTS Tutorial Norton
NTX Database index file Clipper 5
NUF Message for new users on their 1st call Procomm Plus
NUMBERS Numbers spreadsheet file Numbers (Apple iWork '08)
NWS Info text file (latest news) (ASCII)
NXT Sound (NeXT format)


Ext. Description Used by
O$$ Outfile Sprint
O Object file UNIX - Atari - GCC
O01 Typhoon vOice file AWAVE
OAZ Fax NetFax Manager
OB Object cut/paste file IBM LinkWay
OBD Microsoft Office Binder MSOffice
OBJ Compiled machine language code
OBJ Object code Intel Relocatable Object Module
OBJ Wavefront Object
OBJF Data Triangle strips object
OBR Object browser data file Borland C++
OBS Script ObjectScript
OBT Microsoft Office Binder Template MSOffice
OBV Visual interface ObjectScript
OBZ Microsoft Office Binder Wizard MSOffice
OCF Object Craft File Object Craft
OCR Incoming fax transcribed to text FAXGrapper
OCT Musical file Pctalizer
OCX New Custom Control's format in VB 4.0 Visual Basic
OCX OLE custom control
ODB OpenDocument database
ODF OpenDocument formula
ODG OpenDocument drawing
ODIF Open Document Interchange Format
ODL Object Description Language
ODL Type library source Visual C++
ODM OpenDocument master document
ODP OpenDocument presentation Impress
ODS OpenDocument spreadsheet
ODT OpenDocument text document
OFD Form definition ObjectView
OFF Object File Format vector graphics file
OFF Object File Format vector graphics
OFM PostScript font description file
OFN MS Office documents MSOffice
OGG Ogg multimedia container format
OHB Source On Hand Basic
OHS Outbound History Bink/+
OIF QuickBase file format
OKT Music (8 channels) Oktalyzer
OKT Music format Oktalyzer
OLB Object library VAX
OLD Backup file
OLI Text file Olivetti
OLSR Configuration file olsrd
OMA Audio file Labelgate CD 2, MAGIQLIP2
OOF Data Outrage 3D Object Format (Descent)
OOG Data WEBOOGL 3D object
OOM Swap file Shroom
OPN Active options Exact
OPT Options name used by many programs for configuration information
OPT Delphi project options Borland Delphi
OPT Optimize support file QEMM
OPW Organization chart Org Plus for Windows
OPX Inactive options Exact
ORA Parameter file Oracle
ORG Calendar file Lotus Organizer
ORG Origin plot Microcal Origin
OTG OpenDocument drawing template
OTB Over-the-air bitmap graphics
OTH OpenDocument HTML document template
OTL Outline font description Z-Soft Type Foundry
OTL Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format
OTP OpenDocument presentation template
OTS OpenDocument spreadsheet template
OTT OpenDocument text document template
OTX Text file Olivetti Olitext Plus
OUT Output file
OV1 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OV2 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed) TomTom Point of Interest
OVD Datafile ObjectVision
OVL Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)
OVR Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed)


Ext. Description Used by
P Database PROGRESS source code PROGRESS
P PASCAL source code file
P Parser source code file
P Picture file APPLAUSE
P Rea-C-Time application parameter file ReaGeniX code generator
P0? Split archive UC2 SAS.EXE
P10 Tektronix Plot GCGW
P10 Certificate Request
P12 Personal Information Exchange "Crypto Shell Extensions"
P16 Music (16 channels) ProTracker Studio 16
P22 Patch file (Patch22) Patch22
P3T Playstation 3 Theme file PS3 Theme settings menu
PA1 Worktable PageAhead
PAC SBStudio II Package or Song SBStudio II
PAC STAD Image (graphics ?)
PAD Automatic print definitions Produa
PAD Keypad definition Telemate
PAF For Personal Ancestral File data files
PAGES Pages document file Pages (Apple iWork '08)
PAK Archive Pak
PAL Palette file Microsoft Draw - Win. Paintbrush - many
PAN Printer-specific file (copy to CorelDRAW
PAR Parameter file Fractint
PAR PARTS application Digitalk PARTS
PAR Permanent output file Windows 3.x
PAR Parity Archive
PAR2 Parity Archive v2
PART Part of a download file
PAS Pascal language source Borland Pascal
PAT Gravis Ultrasound Patch Convert (c) Villena
PAT Hatch patterns AutoCAD - Photostyler
PAT Vector fill files CorelDRAW
PAT GIMP pattern
PB Fax FAXability Plus
PB Phonebook WinFax Pro
PB Proboard Conf. files Proboard
PB Setup file PixBase
PB1 Document First Publisher for Windows
PBA Powerbasic BASIC source code Genus
PBD Phone book FaxNOW! - Faxit
PBD Molecule (protein data bank)
PBI Powerbasic include file Genus
PBI Profiler Binary Input MS Source Profiler
PBK Microsoft Network Phone book MSN
PBL Powerbasic library Genus
PBM PBM Portable Bit Map graphics format Jasc Media C.
PBM Planar bitmap graphics XLib
PBO Profiler Binary Output MS Source Profiler
PBT Profiler Binary Table MS Source Profiler
PC Text file containing IBM PC specific info
PC3 Custom palette Harvard Graphics 3.0
PC8 ASCII text IBM8 character set NewWave Write
PCA Perfect Clarity Audio Sony Vegas Pro
PCB P-CAD database P-CAD, PCBExpress, and other Printed Curcuit Board design software
PCC Cutout picture vector graphics PC Paintbrush
PCD Graphics format (Kodak Photo-CD)
PCD Kodak Photo-CD Image graphics file (768x512) hpcdtoppm
PCF Pixel Coordination Format
PCH Patch file
PCH Precompiled header MS C/C++
PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics file IBM's Linkaway-Live
PCK Pickfile Turbo Pascal
PCL HP-PCL graphics data file HP Printer Control Language
PCM OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM AWAVE
PCM PCM Authorware
PCS Microsoft PowerPoint picture package MS PowerPoint - MS ClipArt Gallery
PCT Bitmap graphics file Macintosh b&w PICT1 - color PICT2
PCW Text file PC Write
PCX PC paintbrush bitmap format QPeg - Display - ZSoft - PC Paintbrush
PDA Bitmap graphics
PDB Packrat 5.0 data file Packrat 5.0
PDB Molecule (protein data bank)
PDD Adobe Photoshop Elements Image Adobe Photoshop Elements
PDE Pathology Data Exchange
PDE data PowerDesk Encrypted
PDF Adobe's Portable Document Format Adobe Acrobat Reader
PDF Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format)
PDF Package Definition File
PDF PCAD Database Interchange Format Pdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe
PDF Print device information Netware
PDG Print Shop Deluxe data file
PDI Portable Database Image
PDL Project Description Language file Borland C++ 4.5
PDM Program Deskmate
PDN Image file Paint .NET
PDS PALASM Design Description
PDS Pds graphics
PDS Planetary Data System Format
PDS Pldasm source code file (hardware assembly)
PDV Printer driver Paintbrush
PDW Document Professional Draw
PEB Program Editor bottom overflow file WordPerfect Library
PED Program Editor delete save WordPerfect Library
PEM Program Editor macro WordPerfect Library
PEQ Program Editor print queue file WordPerfect Library
PER Program Editor resident area WordPerfect Library
PES Program Editor work space file WordPerfect Library
PET Program Editor top overflow file WordPerfect Library
PEX Proboard EXecutable file (Executed from PB) Proboard
PFA PostScript Font File
PFA Type 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font)
PFB Adobe Acrobat document Adobe Acrobat Reader
PFB PostScript font Adobe Type Manager (ATM)
PFC Text file First Choice
PFK Programmable function keys XTreePro
PFM Windows Type 1 font metric file
PFS Database (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write) PFS
PFT Printer font ChiWriter
PG Page cut/paste file IBM LinkWay
PGI Printer Graphics File device driver PGRAPH library
PGL HP Plotter vector graphics format
PGM Graphics format (Portable GrayMap) JASC Media C.
PGM Program Signature
PGP Support file Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
PGS Manual page man4dos
PH Optimized .goh file Geoworks
PH Perl header file
PH Phrase-table MS C/C++
PHD PolyHedra Database
PHM Phone book DN - Lync
PHN Phone list UltraFax - QmodemPro
PHO Phone database Metz Phone for Windows
PHP PHP file
PHP3 PHP 3 file
PHP4 PHP 4 file
PHR Phrases LogoScript
PIC 123 Vector graphics format CShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor)
PIC Bitmap graphics file Macintosh b&w PICT1 - color PICT2
PIC Lotus picture
PIC PIXAR picture file SDSC Image Tool
PICT Macintosh Picture
PIE GlovePIE script file GlovePIE
PIF OS/2 graphics metafile PICVIEW.EXE
PIF Program Information File Windows 3.x
PIF Vector graphics GDF format file (IBM mainframe computers)
PiM Pascal Text Mode Image File The Ultimate Draw
PIT Compressed Mac file archive created by PACKIT unpackit.zoo
PIX Alias image file SDSC Image Tool
PIX Inset Pix
PJ Project CA-SuperProject
PJT Additional (FPT) project description file FoxPro
PJX Main (DBF) project description file FoxPro
PK PacKed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers)
PK2 Quake 2 data file id Software
PK3 Quake 3 data file id Software
PK4 Doom 3 and Quake 4 data file id Software
PKG Installer script Next, Mac OS X, Sony PS3
PKG P-CAD database P-CAD
PKT Fido message packet FTN software
PL Palette Harvard Graphics
PL Perl source code file
PL Prolog source code file
PL Property List font metric file TeX
PL1 Room plan 3D Home Architect
PL3 Chart palette Harvard Graphics 3.0
PLA Playlist
PLB FoxPro library FoxPro
PLB P-CAD library P-CAD
PLC Add-in file (functions - macros - applications) Lotus 1-2-3
PLC P-CAD database P-CAD
PLD PhotoLine Document PhotoLine image processing
PLE Encrypted Chat Log Messenger Plus! Live Plugin - Log viewer
PLIST Mac OS Property List Apple's Property List Editor
PLL Prelinked library CA Clipper
PLM DisorderTracker2 music module AWAVE
PLN Spreadsheet WordPerfect for Win
PLP Playlist
PLP Messenger Plus! Sound Pack Messenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLSC Messenger Plus! Script Pack Messenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLSK Messenger Plus! Skin Pack Messenger Plus! Live Plugin
PLT HPGL plotter file vector graphics AutoCAD
PLT Output file for ploter
PLT P CAD: Output file editor for PCPLOT or PCPRINT P CAD
PLT Page Magic 2.0 paper format Page Magic 2.0
PLT Palette
PLT Table for .pll CA Clipper
PLY Data PopMail
PLY Presentation screen Harvard Spotlight
PLY2 Data PLY2 object
PLY ZipPack
PM Auran Jet progressive mesh file (obsoleted by IM and LM) Trainz
PM Perl module
PM Bitmap graphics Presentation Manager
PM3 PageMaker 3.0 data file PageMaker 3.0
PM4 Document PageMaker 4
PM5 Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication Aldus PageMaker
PMC Graphics A4TECH Scanner
PMI OS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-File Svga.exe
PMI PhatPad note PathWare
PMM Program file Amaris BTX/2
PMP PhotoMorph Project PhotoMorph
PN3 Printer device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
PNG Portable Network Graphics
PNF Pre-compiled Setup Information file Microsoft Windows
PNM PBM Portable aNy Map graphics file
PNT Macintosh painting
PNT Pointlist segment FTN software
PNT QWK reader pointer file MarkMail 2.x
POH Optimized .goh file Geoworks
POL InnovMetric Software Polygon Models Format
POLICY Group Policy File Microsoft Windows
POLY Data Patrick Flynn's Poly Format - 3D object
POP Messages index PopMail
POP Pop-up menu object dBASE Application Generator
POT MS PowerPoint template
POV Raytraced graphics image Persistence Of Vision
POW Power Chords instrument/song file Power Chords
PP Amiga archive POWERPACKER
PPA MS PowerPoint Add-in
PPB Button bar for Print Preview WordPerfect for Win
PPD PostScript printer description file
PPJ Premiere Project Premiere
PPK Archive (using for many distributives) PPK
PPL PolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
PPM Graphics format (Portable PixelMap) JASC Media C.
PPO Preprocessor output CA Clipper 5.*
PPP Publication PagePlus
PPS Storyboard Personal Producer
PPS MS PowerPoint Slideshow (stand alone slideshow)
PPT General file extension PowerPoint
PPT MS PowerPoint Presentations Microsoft
PPTX MS PowerPoint 2007 presentation
PR1 Packrat 4.0 data file Packrat 4.0
PR2 Packrat 4.x data file Packrat 4.x
PR2 Presentation Aldus Persuasion 2.x
PR2 Printer driver dBASE IV
PR3 PostScript printer driver dBASE IV
PR3 Presentation Aldus Persuasion 3.x
PRD Printer driver
PRE Presentation Freelance Graphics
PRE Settings Programmer's WorkBench - MS C/C++
PRE Stork graphic file
PRF CheckIt Pro v1.0 data file CheckIt Pro 1.0
PRF Pixel Run Format graphics file Improces - Fastgraph
PRF Printer driver dBASE IV
PRF Profiler output
PRG Program source code (e.g. Clipper language) CA Clipper
PRG Program source dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast
PRG Program Atari
PRI Printer definitions LogoScript
PRJ Borland C++ IDE project file BC.EXE - BCW.EXE
PRK SimPark Saved File SimPark
PRM Parameters
PRN Printer driver Signature
PRN Text file Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony
PRN Usually printer output file
PRO Profile used by many programs to store configuration data
PRO Graphics profile file DOS
PRO Proboard conf. file Proboard
PRO Prolog language source
PRO PROLOG source code file
PROJ Project File (Interface Builder) NeXT
PROPERTIES Java properties file Java applications
PROTO Message specification Google Protocol Buffers
PRR The Perfect Resume data file Perfect Resume
PRS Norton Viewer DLL file
PRS Presentation Harvard Graphics Win
PRS Printer Resource eg. fonts WordPerfect for Win
PRS Procedure dBASE IV
PRT P-CAD component P-CAD
PRT Part or Drawing Cadkey
PRT Printer driver Dr. Halo
PRX Compiled program FoxPro
PS Document in PostScript format adobe
PSA Archive (Pretty Simple Archive) PSA.OUT (GNU)
PSD Periscope Debbuger Def file Periscope
PSD Photoshop bitmap file Photoshop document
PSEG Bitmap graphics IBM printer Page SEgment
PSF Outline PostScript printer font ChiWriter
PSM Music format (Protracker Studio Module) Protracker - MASI
PSM Symbol table of IDE Turbo Pascal
PSM 3D Model 18 Wheels Of Steel
PSN Presentation file for Sound Script Win
PSP image file with layers Paint Shop Pro (all versions)
PSQ Premiere Sequence Premiere
PST Postbox file BMail
PST Archive File MS Outlook Repair Outlook PST Outlook PST Repair
PSW File w/ passwords for any program/game many
PT Game crack Player Tools
PT Kodak Precition Color Management System
PT3 Device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
PT3 Template PageMaker 3
PT4 Template PageMaker 4
PT5 Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication template Aldus PageMaker
PTB Power Tab Software Power Tab Editor
PTB Script PubTech BatchWorks
PTF Playstation Portable Theme file PSP Theme settings menu
PTG Panasonic Title Graphics
PTL Premiere Title Premiere
PTM Macro PubTech BatchWorks
PTM Music format
PTM Page Magic 2.0 template Page Magic 2.0
PTN Pattern Cadkey
PTN Pattern CarveWright/CompuCarve Designer
PTR OS/2 cursor image file ICONEDIT.EXE
PTR QWK reader pointer file QMail
PTU Performer Terrain Utilities
PUB Package File Exstream Dialogue
PUB Page template MS Publisher
PUB Public key ring file Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
PUB Publication Ventura Publisher - 1st Publisher
PUD Warcraft II Map file Warcraft 2
PUT Archive PUT
PUT Graphics format WScan
PVD Script Instalit
PVL Library Instalit
PVM Texture Files PVMEdit
PVT Local Fidonet pointlist FTN software
PW Text file Professional Write
PWF Workflow Files Mac OS X Server Podcast Producer
PWL Password List
PWP Text document Professional WritePlus
PX Paradox 3.0 file Paradox 3.0
PXP 3DS Process file 3D Studio
PXR Pixiar Picio AltamiraComposer
PXZ Compressed file to exchange media elements PSALMO
PY PYTHON script file
PYC Compiled PYTHON script file
PYI Cognos Powerplay Model
PZD Default settings Pizazz Plus
PZI Graphics format PZP
PZO Overlay file Pizazz Plus
PZP Palette Pizazz Plus
PZS Settings Pizazz Plus
PZT Transfer file Pizazz Plus
PZX Swap file Pizazz Plus


Ext. Description Used by
Q0 Q0 graphic file
Q3S Data Quick3D Scene
QAG Quick Access Group Norton Desktop
QAP Application Omnis Quartz
QB Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series scripting files
QBB Quickbooks Backup File
QBE Saved query (Query By Example) dBASE IV - Quattro Pro
QBO Compiled query dBASE IV
QBW Spreadsheet QuickBooks for Windows
QCH Qt Compressed Help Trolltech Qt Assistant
QDK Backup of startup files created by Optimize QEMM
QDn Data file - segment n Omnis Quartz
QDV Graphics file Steve Blackstock Giffer
QDR Configuration file Q-Dir
QEF Query file Q+E for MS Excel
QFX Quicken-specific implementation of the OFX specification Intuit Quicken
QFX Fax QuickLink
QHC Qt Help Collection Trolltech Qt Assistant
QHCP Qt Help Collection Project Trolltech Qt Assistant
QHP Qt Help Project Trolltech Qt Assistant
QIF Quicken Interchange Format Intuit Quicken
QIZ World book quiz World Book
QLB Quick library MS C/C++
QLC ATM Type 1 fonts script Adobe Type Manager
QLP Printer driver QuickLink
QM4 Options or services file QMail 4.x Mail Door
QPR Generated query program FoxPro
QPR Print queue device driver OS/2
QPX Compiled executable QBE query file FoxPro
QRS Equation Editor support file WordPerfect for Win
QRT Graphics format (QRT ray tracing)
QT QuickTime movie (animation)
QTVR QuickTime VR Movie
QVD QlikView Document (Data) QlikView Compressed Database File
QVW QlikView Document (View) QlikView Presentation File
QWK QWK reader message file
QXD Document QuarkXPress
QXL Element library QuarkXPress


Ext. Description Used by
R Ratfor file
R Script file R
R00, R01, ... Part of a multi-file RAR archive.
R2D Reflex 2 datafile Reflex 2
R8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane one PicLab
R8P PCL 4 bitmap font file Intellifont
RA Remote Access conf. files RA
RA0, RA1, ... Part of a multi-file RAR archive.
RAD 2-op FM music Reality AdLib Tracker
RAD Radience
RAL Remote Access Language file Remote Access
RAM Ramfile RealAudio
RAR Archive RAR
RAS Graphics format SUN Raster
RAT Datafile (RATS)
RAW HSI raw graphic file
RAW PCM Signed Raw Sound File
RAW QRT graphic file
RAY Rayshade
RB Ruby Script file
RBF Datafile Rbase
RC Configuration file emacs
RC Resource Compiler script file MS C/C++ - Borland C++
RC Resource Script Resource Writer
RC UUPC configuration files UUPC
RC Windows resource compiler script RC.EXE -Resource WorkShop - OS/2
RCG Netscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg)
RData Data file R
RDF Compiled UIC source code Geoworks UI Compiler
RDI Device-independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format)
RDX Datafile Reflex
REC Archivation protocol ARCSERVE
REC Datafile EpiInfo
REC Record file Sprint
REC Windows Recorder Macro File WinRecorder
RED Path info Clarion Modula-2
RED REDuced nodelist file T-Mail nodelist Compiler
REF Cross-reference
REG OLE Registration file Windows 3.x
REG Registration information or key
REL Foreground job relocatable file RT-11
REM Remarks definition Sourcer
REM Remarks
REP QWK reader reply file
REP Report file used by many applications
REP Report Report Designer - CodeReporter - DataBoss
REQ File request FTN Software
RES Compiled resource MS C/C++ - Borland C++
RES DBASE resources dBASE IV
RES Windows compiled resource package Win
REV Revision file Geoworks
REX PharLab executable file (old format) PharLab
REX Report definition Oracle
REX Rexx language source file Rexx
REZ Resource file
RF Sun raster graphics file
RFT DCA/RFT Revisable Format Text file IBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1
RGB SGI RGB image file (RAW) SDSC Image Tool
RGX Symbol tables etc. info ReaGeniX code generator
RH Resource header file Borland C++ 4.5
RH Windows resource file header RC.EXE
RHistory Command history logfile R
RI Data Lotus 1-2-3
RIB Graphics (Renderman Interface Bytestream) 3D Reality
RIC Fax Ricoh
RIF RIFF bitmap graphics (Resource Interchange File Format) Fractal Design Painter
RIP TeleGrafix Remote Imaging Protocol Maximus 3.0
RIX Graphics (ColoRIX Image File) ColoRIX
RL4 Bitmap graphics
RL8 Bitmap graphics
RLA Wavefront raster image file SDSC Image Tool
RLB Data hgw.rlb Harvard Graphics Win
RLC Graphics 1bit/pixel scanner output
RLD Norton Commander 5.0 temp file NC 5.0
RLD OSIMapDef. RecLoad Definition
RLE Utah Run Length Encoded rasterfile graphic file SDSC Image Tool
RLZ REALIZER source code file CA-Realizer
RM Real Media Real Player
RMB data RegistryMaster
RMI Windows alternate synthesized sound format RIFF RMID format
RMK Make file CA Clipper - RMAKE
RN XPL program for Nota Bene users
RND Rendering Slide AutoCAD AutoShade
Rnn Multi volume RAR archive RAR
RNO Runoff file VAX
ROL FM music Adlib Music File Roland
ROM Read Only Memory image in emulators, AONs, etc.
ROO CODASYL DBMS Database Root Oracle
RPB Data report file used by CP Backup CP Backup
RPD Database RapidFile
RPF AutoCAD pattern ACAD
RPL Text document Replica
RPM RedHat Package Manager (Command line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating computer software packages in RedHat Linux) RedHat Linux
RPT Report file used by many applications
RRD Reduced Resolution Dataset ESRI (GIS)
RS Data file Amiga Resource - Reassembler
RS_ Resource fork of a Macintosh file Mac-ette
RSC Resource file ViewMax - many
RSL Application - Project resolver one
RSL Resource Library used by PC Tools for Windows PC Tools - Win
RSP Response file (text file containing input expected by eg. LINK)
RSP Response File OS/2
RSY FLEXIT Multishot Survey Raw Data file FLEXIT
RTF Rich Text Format text file (help file script) many - MS Word
RTL HP RTL graphic file
RTL Run-Time library Norton Utilities
RTL Text file
RTP RTPatch software update package data file Pocket soft patch
RTS Realizer executable file
RTS Runtime library file CA-Realizer
RUL Echo-conference rules
RUN PC Tools for Windows batch file PC Tools
RUS Russian text
RV Mobile pricelist data file Mobile
RVF TRichView
RVW Review
RWS Borland Resource Workshop symbol file Resource Workshop
RWS Resource Workshop data file Borland C++
RWX Criterion RenderWare
RWX MEME Shape File
RWX Script RenderWare
RWZ Microsoft Outlook Rules Wizard File Microsoft Outlook
RXD Reflex 1 datafile Reflex 1
RZK File Crypt password file All text editors
RZX File Crypt encrypted file File Crypt (Akte Krypta, Kriptirnik)


Ext. Description Used by
S$$ Temporary sort file Sprint
S ASSEMBLY source code file unix
S Multi Edit macro file source Multi Edit
S MSTS Shape file MSTS
S19 Motorola ASCII format of executables
S1K S1000 Simnet Format
S3I Digiplayer/ST3 Sample File Digiplayer - ST3
S3M Music (16 channels) Scream Tracker 3.0 - DMP
S7I Seed7 library / include file Seed7 interpreter and compiler
SA? Packed mail FTN software
SAFE SafeIT Encrypted
SAIF Spatial Archive Interchange Format
SAN LucasArts' SMUSH/INSANE animation
SAM Ami Pro data file Ami Pro
SAM Text file Samna - Lotus Ami/Ami Pro
SAR Archive SAR
SATS Static source ATS
SAV Backup file (saved file)
SAV Configuration
SAV Executable RT-11
SAV SPSS "System File" PSPP
SAV Saved game state Spider Solitaire (Windows)
SAVER Screensaver Mac OS X
SB Audio file (signed byte)
SB Raw Signed Byte (8bit) data AWAVE
SB Raw Signed PCM Byte 8bit data AWAVE
SBD Storyboard Storyboard Editor
SBI Sound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs)
SBK Emu SoundFont Bank (AWE32 Bank) Convert (c) Villena
SBL Stony Brook Pascal library SB Pascal
SBP DML program Superbase 4
SBR Support file Source Browser
SBT Notes related to record Suberbase 4 Windows
SC Display driver Framework II
SC PAL script Paradox
SC Script Borland Paradox
SC3 Renamed dBASE III screen mask file dBASE IV
SC3 Screen device driver Harvard Graphics 3.0
SC4 Saved City SimCity 4
SC4 Game Scenario RollerCoaster Tycoon Deluxe/Expansion Pack
SCA Datafile SCA
SCC Text file
SCD SCODOL film recorder (Scan Conversion Object Description Language) SCODOL
SCF ? SimAnt or SimTown ??
SCF Windows Explorer Command (e.g.: show desktop.scf) Windows Explorer
SCF Multimedia show ScoreMaker
SCF DNA Baser chromatogram DNA Baser
SCF Spelling checker configuration file Symphony
SCH Project schedule Schedule Publisher
SCH Scheme P CAD - Orcad
SCI Fax SciFax
SCI System Configuration Information
SCM Scheme source code file
SCN SCeNe RTrace
SCN Screen file Kermit
SCO High score
SCR Any other screen system
SCR DEBUG source code file DOS Debug
SCR Forth screen (source) file Forth
SCR Screen - screen snapshot dBASE IV - Procomm Plus
SCR Screen font LogoScript
SCR Screen saver Windows 3.x
SCR Screen snapshop
SCR Script file source TeleMate - Kermit - 1st Reader
SCT Additional (FPT) screen description file FoxPro
SCX Chart Stanford Chart
SCX Graphics format ColoRIX
SCX Main (DBF) screen description file FoxPro
SCY Security file ReaGeniX
SD Sound Designer I audio file AWAVE
SD7 Seed7 source file Seed7 interpreter and compiler
SDA Fidonet's Software Distribution Network file archive description
SDC Video DigimaxMaster Samsung NV3
SDC Synopsys Design Constraints Electronic Design Automation Tools
SDF Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database file
SDF Flight data microdrones GmbH
SDF Source definition file Sourcer
SDF System Data Format file (fixed length ASCII text)
SDI Software Distribution Network Info file
SDK Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image
SDL Alias Wavefront Scene Description Language
SDML Spacial Data Modeling Language
SDN Software Distribution Network compressd file archive pak251.exe
SDR SmartDraw File SmartDraw Pro
SDS MIDI Sample DUMP Standard File
SDTS Spatial Data Transfer Standard
SDW Ami Draw Symbol File
SDX Sample DUMP Exchange File
SEA Self-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive
SEC ----- compressed file
SEC Diskreet encrypted file Diskreet
SEC Secret key ring file Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
SEC Secured animation file Disney Animation Studio
SEN Scifer Archive Format (Internal Header Mode]
SEP Printer separator page
SEQ DNA Baser sequence file DNA Baser
SEQ Atari animation file
SEQ Video Tiertex video sequence
SEQ Sequential Instruction File Bubble Chamber
SES Session info Clarion Modula-2
SES Multitrack Audio Session info Adobe Audition
SET Configuration file 1st Reader
SET Driver sets created by Install Symphony
SET Extension used by Norton Backup and CPS Backup for setup info Norton Backup - CPS Backup
SET Hump Assignments File FYM
SET Setup options file
SET YVD card set file YVD
SF IRCAM Sound File CSound package - MixView sound sample editor
SF JAR Digital Signature
SF WPS attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell) wp_root.sf OS/2 WorkPlace Shell
SF2 Emu SoundFont Bank v2.0 file AWAVE
SFB HP Soft font (obsolete under Windows)
SFD SoundStage Data file AWAVE
SFF Scene File Format
SFI Graphics SIS Framegrabber
SFI Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape) Ventura Publisher
SFL PCL 4 bitmap font (landscape) landscape - Intellifont -Ventura Publisher
SFO Bitstream font file - fontware format
SFP PCL 4 bitmap font portrait - Intellifont - Ventura Publisher
SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource AWAVE
SFS PCL 5 scalable font file Intellifont
SFT Screen font ChiWriter
SFX SFX (self-extracting archives) script RAR
SG1 Graphics Stanford Graphics
SGF Document with graphics Starwriter
SGI Graphics file IRIS - Silicon Graphics
SGT Save/get keyboard macro Signature
SH Unix shell script
SH3 Presentation Harvard Graphics 3.0
SHAR Archive UNSHAR (Unix)
SHB Background CorelShow
SHG Segmented Hyper-Graphic
SHK Apple II archive SHRINKIT
SHM Shell macro WordPerfect Library
SHP Shape file and source file for text fonts AutoCAD
SHT HTML format for WWW NetScape
SHW Presentation Harvard Graphics 2.0 - CorelShow
SHW Slide show WordPerfect Presentations
SHX Shape entities AutoCAD
SIB Sibelius file Sibelius 1-5
SIF Setup Installation Files info Windows NT Setup
SIG Current program settings Signature
SIG Signature file ThunderByte AntiVirus - PopMail
SIK Backup file (Sicherungskopie) MS Word
SIM Simon document file - Simon instruction software editor
SIS symbian file
SIT Archive (Macintosh) STUFFIT
SKP Google SketchUp file
SKY SYLK Spreadsheet file (used by Multiplan)
SL S-Lang source code file
SLB P-CAD library (symbols) P-CAD
SLB Slide library AutoCAD
SLC SALT (script from Telix) compiled code Telix
SLD Slide AutoCAD
SLDPRT Part SolidWorks
SLDASM Assembly SolidWorks
SLDDRW Drawing SolidWorks
SLI Slide MAGICorp Slide Service
SLK MS Excel import format MS Excel
SLK SYLK Symbolic Link format data file MultiPlan
SLL Sound data file
SLP SLP command file created by SRCCOM RT-11
SLP Localization project file Sisulizer
SLT SALT Script Application Language for Telix script source Telix
SLV Solution for any game many
SM Maillist SoftSpoken Mailer
SM Script ScriptMaker
SM SMALLTALK source code file
SM Text file Samna Word
SM StepMania Step File StepMania
SMC Super Nintendo ROM
SMK Smacker Video Format (RAD Video)
SML System Macro Library RT-11
SMM Ami Pro Macro File Ami Pro
SMN Font (ParaGraph's WorkScript format)
SMP Sample (sound file)
SMP Samplevision File Samplevision
SMPL Data Megahedron 3D object
SMS MSTS Sound managemant system file MSTS
SMT Text file Smart Ware II
SN Compressed song file Sound Club editor
SND Digitized sound file Macintosh/ATARI/PC
SND Power Chords drum sound file Power Chord
SNDB SQLNotes database SQLNotes
SNG Song (midi sound) Midisoft Studio - Prism
SNO SNOBOL4 source code file
SNP Book-shelf for .BOO READIBM
SNP Microsoft Access report snapshot
SNP Output video format from Computer Eyes equipment
SO shared object, dynamically linked library Unix
SOAR Soar Production file
SOL Solution eg. game walkthroughs
SOM Network serial numbers Quattro Pro
SOM Sort information Paradox
SON Song SBStudio II
SOU Temporary BATCH file RT-11
SOU SBStudio II Sound File SBStudio II
SOU Sound data (sound tool)
SP Archive (unix) SPLINT
SPC Program MS Multiplan
SPC Temporary file WordPerfect for Win
SPC SNES SPC-700 Sound File Super Jukebox
SPC Spectroscopic data (scientific) Thermo Scientific
SPD Scalable font Speedo - Harvard Graphics 3.0
SPF Slide presentation file EnerGraphics
SPF data SQR Portable Format
SPG Glossary Sprint
SPI Graphics (Siemens and Philips scanner)
SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format
SPIN Spin source file Parallax Propeller Microcontrollers
SPL Customized printer driver Sprint
SPL Personal spell dictionary Signature
SPL Print spooling file Windows 3.x
SPL Sample
SPM Data wp{wp}.spm WordPerfect
SPP Printer file Sprint
SPR Document letter Sprint
SPR Generated executable screen file FoxPro
SPR Sprite
SPR Story Board sprites
SPS Exported SyncBack profile SyncBack
SPS Screen driver Sprint
SPS SPSSx source code file VAX/VMS
SPT Data support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack) MITAC disk/system management utility pack
SPT SPITBOL source code file
SPW Worksheet SigmaPlot
SPX Compiled executable screen file FoxPro
SQD Squish message base Squish
SQI Squish message base index Squish
SQL SQL language code Any SQL database
SQL Squish message base lastread pointers Squish
SQM Windows Live Messenger log file
SRC Source code Aurora Compiler
SRC Multi-edit source Multi-Edit
SRC Source DataFlex
SRF Sun Raster File graphics file
SRP Script QuickLink
SRT Subtitle format SubRip
SS Bitmap graphics Splash
SS Screen saver DN
SSC Celestia Solar System Catalog file Celestia
SSD Datafile SAS/PC
SSF Graphic file SnagIt Studio File/PC
SSP Datafile SAS Transport
SSR FLEXIT Singleshot Survey Raw Data file FLEXIT
SST AVHRR graphic file
ST Instrument library Scream Tracker
ST SMALLTALK source code file Little Smalltalk
ST Stamp NeoPaint
STA Data file Statistica
STA Saved state Reflection 4.0
STA Stack Spinmaker Plus
STB Symbol table file RT-11
STB Stub library Genus GX Kernel
STC Celestia Star Catalog file Celestia
STC 1.* spreadsheet template Calc
STD State Transition Diagram graphic file Prosa
STD 1.* drawing template Draw
STF Setup Table File
STI 1.* presentation template Impress
STK eBook Starebook
STL Stereolithography Interface Format
STM Music format (4 channels) (Scream Tracker Module) ST - DMP
STM State Transition Diagram model file Prosa
STO Pascal stub OBJ file Genus GX Kernel
STP Subtitler Project Belle Nuit Subtitler
STR Gate3 table structure file
STR Structure list object file dBASE Application Generator
STS Music format (Scream Tracker Song) ST 2.0-2.3
STS Project status info MS C/C++
STU Studio Project Pinnacle Studio (video editing software)
STW Data file SmartTerm for Windows
STW 1.* text document template Writer
STX Electronic book SmarText
STX Music format
STX Tax form CA-Simply Tax
STY Ami Pro Template (Style); used by other programs for `styles` Ami Pro
STY Style library or sheet many
SU? Packed mail FTN software
SUB Subtitle format SubViewer; Author David Dolinski
SUI SUIT library Simple User Interface Toolkit
SUM Summary
SUN Sun rasterfile graphics file
SUO Solution User Options for Microsoft Visual Studio
SUP Supplementary dictionary WordPerfect for Win
SVD Autosave file for document MS Word
SVG Autosave file for glossary MS Word
SVG Scalable Vector Graphics, many
SVQ Music format
SVS Autosave file for style sheet MS Word
SVW Super Video Windows Conversion Artist
SVX Interchange, 8SVX/16SV AWAVE
SW Raw Signed Word (16bit) data AWAVE
SWF Shockwave Flash Macromedia
SWG SWAG Pascal Snippets file SWAG
SWP Document backup Sprint
SWP Swap file
SWT Hump Routes File FYM
SXC 1.* spreadsheet Calc
SXD 1.* drawing Draw
SXG 1.* master document
SXI 1.* presentation Impress
SXM 1.* formula Calc
SXP 3DS Process file 3D Studio
SXW 1.* text document Writer
SY1 SmartPix symbol library Ami Pro
SY3 Harvard Graphics format
SY3 Symbol file Harvard Graphics 3.0
SYD Backup of startup files created by QEMM (?) autoexec.syd
SYD Sysedit backup file Sysedit
SYG Monitor and handler files created by SYSGEN RT-11
SYM Compiler symbolic information file
SYM P-CAD component (symbols) P-CAD
SYM Precompiled headers Borland C++
SYM Program symbol table Power C - MS ILink incremental linker
SYM Symbol file Harvard Graphics 2.0 - MS Windows SDK
SYN SDSC Synu image file SDSC Image Tool
SYN Synonym file MS Word 5
SYS System file - device driver or hardware configuration info DOS
SYW Graphics file (symbol) Harvard Graphics Win
SYW Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave File Convert (c) Villena


Ext. Description Used by
T Archive without compression (tape) tar
T TADS source
T Tester symbol table ReaGeniX code generator
T?H Turbo Help file (Pascal, C, Assembler, ...) Borland Thelp
T$M ??? - Found in Windows (Vista) temp folder c:windowstemp
T2L True2Life file format 3D Internet content developers
T44 Temporary file for Sort or Index dBASE IV
T64 Program C64S emulator
TAG Query tag name DataFlex
TAH Help file for Turbo Assembler Borland C++
TAL Adobe Type Align Adobe
TAL Text illustration TypeAlign
TAP Tape file ZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
TAR Archive TAR
TB Tab file (Virtual Desktop Tab) Tabbery
TB1 Font file Borland Turbo C
TB2 Font file Borland Turbo C
TBF Fax Imavox TurboFax
TBK FOXPRO template backup file FOXPRO
TBK Memo backup dBASE IV - FoxPro
TBK Toolbook Asymetrix ToolBook
TBL Short for Table used by many programs
TBL Aldus TableEditor file TableEditor
TBL Gate3 table file
TBL Graphics file (native format) PageMaker TableEditor
TBL Table of values OS/2
TBR Norton Desktop custom toolbar NDW
TBS Text elements ?? (Textbausteine) MS Word
TBX Table Project Scheduler 4
TBZ Archive WinZipNT - TAR - Bzip2
TC Configuration Turbo C - Borland C++
TCH Help file Turbo C - Borland C++
TCL Tool Command Language source code Swat
TCT Drawing Template TurboCAD for Windows
TCW Native Drawing File TurboCAD for Windows
TD Config from Turbo Debugger Turbo Debugger
TD0 Compressed diskette in a file Teledisk
TD2 Configuration file Turbo Debugger for Win32
TDB Database TACT
TDDD Imagine Object File Format
TDF Speedo font file
TDF Typeface definition file Speedo
TDH Help file for Turbo Debugger Borland C++
TDK Keystroke recording file Turbo Debugger
TDR Contens of Arvid tape
TDS Symbol table Turbo Debugger
TDT Thumbnail data AVCHD
TDW Configuration file Turbo Debugger for Windows
TEC Data TECPLOT output
TEC TECO macro file ("compiled" form) TECO
TEF Fax Relisys TEFAX
TEL Host file Telnet
TEM Input template IconAuthor
TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language script Borland C++
TERM Terminal File
TES TECO macro file (source form) TECO
TET Tetris results DN
TEX Datasheet Idealist
TEX TeX text file Scientific Word - TeX
TEXT Text file
TF Configuration Turbo Profiler
TFA Area file Turbo Profiler
TFC Catalogue file Tobi's Floppy Cataloguer
TFF self executing TansForm dialogue TansForm
TFH Help file for Turbo Profiler Borland C++
TFM Tagged font metric file Intellifont
TFM TeX Font Metric file TeX
TFS Statistical information Turbo Profiler
TG1 Project file On Target
TGA Targa True Color bitmapped format
TGZ Archive WinZipNT - TAR - GNUzip
TH? Packed mail FTN software
THE Windows'95 Desktop Theme Microsoft Plus
THM Picture Publisher or PhotoMagic Thumbnail Sony Ericsson Theme File
THS Thesaurus dictionary WordPerfect for Win
TIB Acronis True Image Backup Acronis True Image
TIC FTN special file with assotiated file description ALLFIX
TIFF TIFF (tagged image format file) bitmapped file Alchemy - PhotoStyler -PageMaker - CorelDRAW
TIL Fuzzy logic knowledge base Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler
TIS Tile set MahJongg 3.0
TJL Backup file VAXTPU editor
TLB Interoperaility Type Library Win95
TLB Reference table Bubble Chamber
TLB Text library VAX
TLB Type library Visual C++
TLC Compiled Tool Command Language source code Swat
TLD Disk Image Teledisk
TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header Visual C++
TLP Project TimeLine
TM2 Typical Meteorological Year data (new) Typical Meteorological Year
TMF Tagged Font Metric file WordPerfect for Win
TMF TiVo movie TiVo
TMO ZTG global optimizer default output file Zortech C++
TMO HandsHigh ThoughtManager Outline ThoughtManager Desktop
TMP Temporary file ALL PROGRAMS
TMS TeleMate compiled script TeleMate
TMY Typical Meteorological Year data (old) Typical Meteorological Year
TMY2 Typical Meteorological Year data (new) Typical Meteorological Year
TOC Table Of Contents text file (ASCII)
TOK Borland C++ 4.x reserved word list BCW.EXE
TOPC TopicCrunch SEO Project file holding keywords, domain and search engine settings (ASCII)
TOS Self-extracting file archive (Atari ST)
TP Session-state file Turbo Profiler
TP Turbo Pascal cfg file Turbo Pascal
TP TinkerPlots Document TinkerPlots and Fathom Dynamic Data Software. Documents contain data tables, graphs, text, pictures, etc.
TP3 Template Harvard Graphics 3.0
TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup HiJaak
TPC File produced when an inter-Topicscape topic link file is exported to Windows 3D Topicscape
TPF Downloadable PCL Soft font file HiJaak
TPH Help file Turbo Pascal
TPL Resident units library Turbo Pascal
TPL Template file GoldEd -ITrack
TPL Template Harvard Graphics 2.0
TPOLY Data TPOLY 3D object
TPP Protected Mode Units Borland Pascal 7.0
TPU Borland Pascal DOS Mode Library Borland Pascal
TPU Command file (VAXTPU editor) VAXTPU editor
TPW Borland Pascal Windows Library Borland Pascal
TPW Session-state file Turbo Profiler for Windows
TPZ Archive TAR - GNUzip
TR Man page input suitable for troff -man
TR Session-state settings Turbo Debugger for DOS
TR2 Session-state settings Turbo Debugger for Win32
TRC Debug support file Power CTrace
TRE Directory tree file PC-Tools
TRD Datafile TrID file identifier filetypes definitions package
TRIA Data Greg Hood's ASCII Triangle
TRIB Data Greg Hood's Binary Triangle
TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format
TRK Track (i.e. video sequence), used by many games
TRM Terminal settings Windows 3.x
TRN Translation support file Quattro - Clarion
TRS Executable file Micrografx or password file
TRS WiSo Mein Geld 2007
TRS IBM Mainframe log file TRSMAIN
TRU True Basic source file
TRW Session-state settings Turbo Debugger for Windows
TRY Typical Meteorological Year data (variant) TRNSYS
TS Qt Linguist TS File Trolltech Qt Linguist
TSE Data Light Map Maker ASCII Scene
TSK Microsoft Multimedia Task Application Win95
TSM Turbo Assembler Manual TASM for OS/2
TST Printer test file WordPerfect for Win
TSV Tab Separated Values
TTF TrueType Font file
TU? Packed mail FTN software
TUD The Ultimate Draw file The Ultimate Draw
TUT Tutorial
TV Table view settings Paradox
TVF Table view settings dBASE
TVn Overflow file above insert point in Doc n WordPerfect for Win
TXF Tax eXchange Format
TXI Support file TeX
TXT Common name for ASCII text file
TXW Yamaha TX-16W Wave File Convert (c) Villena
TY TiVo movie TiVo
TYM Time Stamp (PageMaker 4) PageMaker 4
TZL Tanzzle pattern file Tanzzle
TZX Tanzzle image file Tanzzle


Ext. Description Used by
U3D Model file format Ultimate 3D
U3D Universal 3D Adobe Acrobat
U8 Sample
UB Raw Unsigned Byte (8bit) data AWAVE
UC2 Archive UC II
UCN New archive UC II
UDF Filter Photostyler
UDO Data Moray User Defined Object
UDW Raw Unsigned DWord data AWAVE
UE2 Encrypted archive UC II
UFI data UFO CaptureV2 settings
UHA UHarc archive
UHS Universal Hint System (binary file)
UI Espire source code file Geoworks UI Compiler
UI Qt Designer's UI File Trolltech Qt Designer
UI User interface Sprint
UIF Long prompts for windows WordPerfect for Win
UIH Espire header file Geoworks UI Compiler
UL ULAW audio file
ULD Information about uploaded files Procomm Plus
ULF data MRF Mapping Tool Kit Universal List Format
ULT Music UltraTracker
UMB Backup file MemMaker
UNF Universal NES Image Interchange File Format
UNI Datafile Forecast Pro
UNI Music format UNIMOD - MIKMOD
UNIF Universal NES Image Interchange File Format
UNX Text file containing UNIX specific info
UOML UniqueObject Markup Language (UOML) is a XML-based markup language
UPD Update data dBASE
UPO Compiled update data dBASE
URL Internet Shortcut (URL) Windows Explorer
URT Utah Raster Toolkit
USE Log file
USP Printer font with USASCII extended character set PageMaker
USR User database file Procomm Plus - Turbo C++ tour
UT! datafile uTorrent
UTZ Mobile Phone Theme Sony Ericsson
UW Raw Unsigned Word 16bit data AWAVE
UWF UltraTracker WaveSample UltraTracker


Ext. Description Used by
V Consistency check support file ReaGeniX code generator
V Main input file for an image Vivid 2.0
V8 Covox 8bit file AWAVE
V10 Data Gouraud Shaded Vectors
VAI multimedia PhotoDub document
VAL Validity checks and referential integrity Paradox for Windows
VAL Values list object file dBASE Application Generator
VALA Sourcecode Vala
VAN Animation VistaPro
VAP Value Added Process NetWare 2.xx
VAR Variable file IconAuthor
VB Visual Basic .Net source file Visual Basic .NET
VBR Visual Basic Custom Control file Visual Basic
VBS VBScript script file VBScript
VBX Visual Basic eXtension Visual Basic
VBZ Visual Basic Setup Wizard Template Setup Wizard
VC Include file with color definitions Vivid 2.0
VC Spreadsheet VisiCalc
VCA Visual Clip Art
VCD VirtualDrive CD Image File
VCD VisualCADD Drawing File
VCR VCR drivers for Arvid
VCW Visual workbench information MS Visual C++
VCX Spreatsheet VisiCalc Advanced
VDA Bitmap graphics
VDO Story Board video image Story Board
VDR Drawing ComputerEasy Draw
VEG Vegas Project Sony Vegas
VEW GroupWise for Windows Win
VEW View file Clipper 5 - Lotus Approach
VFA FontLab Database file FontLab
VFM Ventura Font Metrics file
VFM Voting Form Voter
VFN Voting Form for Customers Voter
VGA VGA display driver
VGA VGA display font
VGD VGA display driver Generic CADD
VGR Graphics file Ventura Publisher
VI LabVIEW Virtual Instrument LabVIEW
VI Graphics file Jovian Logic VI
VI Watcom editor script VI.EXE
VICAR Graphics (Video Image Communication and Retrieval)
VID Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer)
VID Graphics format Word&Deed
VID MS-DOS Shell Monitor file MS-DOS 5
VID Screen device driver Word
VIFF Khoros Visualization Image File Format SDSC Image Tool
VIK Graphics format (VIKING)
VIM Vim script file Vim text editor
VINF data ReMPEG log file - frames info
VIR Virus or infected file
VIS VIS graphics file
VLM Virtual Loadable Module Netware
VM Virtual Memory file Geoworks
VMC Virtual memory configuration DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender
VMDK Virtual Disk file VMware
VMF Font characteristics Ventura Publisher
VMG Nokia message file format Text Message Editor (Nokia PC Suite)
VMS Text file containing VMS specific info
VO Include file with object definition Vivid 2.0
VOB Video Object DVD-R, DVD-RW
VOC Sound format (Creative Lab's Sound File) PlayVoc
VOF Object folder VZ Programmer
VOP Visual Orangator Project
VOP Visual OTTHYMO Project
VOX Dialogic adpcm file AWAVE, CoolEdit
VP 3DS Video posting 3D Studio
VPF Vector Product Format
VPG Graphics file VPGraphics
VPH Virtual Pascal Help VP/OS2
VPI Virtual Pascal Unit VP/OS2
VQA Vector Quantized Animation The Legend of Kyrandia
VRM Overlay file QuattroPro
VRM Visual rexx source WATCOM VREXX
VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language NetScape
VRP Project WATCOM VX?Rexx
VRS Video Resource eg. video device driver WordPerfect
VS Include file with surface definition Vivid 2.0
VSD Diagram Shapeware Visio
VSD Visio drawing Visio
VSM Simulation model VisSim
VSP Sprite SPX
VSS SmartShapes file Shapeware Visio
VSS Visio Template Visio
VST Truevision Vista graphics file
VST Visio Template Visio
VUE Animation 3D Studio
VUE View dBASE IV - FoxPro
VW Text file Volkswriter
VWR File viewer file PC Tools
VWX CAD File VectorWorks 2008
VXD Windows 3.x virtual device driver Windows 3.x


Ext. Description Used by
W Word chart file APPLAUSE
W01 Yamaha SY-series wave files AWAVE
W01 Yamaha TX16W wave file AWAVE
W30 Printer font AST TurboLaser - Ventura Publisher
W31 Startup file Windows 3.1
W3A Warcraft 3 Abilities Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3B Warcraft 3 Destructables Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3D Warcraft 3 Doodads Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3G Warcraft 3 Replay File File for Warcraft 3
W3H Warcraft 3 Buffs Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3M Warcraft 3 Map File for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
W3N Warcraft 3 Campaign File for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
W3O Warcraft 3 Object Data Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3P Warcraft 3 Save Save File for Warcraft 3
W3Q Warcraft 3 Upgrades Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3T Warcraft 3 Item Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3U Warcraft 3 Unit Export File Contained in a Warcraft 3 map
W3V Warcraft 3 Save Save File for Warcraft 3
W3X Warcraft 3 Expansion Map File for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne
W3Z Warcraft 3 Save Save File for Warcraft 3
W40 Something for Windows95 (e.g. config.w40) Win95
W44 Temporary file for Sort or Index dBASE
W95 Something for Windows95 Win95
WAD War Allocation Daemon Doom - Doom2
WAG Yard Contents File FYM
WAI Warcraft 3 AI Data File Warcraft 3 AI Data File
WAR Java Web Archive A Java file format used to package and deploy web applications.
WAS ProComm Script File (source code) ProComm
WAV Sound format (Microsoft Windows RIFF WAVE) Media Player
WAX ProComm compiled script ProComm
WB1 Notebook Quattro Pro
WB2 Spreadsheet Quattro Pro
WBF MS Windows Batch File Catch
WBK Document/workbook WordPerfect for Win
WBT Norton Desktop Norton Desktop
WBT Wilsonware Batch file Winbatch
WCD Macro token list WordPerfect for Win
WCH WordPerfect Macro Facility WP
WCM Data transmission file MS Works
WCM Macro WordPerfect for Win
WCP Product information description WordPerfect for Win
WD InfoSelect Data file
WDB Database MS Works
WDM Admin tool connection definition War FTP
WE? Packed mail FTN software
WEB WEB source code file Web Easy Professional
WebOOGL Web Object Oriented Graphics Library
WFB Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank AWAVE
WFD Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum AWAVE
WFM Form object dBASE Form Designer
WFN Font CorelDRAW
WFP Turtle Beach WaveFront Prog. AWAVE
WFX Data file Winfax
WG1 Worksheet Lotus 1-2-3/G
WG2 Worksheet Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2
WID Width table Ventura Publisher
WIM Windows Imaging Format ImageX
WIN Window file FoxPro - dBASE
WIX Windows Installer XML WiX
WIZ Page wizard MS Publisher
WK1 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.x - Symphony 1.1+
WK3 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.x
WK4 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.4
WKB Document WordPerfect for Win
WKE Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 educational version
WKI Spreadsheet format Lotus 123 2x
WKQ Spreadsheet Quattro
WKS Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A - Symphony 1.0 - MS Works
WKS Workspace Xlisp
WKZ Spreadsheet format Dos Navigator
WLK Graphics Virtus Walkthrough
WLK Walk Through for any game many
WMA Windows Media Audio audio file
WMC Backup of startup files by Windows MathCad autoexec.wmc MathCad
WMC Macro file WordPerfect for Win
WMC Text file WordMARC
WMDB Windows Media Player database Windows Media Player
WMF Windows MetaFile vector graphics
WIMP Graphics (Windows Magic Icon Palette)
WMV Windows Media Video video file
WN Text NeXT WriteNow
WNF Corel Draw Font File CorelDraw
WOA Swap file Windows 3.x
WOC Organization Windows OrgChart
WOW Music (8 channels) Grave Mod Player
WP Word Perfect Format WP
WP5 Document WordPerfect 5.x
WPD Document WordPerfect 6.0 - PFS:WindowWorks
WPD Windows printer driver (uninstallable) Windows
WPF Fax WorldPort
WPF Form WordPerfect
WPG WordPerfect Graphics vector graphics DrawPerfect
WPJ Watcom C/C++ IDE project IDE.EXE
WPK Macros WordPerfect for Win
WPL MediaRack Wave Playlist MediaRack
WPL Windows Media Playlist, for Windows Media Player
WPM Macros WordPerfect
WPS Text document MS Works
WQ! Compressed spreadsheet Quattro Pro
WQ1 Spreadsheet Quattro Pro
WR1 Spreatsheet Symphony 1.1 - 1.2 - 2
WRD Template Charisma
WRI Write editor format Write - WinWord
WRK Spreadsheet Symphony 1.0
WRP Archive Amiga WARP
WRS Windows Resource eg. might indicate error if word cannot open WordPerfect for Win
WS APL Worksheet
WS Text file WordStar 5.0-6.0
WS2 Text file WordStar 2000
WSD Document WordStar
WSP Workspace Fortran PowerStation
WSQ Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Format
WSRC X-wais source
WST Text file WordStar
WTF WinTaper Data
WWB Button bar for document window WordPerfect for Win
WWK Keyboard layout WordPerfect for Win
WXH Program/Script File WaxHtml Web Programming Language
WXP Document EXP for Windows


Ext. Description Used by
X Archive X1.EXE
X AVS X image file SDSC Image Tool
X DirectX 3D object
X LEX source code file
X XBasic Source code file Xbasic
X3D x3d and xdart Formats
XA XA audio file used in SimCity 3000 by Maxis, also by Sony Playstation
XBE XBox Executable XBOX
XBM X11 Bitmap graphics file
XCF Gimp image file
XCK Extended crack file (usually text)
XCL Xtree for Windows Script file Xtree for Win
XDF OS/2 extended disk format image XDFCOPY.EXE
XDM Directory Manipulator for 32-bit Protected Mode Xenotech Research Labs
XEX Xbox 360 Executable File
XFN Printer font Xerox 4045 - Ventura Publisher
XFR Ventura Publisher Bitmap Editor Font file
XFT 24 pin printer font ChiWriter
XI Fast Tracker 2 instrument file AWAVE
XI Fastracker 2.0 Instrument File Fastracker 2.0
XIF Xerox Image Format Pagis Pro 2.0 and 3.0
XLA Add-in macro sheet MS Excel
XLA XLib Archive
XLB Excel Toolbar MS Excel
XLC Excel Chart MS Excel
XLD Excel Dialog MS Excel
XLK Excel Archive MS Excel
XLL Excel Dynamic Link Library MS Excel
XLM Excel Macro File MS Excel
XLS Excel Spreadsheet MS Excel
XLSB Excel 2007 Binary Workbook (BIFF12)(Spreadsheets) MS Excel 2007 (see Microsoft Office 2007 file extensions)
XLSX Excel 2007 XML Workbook (Spreadsheets) MS Excel 2007 (see Microsoft Office 2007 file extensions)
XLT Excel Template MS Excel
XLT Translation table Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony - Procomm Plus
XLV Excel Module MS Excel
XLW Excel Workbook MS Excel
XM Fast Tracker 2 extended module AWAVE, Mod4Win, FastTracker, ImpulseTracker
XM Music format FastTracker - Cubic Player
XMOD Monarch Model Monarch Professional
XMI Compressed eXtended MIdi music
XML eXtensible Markup Language file
XMF eXtensible Music Format
XMV video Xbox
XNF Standard Network File form
Xnn Secondary indexes Borland Paradox
XOF RenderMorphics
XP eXtended Pattern FastTracker 2.0
XPM X11 Pixel Map graphics file
XQT Executable file Waffle
XQT Macro sheet SuperCalc
XRF Cross-reference file
XSF data Microsoft InfoPath file
XSPF XML Sharable Playlist Format
XTB External translation table LogoScript
XTP XTreeGold overlay XTreeGold
XVF Xyngo Video File Xyngo Video Board
XWD X Window System window dump image graphics file SDSC Image Tool
XWK Keyboard mapping Crosstalk
XWP Session Crosstalk
XWP Text file Xerox Writer
XX Encoded file (ASCII) XXENCODE
XY Text file XY Write
XY3 Text file XYWrite III
XYW Text file XyWrite III
XYZ Molecular coordinates XMol, RasMol


Ext. Description Used by
Y Archive (Amiga) Yabba
Y YACC grammar file Yacc/Bison
YAL Data custom/nature.yal Arts & Letters
Ynn Secondary index Borland Paradox
YMP Yast Meta Package YAST2 (SUSE Linux Package Manager)
YST Data YASRT Raytracer scene
YRD Yard Tracks File FYM
YUV Graphics format (YUV)
YY Bison grammar file Bison
YZ Archive YAC


Ext. Description Used by
Z Archive WinZipNT - COMPRESS - PACK
Z01-Z99 Split WinRAR Archive
Z3 Infocom game module
Z64 Nintendo 64 ROM Project64 Nintendo 64 emulator
Z80 Snapshot ZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
ZAD ZFax digitized voice file ZFax
ZDG Compressed ZiffNet text document Zview

ZGEPROJ Project ZGameEditor
ZGM Graphics Zenographics
ZIF Zooming File Format Zoomorama
Znn Zonnon Source code Zonnon
ZML Zooming Markup Language Zoomorama
ZOM Archive Amiga ZOOM
ZOO Archive ZOO
ZT2 Saved Game File Zoo Tycoon 2
ZTD Item Game File Zoo Tycoon, Dinosaur Digs, Marine Mania, Complete Collection
ZTMP Temporary compressed media file Valve - Source Dedicated Server
ZUB pdf like file ZUBA READER
ZVD ZyXEL Voicefile Z-Fax
ZZE Encoded file


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