William Divale

William Tulio Divale is a professor of anthropology at York College, City University of New York in Jamaica, New York, USA.

Divale was a past chairman of the Social Sciences Department. He received his PhD degree from the University at Buffalo in 1974. He is the publisher of the World Cultures eJournal

He has received two medals for one of his specialties, cross-cultural studies. He was also Past President of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research.

He also co-authored the book (with James Joseph) "I Lived Inside The Campus Revolution." (1970) Cowles Book Co, New York.

Select publications

Divale, William 1974 Migration, External Warfare, and Matrilocal Residence. Behavior Science Research 9: 75–133.

1975 An Explanation for Matrilocal Residence. In Being Female: Reproduction, Power, and Change, Dana Raphael, ed. The Hague: Mouton, pp. 99-108.

1976 Using Date of European Contact for Time-Lagged Variables in Cross-Cultural Surveys. Behavior Science Research 11:39-55.

1976 Female Status and Cultural Evolution: A Study in Ethnographer Bias. Behavior Science Research 11:169-211.

1977 Living Floor Area and Marital Residence: A Replication. Behavior Science Research 12:109-115.

2004 Codebook of variables for the standard cross-cultural sample. World Cultures 14: 1–347.

Divale, William, Frosine Chamberis and Deborah Gangloff 1976 War, Peace, and Marital Residence in Pre-Industrial Societies. Journal of Conflict Resolution 20:57-78.

Divale, William, and Marvin Harris 1978 The male supremacist complex: discovery of a cultural invention. American Anthropologist 80:668–671.

Divale, William and Clifford Zipin 1977 Hunting and the Development of Sign Language: A Cross-Cultural Test. Journal of Anthropological Research 33:185-201.

Divale, William, Daria Khaltourina and Andrey Korotayev 2002 A Corrected Version of the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample Database. World Cultures 13(1): 62-98.

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