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Australian Women's Weekly

The Australian Women's Weekly, published by Australian Consolidated Press (part of PBL), is a monthly women's magazine published in Australia and sold mainly in Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, it is commonly known as "The Weekly".

Note that unlike its overseas counterparts, women is in the plural, and the magazine comes out monthly, not weekly, however, the title "Women's Monthly" would be seen as inappropriate. This is because "Women's Monthly" is a colloquial reference to the menstruation cycle.

It typically contains feature articles about the modern Australian woman, as it has done over the past 75 years since 1933. The magazine started, as the name implies, as a weekly publication. The first editor was George Warnecke and the initial dummy was laid out by WEP (William Edwin Pidgeon ) who went on to do many famous covers over the next 25 years.

In May 1980, the magazine began publishing a TV guide insert, to rival stand-alone TV listing publications such as TV Week. The insert was initially titled only Your Free TV Magazine, but later re-titled TV World. The following year, the format of TV World changed from a free insert in the main Women's Weekly magazine, to being integrated into the magazine itself and also pioneered the "zip out" TV listings. The TV World section then became TV And Entertainment World in 1982.

In 1982 it was decided to change the publication to a monthly format, but retained the original Weekly in its title, for reasons of familiarity (and as one letter writer to The Economist explained, the most obvious new name would be too gauche, even for Australian tastes). The final weekly edition was dated December 15, 1982 and the first monthly edition dated January, 1983. The change to the monthly format also brought to an end of the TV And Entertainment World section.

In June 1983, the Weekly celebrated its 50th anniversary of publication and in the October 2008 issue, the Weekly celebrated its 75th anniversary.

It is usually 240 pages long and printed on A4 glossy paper.

The current editor is Deborah Thomas, who has had this position since 2000. Other editors of the Weekly have included Ita Buttrose and Jennifer Rowe.

In the 1990s, PBL launched Women's Weeklies in Malaysia and Singapore. These follow the AWW's style, and contain largely local content.

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