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Zed is the name of the last letter of the alphabet Z used by the majority of English-speaking people outside of the United States (where its name is "zee" (/ziː/)). The name "zed" is derived from the Greek letter zeta, which also represents the Z sound. Zulu is used in the NATO phonetic alphabet for Z.

Zed can also refer to the following.

Music / Entertainment

  • Zed (band), a pop-rock group from New Zealand.
  • ZED, a sludge/groove metal group from Philadelphia, PA, USA.
  • ZeD, a Canadian show that aired original music, short films, animation, performance, visual art and spoken word pieces from around the world.

Fictional characters


  • In the browser-based multiplayer game Urban Dead, Zed is slang for Zombie.
  • Z or Zed, abbreviations for the Kawasaki Z1000 motorcycle. A sport bike engine, with the styling of a naked bike.
  • Z (pronounced "Zed"), a computer real-time strategy game for DOS, Windows, Sega Saturn and PlayStation.
  • Zed, a now defunct annual design journal edited by Katie Salen that ran from 1995-2000.
  • Zed card, a popular but erroneous name for a "portfolio on a card" used by models and actors, see comp card.
  • Zed, Rajan, a Hindu chaplain and community activist based in Reno, NV, USA. He was selected as a guest chaplain for US Senate in 2007. His service was shown on national TV after protesters disrupted his invocation.
  • The specification language Z.
  • Zonal Employee Discount An airline industry employee discount, for travel on other airlines (other than their own) as a non-revenue standby passenger.
  • Zed, a terminal text editor for UNIX.
  • Z-Cars, a 1960s UK TV series.
  • Zero Point Module, abbreviated ZPM, a fictional power source on the TV series Stargate Atlantis.
  • Zed, a multinational corporation from Spain that develops and markets entertainment and community products and services for mobile phones and the Internet in 53 countries.
  • ZED, abbreviation of Zero (fossil) Emission Development, a zero-carbon building philosophy and method designed by architect Bill Dunster. See BedZED in south London, the first ZED building.

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